Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 9



It’s been a busy week, with Gibson getting shot by Kingsley, him recuperating, and then him and Ada constantly bickering, and lastly, Stephen and Nathan fighting. Yes Stephen and Nathan fought. It was brutal. Chairs broke, tables were turned over and it happened right in the middle of the living room and then ended in the dining hall. It was awful. I’ve never seen Stephen in that manner. He’s usually quiet and sweet and nice. But on that day, he was the opposite of sweet and nice. I don’t know what or who started the fight, all I know is that after Stephen left the pool to go and talk to Gibson a few minutes after Gibson arrived, Nathan swam close to me and started asking me questions concerning Gibson, questions like; how long have you known Gibson? How long has he been in this family? How close is he to Ada? What’s up with Ada? Why the tight security? And so on…..

Well I decided not to answer most of the questions but I did answer one, of which was the last one. I told him that the security is tight because the smiths are simply rich. He looked at me stupidly and well, I just ignored him and continued with my swimming. I have no idea why he was asking me these questions but I don’t like that he did.



I was in my private room, a room that only I can enter. No one enters this room but me. It’s where I work, where I do most of the assignments given to me by the government. And right now, I’m working on a case, a typical case actually. It’s about a dead wife and her husband. The police are suspecting the husband because obviously the husband is always the first to be found as a suspect. Every one of the family members says he’s not the one and all fingers are pointing at his best friend, whom they say was having a relationship with his wife. Now the husband has no idea that the wife was having a relationship. So this is another problem.

If the husband had no idea that his wife was cheating on him, then there’s no reason as to why he did it. Hence he might be innocent, but still that doesn’t mean he can’t be guilty. For me to be able to solve this case I’ll have to have a one on one chat with the husband and I’ll be doing that in a few days. But right now I have to go through this file; a file that has “confidential” written boldly on it. But right at this moment I’m worried, because I seem to be able to solve other people’s problems but my family problem is one that I can’t solve.

Ada, has been threatened by a man she doesn’t know, she has no idea why this man wants to own her, and no one seems to know why either, not even his twin brother. This is very disturbing because if I can’t solve this, then there’s a high probability that no one will be able to solve it; I really don’t know what to do. A week ago, after I had told Gibson that I don’t trust Nathan, he ( Nathan) proved himself right by saying that he’s sure Ada knows Kingsley, that maybe she’s his ex boyfriend that she ran away from, or she probably has something that belongs to him and she doesn’t want to return it.

I was so mad, is he sane? How can he say a thing like that about Ada?. Ada is like a big sister to me, she’s lived here for close to two years now, and he has the audacity to say something so insulting about her? I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I know is that I got in his face threatening him to watch his mouth. It was at that moment that Nancy spoke.

She and her friend Isabelle were right with us and they heard everything that Nathan said. She said,

“Nathan asked me a bunch of questions about Ada, it’s like he’s trying to know more about her, he did the same for Gibson too” I saw red. And the next thing I knew, I was on the ground with him under me pounding his face away. Bello had to drag me off of him because I wasn’t willing to stop. Then James had to drag me to my room and lock me in. I had lost control; I’ve never lost control in my life. No one says rubbish about my family, no one, and now that he knows, he won’t repeat it again.

It was 1:00am in the morning when I heard it, a scraping sound on my window. The A.C in my room was on, the lights off. At first I thought it was the wind blowing the tree branch on my window then I realized there was no wind. So what is making that sound? I got up to check but as I did, I saw an image, an image of a man standing in front of my bed. I let out a shrilling scream because he looked scary and I was freaking out.


I was reading in my room when I heard the scream. I didn’t think, I just dumped my book about relationships and jumped out of my bed, running to the direction of the scream. ………………………

I was trying to sleep after hours of struggling to get some sleep, and when the sleep had finally arrived, I heard the scream. The sleep I was struggling to get for hours suddenly vanished, but that didn’t matter. My feet were already taking me to the direction of the scream. ………………………

Nancy. “Shhhhhh” whispered the masked man into my ear; he had a hand around me holding me tight and the other covering my mouth. I was breathing fast, my chest was beating hard and I was totally scared.

“Why did you scream you stupid girl?” asked the masked man still holding me. I kept quiet; I mean how was I to reply with his hand covering my mouth? When I saw the masked man, and I screamed like there was no tomorrow, I decided the best way to escape him was to dribble him. So I did, when I go to left he would do the same, when I go to the right he would do it too. I did it like 3-4 times. The last time, I jumped on the bed to escape him, but he caught me around my waist, dragging me to him. And now he’s holding me, with his hand covering my mouth. God why me? We heard noises coming from the hallway.

The first door opened, then running steps. The second door sounded and the same occurred.

Suddenly my door was pushed open and Stephen came into view, followed by Ada. I stood with my eyes wide, the masked man still holding me.

“Let her go” demanded Stephen. He was wearing his pg’s, Ada stood beside him wearing her pg’s too and looking as scared as I was.

“She goes if Ada comes with me” said the masked man.

“No. not going to happen” said Stephen firmly, shaking his head.

“Then Nancy will be going with me” said the masked man. I whimpered in fear, tears dropping from my eyes. The masked man began to move with me, using me as his shield. As we moved, I noticed there was a sharp shining thing on the window sill. I kept my eyes on it as we moved, thinking I have to get my hands on that sharp, shining thing (which happens to be a knife). An idea came to my head and I used it. I jerked suddenly and then used my hand to hold my tummy like I was in pain. The masked man stopped moving, confused at my behavior. Ada and Stephen both looked at me, wondering what was wrong with me.

“Nancy, what’s wrong? Why are you holding your stomach? Asked the masked man. I didnt say anything, I just kept groaning in fake pain. Then I tripped as he continued to use me as his shield. As I tripped, I did it going forward. My hand landed directly on the knife on the window sill, I grabbed it immediately.

“What’s wrong with her?” asked the masked man.

“I don’t know you’re the one holding her, what did you do to her?” asked Stephen.

“I didn’t do anything” yelled the masked man

“Well you did cause she’s in pain, did you give her anything? Did you inject her?” demanded Stephen.

“No I didn’t” the masked man was beginning to get really scared, I could feel it.

“What’s going on here?”

“Oh thank God” that was said by Ada once Bello got into my room.

“This maniac doesn’t want to leave Nancy alone” she said, pointing at the masked man. At this moment we were facing everyone and the masked man was still using me as his shield.

“What do you want?” asked Bello to the masked man.

“I just want Ada to come with me, if she does, Nancy won’t get hurt. But if she doesn’t then I’ll have to take Nancy with me” Bello took a step forward; the masked man retreated, commanding,

“Don’t move” Then he touched his back pockets to search for something (probably a knife) but he didn’t see it, at this point he was no longer covering my mouth. At his attempt of looking for his knife, because he was turning this way and that, I decided to upgrade my acting skills, so I groaned some more, whimpered, fake cried and finally acted like if anything wasn’t done soon, I’ll be dead.

The masked man stopped searching to concentrate on me; I then used this opportunity to get into more action. So holding the knife as tight as I could, I stabbed the guys left thigh as hard as I could. He screamed out in pain, his grip on my neck loosening just a smidge. I pulled off his arm from around me and sprinted off to Stephen. He caught me then immediately placed me behind him. Bello walked closer to him and took off his mask. Low and behold it was Nathan. Seriously?



“Nathan?” i asked incredulously.

“I was doing it for her” was his dump reply.

“You held Nancy hostage, you fool, what do mean you were doing it for Ada?” i asked, really pissed off now.

“You don’t understand, as long as Ada is in this house Kingsley won’t stop attacking. He hurt Gibson; do you think he won’t try to hurt anyone else? He could probably go for you sef”

“That doesn’t explain why you had to come into Nancy’s room at night, what’s wrong with you?” i yelled this time, taking a step forward like i wanted to hurt Nathan again. But Bello stretched a hand towards me, stopping me. i stopped, but i didn’t like that i did.

“Oh God” groaned Nathan. He was holding his leg, a leg that was seriously bleeding.

“We need to call an ambulance” said Ada, holding Nancy.

“No we need to call the police” said Bello

“Ok the ambulance, then the police” said Ada, she didn’t wait for Bello’s agreement, she just focused on Nancy instead.

“Sweetie, where’s your phone?”

“On my night stand” replied Nancy quietly still looking shaken, she has really good acting skills. i knew she wasn’t in pain. i just had to play along for her plan to work. And thank God it did.

“Ok can you get it for me” asked Ada

“Yeah…sure” replied Nancy.

And so Ada called the ambulance and then the police. Nathan sat down on the floor; the light that was turned off during his moment of attack was turned on. His injured pant leg was soaked with blood and I’m 100% sure his dad will be way pissed at him for what he has done. He might be shipped off to Nicaragua by his dad, so maybe spending some time alone from his friends will set his head straight.

The ambulance arrived, so did the police. Nathan was treated and then taken into custody. His dad was later called to be informed of his sons misbehavior (he wasn’t happy). Nancy ended up sleeping in Ada’s room; she was scared someone might try to come in again. We allowed her, seeing as she had a rough night. I can’t wait for this nightmare to end. ………………………


“No Fola seriously, we’re fine, you guys should keep having fun” That’s me trying to convince Fola to stay in Dubai and have fun drinking champagne and eating sushi. But she’s adamant and doesn’t want to listen. She wants to come back, says she’s missing us.

“I really miss you guys, and we’ve been here for over a month now, our honeymoon has passed the stage of honeymoon, it’s more of a long vocation” she said it like she doesn’t like it. But I know she does.

“Ok so your honeymoon is over, it’s now time for the long vacation” From here I could feel her roll her eyes at me, typical of her.

“Oh! Michael wants to speak with you, I need to use the bathroom, we’ll talk later right?” she asked.

“Yes sweetie of course”

“Ok, I’m giving the phone to Michael now:” there was a bit of a rustling sound, and then the phone was handed to Michael.

“What’s happening in the house?” he demanded It wasn’t a causal question; he was demanding to know, like he knew something was up.

“The house?” I asked stupidly then continued

“Everything is great sir”.

“Don’t call me sir Ada, you and my best friend are dating, you calling me sir makes me uncomfortable”

“But sir you’re my boss, and Gibson and I have broken up, so”………….

“Still doesn’t matter” he stated,

“you will be back together, the way I see it, before the year ends” It was my turn to roll my eyes; he’s so sure of Gibson.

Gibson and I will never get back together, Never. As I thought of this, Michael demanded again,

“what’s happening in the house?” I tried to stay relaxed but I was failing miserably.

“Nothing sir, the house is great” I thought about Kingsley. “The kids are great” I thought about Nathan and Stephen fighting, while fiddling with my pillow. “Absolutely great” Then Nathan braking into Nancy’s room at night.

“It’s awesome” Then Gibson getting shot.

“You don’t want to tell me what’s going on; fine….I’ll talk to Gibson. And seriously Ada, if no one tells me what’s going on, Fola and I will be coming back home immediately. Do you understand me?” he demanded. I swallowed hard then replied,

“Yes sir, I do”

“Good” he clipped out. Then without saying take care of yourself, or say hi to everyone…..he cut off the line. Yeah, that is so Mr. Smith….oh, Michael.

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I stood in the dark as I watched Kingsley talk to her. They were standing beside a church somewhere in town and I could clearly see Kingsley getting agitated. She tried saying something, she was trying to calm him down, but instead, Kingsley slapped her, hard. She took a step back from the impact, her hand holding her hot, pained cheek. Kingsley turned around rubbing his head vigorously, he was losing his patience. He then suddenly turned around to say something to her, she jerked back, scared that he might hit her again.

After he was done saying what he wanted to say, he turned around and left. I watched as she used the back of her sleeves to clean the tears from her face, I mean how stupid can she get, working for a psychopath. God, Gibson is going to be so pissed when he finds out. But the problem now is, none of them will believe me, because of what I did to Nancy. I probably just have to look for a way to reveal her to them.


“So this is what is going to happen” said Gibson, he was immaculately dressed in a black suit, with no tie and black shoes, a few of his buttons were opened revealing some part of his chest. I wonder why he just won’t button everything up. No one wants to see his chest. We were getting ready to leave the house for Stephen and Nancy’s school fair. It’s a thing they normally do every year. Kids come to school in their house clothes and buy whatever or sell whatever they want to in school. Some sell things they made individually, it’s a time for kids to show their creativity.

Nancy baked some really nice cookies and she hopes to sell all of them. Stephen did nothing, he says he’ll just go there and support her. And probably give someone money to buy loads of cookies from Nancy. because he knows if she knows he is the one that bought it, she’ll be very pissed. She wants people other than Stephen and her people to buy cookies. She wants to be certain they are really that good.

So now Gibson is addressing everyone, especially the bodyguards. Letting them know the list of what and what not’s to do at the school fair. Stephen, Nancy and I are seated in the living room watching this take place. There’s a high probability that Kingsley will show, and there’s also a high probability that he won’t.

“You’re thinking about Kingsley aren’t you?” asked Nancy. I was so far gone; I didn’t realize she was watching me silently. I wanted to tell her no, but figured there was no use for me to lie. So I told her the truth.

“Yes sweetie I am, the place will be crowded with kids and he’s a dangerous person, I don’t want him harming anyone because of me” Nancy nodded her head at me, then said,

“Yeah, I get it, you don’t want to be responsible for someone else getting hurt” I nodded my head at her, looking terribly worried.

“You don’t have to worry; it’ll all work out fine. God always protects his own” I looked at her giving her a small genuine smile,

“He sure does sweetie”

“By the way, the school will be swamped with police men; I don’t think Kingsley will be able to do anything like that”.

“Yeah, I’m sure he won’t”, i thought to myself. I examined her face, trying to see if she was doing ok.

“How are you holding up dear?” I asked. She looked at me asking,

“Holding up?”

“Yeah” I nodded my head,

“after that Nathan’s incident how are you doing? Do you sleep well at night?” She sighed, and was quiet for a bit, then she said,

“I have nightmares of men entering my room at night, capturing me, kidnapping me, and sometimes trying to kill me” My hand automatically went to her shoulder, drawing her close to me. I rubbed her arm soothingly and said,

“Always pray dear, prayer works, God hears us when we pray. You’ll be fine at the end of the day” She smiled and nodded at me, but she didn’t say anything. God please help this child. ……………………………


2 hours later. We got into the school after seeing the funny looking gate man dressed in another funny looking uniform, I can’t even describe his recent uniform, it’s indescribable. Anyway, We found out that the school looked similar to Disney land, except it didn’t have all those big wheels, and trains that will take you on a joy ride you will never forget. A ride that could probably make you stay awake for days.

“Oh my God this is awesome!” Exclaimed Nancy, looking around in wonder, we were currently walking into the school and the school was beautifully designed with ribbons and balloons and there were clowns and cartoon characters like Barney, Mickey Mouse and the rest with loud music pumping in the air. The place is what kids call these days…. “Lit”.

“Wow they really did well this year” said Gibson.

“It’s like they try to be better every year, how do they get their ideas?” asked Bello, Gibson walking beside him.

“Only God knows” replied Gibson. Then he continued, “But I’m glad I don’t work here, would have left this job a long time ago…….taking care of crazy kids and decorating in pink and purple just ain’t my thing”

“Purple fits you” said Nancy abruptly, then she was quiet for a second before saying, “but I think pink will fit you more” I giggled at the look on Gibson’s face, he looked like he wanted to fold her then stuff her into his pocket. But Nancy didn’t mind, she actually had better ideas, she said,

“you could probably be Barney or Mickey or maybe”……….

“Don’t say it” interrupted Gibson still scowling at her.

“A princess”She said happily, Gibson’s scowl deepened, she smiled huge at him. I burst out into laughter, snorting at the same time. My God this girl is hilarious. She continued, not caring that Gibson looked like he was about to murder her,

“yeah a princess, probably Sofia the first or Moana, God I love that girl, she’s brave and smart and courageous, just like you” She concluded, still smiling hugely at him.

“Nancy get that image out of your head, if you’re looking for a way for me to dress as a princess, it will never happen ok?” said Gibson heatedly then he walked away, walking ahead of us, while the other bodyguards flanked us from behind.

“We’ll see” she muttered, smiling to herself and looking like she had a plan. I really don’t want to be Gibson right now, or ever. I shook my head still smiling. The thought of Kingsley totally out of my head.



We got a table for Nancy and she was doing great with her sales. She had sold almost two dozens of cookies. Everyone that bought and tasted it always commended her. And with every good comment, she gives them her big, bright smile making them buy more cookies.

“They really love her cookies” said Bello.

“Yeah, they do” I replied. The bodyguards were everywhere, but I suddenly saw Mary walking towards me, she looked agitated. I walked away from the guards to her, Bello right on my heels.

“Ada I need to talk to you” she said when she got to me, looking at Bello, then back at me, and then ended with“privately”. I looked at her, she didn’t look herself, in fact she hasn’t been herself for some weeks now. I tried talking to her but she wouldn’t confide in me or anybody. Something’s going on with her, and maybe today is finally the day she’ll let me know.

“Ok Mary we’ll talk privately” Then I turned to face Bello and said, “Can you give us a minute? Just move back a bit” He looked uncertain so he didn’t move.

“Bello its Mary, not some stranger, come on, just move back a little, I’m not telling you to totally leave us” He continued to look at us, obviously he had made up his mind because he said.

“Just a minute Ada, then we will go back to our table” I nodded my head at him, once he took a step back, I looked to Mary, she was still looking at Bello but this time she was nervous.

“Mary” her eyes swiveled to mine. “You can tell me what you want to tell me now, Bello can’t hear us” she kept looking at me. “Mary” I called again, but she was looking really scared, I really wanted to help but I didn’t know how. “Mary please talk to me” she looked to Bello once again, then back at me, I waited for a few seconds, before she finally spoke.

“Let’s go to the rest room, it’s better there, no one will hear us” I shook my head at her,

“Mary you know what has been happening for weeks, I can’t leave the safety of the guards, it’s dangerous”

“It won’t take long, I promise, just a minute, please” she begged. I sighed out loud then looked at her; she looked scared, like really scared. I wonder why God had to give me a soft heart, if I had a strong heart I would have told her no, I won’t even care if it’s the wrong thing to do or not.

“Ok just a minute” she smiled a shaky smile at me saying

“Thank you” I turned around and said to Bello as he walked back to us,

“we are going to the rest room; you can stand outside if you want”

“Ada, I don’t like this” he said, his voice firm.

“It’s just the bathroom Bello, and I said you can stand outside”. I said, not backing down from what I was about to do. He looked around spotting Gibson, he gave him a chin lift and immediately Gibson began to walk towards us. I rolled my eyes; seriously, he has to tell Gibson too?

“What’s up?” asked Gibson as he got to us, looking at me then at Mary.

“They both want to talk in the restroom, I’m not comfortable with it, but she’s insisting, I’m guessing you’re the only one that can talk to her” Gibson looked at me, like really looked at me, then asked,

“Can’t you two just talk out here, why in there?” I rolled my eyes and said,

“Because we want to” He sighed out loud then said to Bello,

“let them go, but stand right outside, and once they go in, no one is to go in until they come out” Bello nodded his head, I didn’t say anything, I just held Mary’s hand and off we went to the rest room, Mary doesn’t look ok, and I’m going to find out why.

We got into the rest room and immediately Mary left my hand she began to pace. Bello was right outside waiting for us.

“Mary, please talk to me” I asked gently. But she didn’t answer me, she kept pacing and saying,

“please forgive me, I’m sorry, please forgive me” What am I to forgive her for, I mean what has she done? Suddenly she was in my face holding my hand, crying and blubbering

“please forgive me, please”

“Mary, what……?”………. I wasn’t able to ask her what the problem was, because from one of the stalls approached a woman, but she wasn’t any woman, because this woman looked like a man. This woman was holding a weave in her hand. And this woman was Kingsley. Oh shoot!

To be continued