Afia’s Time Episode 8


The snakes were home…both of them.

Tony had probably not even gone to the office. He had dropped off my son and come straight home to celebrate with his love and his son. I hovered around them, and I was calm, very calm.

Now that things had fallen into perspective, I had come to accept the treachery that had gone on around me and I had been absolutely blind to. The one good thing was that I had been granted hovering days, and I had seen the rot that had been the bane of my existence.

And so I hovered around coldly, waiting for the final piece of the jigsaw which I knew would be here with them, a silent confirmation that would set the agenda for what I could do. As a Christian, one thing I had known whilst living was the simple fact that there was a reason for everything that God did. Rather unfortunately for me, I had not been a good Christian when I was with Korku. If I had, I would have been able to forgive him. Even after marriage, I had wanted so much to see him, forgive him, and make my peace with him, but the strong fear of adultery had made me resolute in my stance to keep away from him.

Even now, as a hovering spirit not given wont to the cravings of the flesh, I still felt a strong affinity toward him, and I knew that if I had seen him, I definitely might have sinned with him.

I continued to hover in my room.

Their son, Akotuah, was in my son’s playroom, virtually the new lord over there, playing with his game consoles. Tony and his mistress cooked my rice using my ingredients in my kitchen, but I looked on coolly, oh yes, I was definitely cool.

They served the food on my dining-table and had a great lunch with their son, and I was cool with that too. Later on, they had a visitor. Samson Asante, that ingrate beast of a lawyer, the man who still owed me money.

They sat down and went over the fake Will they had drawn and went over the schedule of when to meet my parents and present it. They agreed on the first Monday after my funeral.

I hovered on the ceiling coolly and watched them.

Oh, yes, I was pretty cool that day.

After the worm of a lawyer left, the snakes took a bath together, eventually ending up naked on my bed. Yaa Yaa had sensibly changed the bedsheet now, and they humped on it like porn stars, and I was pretty cool with it too. The fact was, I had not been a fan of porn movies when I was alive, not even in my younger years, and so I practically did not know much about porn. I detested them, but I watched them.

It would have been impossible to watch Korku if he had decided to hump Esi, no. That would have killed my soul too, but I watched these two with disinterest. To me, they had ceased to represent human beings, and I just watched them as I would have watched a pair of dogs humping.

I hovered with them, cool and collected. To show them how friendly I was, I even glided down and stretched out on the bed in the space behind Yaa Yaa, lying on my side with my chin in my palm and watching them coolly.

Tony’s right arm was around Yaa Yaa’s shoulders, and she was tweaking his drooping nipple like she was tuning a radio. It was all cool, really, up to the point I finally got what I came for…my final confirmation.

Yaa Yaa brought it up.

“So, no post mortem, right?” she asked, and she sounded very worried.

“Nope,” Tony said with a giggle. “I told you they would not do it. It is not something we normally do here. She’s in the mortuary, we’ll go and take her out, shed a few tears and bury her. End of the matter.”

She sighed and then she put her head on his chest.

“I hope you got rid of the poison,” she said in a troubled voice. “The man said it is very deadly.”

“Don’t worry about it, love,” Tony said with a chuckle. “It is deadly indeed. Just used it three times, you know, told her it is honey drops that the doctor wanted me to give her. Still in the medicine cabinet. I’ll bury it.”

“Go and bury it now, please, Tony,” Yaa Yaa said anxiously. “It is incriminating evidence, you know. Get rid of it!”

“I will, don’t worry,” he said with a giggle. “Come, gimme another sweet round.”

“No, Tony, please!” she said, agitated. “Get rid of it first! And then come and take as many rounds as you want!”

She turned on her back and crossed her legs as he tried to put his hand between her legs. She gasped suddenly and moved quickly away from the bed.

“What is it?” Tony asked with sudden concern.

“The…the b-bed!” she stammered. “It w-was so co-cold!”

I smiled slowly.

When she turned on her side, she had landed fully on me…and she had felt the chilling cold! Oh, yeah, baby, you just slept on a spirit! The sight of her scared face was so golden to behold.

Yes, I had to concentrate on her face to stop my spirit from going mad!

Their conversation made perfect sense to me…

…no post-mortem

…I hope you got rid of the poison

…the man said it is very deadly

…get rid of it

…told her it was honey drops from the doctor

…still in the medicine cabinet

Yes, there was no doubt about it!

These two had planned it all.

They had murdered me!

That little white bottle in the medicine cabinet containing the sweet pellets Tony gave me. He had told me my medication from the hospital was bitter, so the doctor had given him the honey drops for me to lick after taking the medicine. I was a woman who was never scared of taking bitter medicine, and I had told him I was okay with it. It was not even that bitter, but he had insisted that the drops also had medicinal efficacies to make me heal faster…and so I had taken them, three of them over three days!

But it had been a deadly poison, yes, the culmination of a deadly alliance between Tony and his love. Yaa Yaa had obviously been the one to bring it, and Tony had willingly administered it to me!

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Tony leaned across Yaa Yaa and put his arm on the bed, right across my spiritual body, and the obvious extreme cold jarred him for a moment, and a look of sheer consternation came across his face.

But I really did not want to scare them just yet, and so I glided gently off the bed and hovered above them. He smiled a sick little smile then as the coldness left the spot.

“It is warm, Yaa, my love,” he said tenderly. “Ei, you’re such a fearoo!”

She giggled and put her hand on the bed again, and then she laughed.

“Might have been my imagination because we were talking about the poison,” she said.

Tony tried to kiss her again, but she shied away from him.

“I don’t feel good about it, Tony!” she said, exasperated. “Please, get rid of it!”

“Spoilsport!” he said with a giggle, and then he got out of bed.

I watched him coldly as he slipped into a pair of shorts and padded to the bathroom. I glided after him and waited coolly as he unlocked the medicine cabinet and took out the white bottle.



I knew it!

So, I coolly followed him as he went to the kitchen and took a cutlass. He quickly went outside and walked to the garden. He dug a hole underneath a hibiscus flower plant and dropped the deadly bottle into it. Tony then covered the hole, stepped on it, and then picked up a flower pot and dropped it on it.

Yes, he was that careless!

He had always been careless, this snake! There had been several times I had been absolutely livid with him for his carelessness, sometimes having to speak to him like a toddler to do the right thing in the right way!

But now I was exceedingly happy that he was a careless man!

I glided after him as he went to the bathroom, washed his hands, and walked quickly to the bedroom again with his stupid erection led the way, just begging to be inside that hole of his counterpart snake!

“Did you get rid of it well?” Yaa Yaa, always the schemer and a spoilsport indeed, asked.

“Yes, yes, I buried it!” he said as he spread her legs and began to bury his head down there.

“Did you pour it out and break the bottle?” she insisted, her eyes already glazing with pleasure as his tongue worked on her.

“Yesshhh, Yessshh!” his muffled voice came.



I left them to their porn acting and blasted out of the house in search of that little plump boy who had looked at me with fear!

The school would be closing, and the third hovering day was ending for me.

I needed a voice badly, and that boy could provide it!

Afia’s Time’

The Hovering Files

To be continued


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