Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 8


I drove for awhile, and ended up in Lekki beach. Parking my car on the side of the road, I got out and watched the sun set. The birds chirping, the waves clashing, and the breeze on my skin seemed to calm me down. So I leaned on the side of my car, and allowed myself to enjoy these sensations. While I did this, I thought about Ada, and I thought about Michael.

Michael doesn’t know what’s going on, and once he finds out; he’ll be pissed at me for not telling him. But I can’t tell him, cause I know he’ll cut his honeymoon with Fola short, and I don’t want that to happen. I want them to have fun over there, spend some time together, and get to know each other more. They deserve it.

I looked at my watch on my wrist to find out it was almost 7pm. I need to start heading home, Ada doesn’t know this but my house is just a few minutes away from hers, hers is in Ikota Lekki, here in Lagos. My house is not far from hers. I can even walk to her house, that’s how close we are.

I leaned away from my car to walk over to the driver’s door. As I walked, I pressed the unlock key on my car remote. I then placed my fingers on my door handle to open my door. But I couldn’t do that, because I felt someone behind me. I turned around to know who it could be, and immediately, my eyes locked with the person standing behind me. But before I could even say a word, I heard a gunshot, my body slammed into my car, closing my door in the process. Then I felt a sharp pain on my left shoulder. Knowing I had a bullet in me, I had to think fast, so I did the first thing that came to my mind.

I took a huge lunge on him, knocking him over; the gun skidded away on the asphalt getting lost somewhere. Then with my good hand, I gave him series of punches that left him disoriented and confused. Then I got up, but realized I had only one good hand, so I decided to use that good hand to get him into the car. But he pushed me away, making me to fall on the ground. And then he ran and disappeared from sight. Right now I can’t do anything, because my shoulder is bleeding and the pain is intense. I need to get myself checked. So I got in my car and drove myself to the nearest hospital. God help me.

“Ada, have you seen Gibson?” my hand was stirring the big pot of yam porridge on the gas cooker when Bello came into the kitchen asking me this question. I looked at him shaking my head before replying,

“No, I haven’t” He looked really worried at my reply.

“Hey, anything?” this was asked by Kenneth as he walked in. For the both of them to be looking for Gibson, I sensed something was wrong. Bello shook his head at Kenneth, Kenneth didn’t look happy.

“Where is he then? His phone is ringing, but he’s not picking, it’s been an hour now” said Kenneth worriedly.

At this juncture, I was confused. What’s going on? Why are they looking for Gibson?

“What’s going on?” I asked the both of them as I stepped away from the pot, handing the spoon over to Bisi (another maid of Mr. Smith), but they didn’t answer me. Instead they got real close to each other; necks bent and started to whisper to themselves. I didn’t like it.

“Guys, what’s going on?” I asked again, placing my hands on my waist, and jutting my hips out. My voice was a bit louder now. But they still didn’t answer me. It’s like I didn’t even speak.

“Guys seriously, tell me what’s going on? Why are you looking for Gibson?” I reiterated getting livid. To my greatest relief, Kenneth raised his head and looked at me, answering me he said,

“We can’t find him Ada, ever since he left the house in a hurry, he hasn’t been back. And its dark, plus I’m worried my brother must have gotten to him” I shook my head, I was a bit confused, so I asked,

“When did he leave the house?”

“He left when you two had that fight” answered Bello. I chewed my bottom lip looking worried. I’m the one that made him leave, god I’m so stupid.

“Well I’m sure he’s fine, I mean he’s Gibson, he knows how to take care of himself” I said, trying real hard to convince myself that he’s fine, but failing dreadfully.

“I don’t know Ada”, said Kenneth skeptically. It was then the house landline began to ring. We were in the kitchen so we couldn’t get there quickly. We all hurried to the living room to try and get the call before it stopped ringing, but on our way there, we heard Stephen answer the phone.

“Hello” he answered.

“Yeah, this is the smith’s residence” We all kept quiet as we moved silently, but slowly towards him. At first, his face was normal but then it went blank, and then scared, then he could no longer speak. His mouth was moving but nothing came out. Bello took quick, bold, steps towards him and snatched the phone from his hand. Then answering in his authoritative voice, he asked,

“Who is this?” We all watched as he too had on a worried look on his face, he was quiet for a few minutes then he asked,

“ is he ok?” his voice softer now. I looked at Kenneth, but Kenneth’s eyes were still on Bello.

“Yeah, ok thanks, what hospital?” he continued to ask. “Ok, of course, yeah, I know where it is, I’ll be there as soon as I can………………ok…thanks” Then he dropped the phone in its cradle. We waited for him to tell us what was happening, but he took his sweet time looking at his shoes. Why in the world is he looking at his shoes?

“Bello, what’s happening? Who called?” I asked impatiently. Bello faced all of us, Stephen, Kenneth, me and somehow Nancy had joined us. Then he said to us, his voice hard

“Gibson is in the hospital, he was shot, we need to go now, they are about to operate on him” The room was silent, and I’m certain my heart stopped beating.

We were at the hospital; about 15-30 minutes away from the house. Gibson is still in surgery. As we sat waiting in the waiting room, I couldn’t help but wonder why Kingsley would shoot Gibson on his shoulder. I mean if he wanted Gibson dead, wouldn’t he have gone for the head or his heart, why his shoulder?

“Are you ok” I looked at the voice that spoke,

“Kenneth”, he looked very worried. I was worried also but I was scared too, I didn’t want to lose Gibson, even if I know that we are not meant to be together, I still care about him.

“Ada, are you ok?” asked Kenneth once again. I realized I did not answer him the first time, so I did this time, and I did that by nodding my head.

“Are you sure?” I nodded my head again. I felt someone get up; I turned my head to see who it was. Nancy that was sitting with Stephen was walking towards me. She got to me then sat down beside me. She then took one of my hands that I had clasped together on my laps into her own hands. And without saying a word, she just ………..held me. Kenneth watched us for a minute and realized we were going to be fine, so he left us and went to stand with Bello standing by the door of the waiting room.


2 hours later. We were still waiting in the waiting room for any new on Gibson, but so far, we haven’t heard anything. Bello and Kenneth are no longer standing; they are now sitting with Stephen. Nancy has her head on my shoulder and she’s staring into space. As we continued to wait, a young, beautiful, female doctor dressed in light blue shirt and black trousers and black shoes, with a white coat walked out announcing,

“The family of Mr. Gibson” we all said chorus answers of “here” then got up and walked to her. She looked to Bello because Bello was closest to her, and asked,

“Who are you to him?”

“His friend” replied Bello.

“I’m sorry sir, but only family members will be allowed to visit him right now” None of us said anything, because we don’t even know if Gibson has a family.

“I’m his wife” I blurted out. Oh my god, did I just say that? Everyone looked at me, including the doctor.

“You’re his wife?” she asked. I nodded my head. “Ok, ma, follow me please” then she turned around and began to walk back towards where he came from.

“Ada what are you doing?” whispered Nancy.

“I don’t know” I whispered back, already following the doctor.

“leave her, she’s got this” said Kenneth” God I hope so.

The doctor led me to Gibson’s room where he was laying asleep on his hospital bed. There were some wires plugged to him, and a monitor showing his heart rate and blood pressure. I walked further into the room with the doctor behind me.

“You need to be quiet, he needs his rest” said the doctor. I nodded my head, then walked directly to his bed, standing beside him.

“You won’t believe your husband walked into hospital all by himself. I was the first to see him and trust me when I say I have never seen anything like that in my life. He came in like he wasn’t bleeding from his hand. At first, I thought he was an armed rubber or something that got shot by the police, but then he quickly explained what happened to him. Immediately, we took him and got him ready for surgery, then we called the police, they should be here by now. But I don’t think they’ll be able to talk to him. Probably tomorrow, when he wakes up”. She looked at me to see the stunned look on my face. Then she ended with,

“your husband is really strong, you’re one lucky woman” Then she walked out. I looked back at Gibson thinking

“yeah, he is strong”. He looked peaceful. “Please be fine” I whispered, my voice shaking. He didn’t say anything; he just kept on sleeping, and breathing.

I went back to let the guys know how Gibson is doing. As I got there, Becky was sitting with Nancy, immediately she saw me, she jumped up from her seat and hurried to me, hugging me tight and whispering in my ear,

“oh sugar plum” That was all she had to say before I let it all out,

“The fireworks” I cried so hard, it turned into raking, body shaking sobs.

“What the…..” said Bello astonished.

“Ada, how is Gibson doing? Is he ok? Why are you crying? Please talk to us?” asked Stephen. He was really scared. I shook my hand flimsily at them, then I let out a short laugh and cried at the same time. I was a mess.

“Gibson is great, the surgery went on well, he’s asleep because of the drugs in him, I’m crying because I’m glad he’s ok, and I’m laughing because it’s now my turn to take care of him”

Everyone looked at each other; I can bet I know what they are thinking. They are thinking this girl has gone loko, but I don’t care I’ve come to deliver my message, I’ve told them the good news, now I’ll go back and stay with Gibson until he wakes up. Turning around, I began to walk back to his room.

“Where are you going?” yelled Nancy.

“To stay with Gibson until he wakes up” I yelled back. Then I continued, “you guys can go, don’t worry he’ll be fine with me” And off I went, I didn’t even wait for their reply. ……………………………

As the night went by, Gibson would come in and out of his sleep, speaking gibberish. But there was a time his gibberish had a meaning, he said,

“Thank you Ada, I love you”. I stared at him from where I sat beside his bed, my heart beating fast, and as quietly as I could I whispered back,

“I love you too” I’m quite certain I saw him smile.

The next morning around 7 am, I left Gibson’s room to stretch my legs a bit. As I got to the waiting room, I saw Bello sitting on the waiting chair, his head hanging back and he was asleep. That must be uncomfortable for him, cause I had the same experience. His eyes opened when he felt me come close to him.

“You stayed throughout the night?” I asked without even saying good morning. He nodded his head and asked,

“How is Gibson?” I guess he’s not in the mood to greet too.

“He’s good, why did you wait? Why didn’t you go to the house?” He cracked his neck and stretched his hands, then answered,

“Because someone needed to stay, what if Kingsley decided to come back to finish the job. He would have killed Gibson, then taken you, killing two birds with one stone” Oh my god, I didn’t even think of that. “James is on his way, he’ll stay with Gibson while I take you home. You need your rest” I nodded my head and said,

“I’ll go if you go, you need your rest too” He looked at me, I kept my face straight, letting him know I mean business, I wasn’t going to go home without him and I’m dead serious about it. He sighed out loudly, rubbing his face, then he said,

“Ok, fine, I’ll go, but you should go back and stay with Gibson, in case he wakes up” I nodded my head as I turned around, yeah that’s a good idea, I should go back to him.

I sat down in my dirty, disorganized, room as I held a bottle of vodka, vodka that I stole from a shop. I had to hold the gun to the owners head for him to give me the drink, cause I clearly needed it more than anyone who was about to buy it. Why didn’t I shoot him in the head, how did my hand point to his stupid shoulder, how? I took a shot of my drink, relishing the hard taste in my mouth then I took another. I didn’t get him this time, but next time, I won’t miss, next time I’ll aim for his head. Gibson must die.

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James arrived at the hospital and relieved Bello of his guard duties. Bello took me home, and I didn’t waste any time in taking a shower, preparing some food for Gibson and then demanding Bello to take me back to the hospital, he didn’t like the fact that I didn’t have any rest, but hey! He’s not the boss of me. It was 12 noon when we got to the hospital. The doctor had agreed for Gibson to have visitors because he was awake, and he was doing quite well. Thank God. She told me that the police had come in that morning to question Gibson about his attack and he was able to tell them everything. She thinks they’ll be able to get the guy that did it. I hope they do.

Walking into Gibson’s hospital room, I heard voices, the first; his nurse, and the second; another nurse. When I got in, I saw James lounging on a chair in front of Gibson’s bed and the nurses were chatting away with Gibson. They looked………….smitten. Gibson was smiling at them like he wasn’t shot a few hours ago, and the nurses seem not to care that he’s a patient recovering from a bullet wound.

“Excuse me; but aren’t you supposed to be allowing my husband to rest?” I asked, walking into the room with my basket, packaged with Gibson’s food. Bello walked behind me holding a bag containing some of Gibson’s toiletries. We stopped by his house, and I found out his house isn’t far from the Smith’s house. No wonder he comes over all the time. Pshh, figures.

The nurses jerked at the sound of my voice, looking terrified and embarrassed at the same time, yeah…they should be, next time they won’t be flirting with someone else’s husband. I lifted an eyebrow at them, and without needing to repeat myself, they scurried away. Running out like I was holding a cutlass or an axe.

“Husband?” That was said by Gibson.

“Oh yeah I missed that part, haven’t you heard? You’re married” said James, casually reading a newspaper, then he pointed at me, “to her” then he simply ended with, “congratulations”.

“I’m married huh?” asked Gibson smugly.

“Yep” replied James, popping the p at the end. I walked further into the room ignoring them, It looks like James has been filling him in on some of the things that has been happening, probably at their office. I went to the side cabinet by his bed and began to unload coolers and flasks and cereals and the rest of them. I didn’t answer his question I just unloaded.

“ Ada “ I ignored his call.

“Ada” I still ignored his call.

“I’ve been meaning to ask, do you think it’s time for us to have a baby? because I think we’ve had enough time to ourselves, our honeymoon is over, so we should start planning. Don’t you think so?” My hands stopped mid air as I tried to arrange all that I had brought for him. Then without looking at him I said.

“If you don’t shut it, I’ll take back everything I brought for you, including the pepper soup” That shut him up, cause he didn’t speak again, he knows how good my pepper soup is, especially my goat meat pepper soup”. James just busted out laughing.

One month later.

I walked into Michael’s home turning my shoulder this way and that; it’s been a little bit stiff. It’s been a month since my attack from Kingsley, and we haven’t heard from him, the police can’t even find him. It’s like he just disappeared. And apart from that, Ada has constantly been by my side. Every day, she’ll come to my house with Bello or one of the guards to help clean my wound, cook for me ( even if I tell her she doesn’t have to cause I can cook myself) and clean myself up( one of the guards helps me with that). She never stopped helping me. Just for the fun of it, I would tease her about our marriage, since she declared she was my wife, I used every opportunity to get her ticked, but at the same time, I have tried to make her realize that we are meant for each other. And I think it has been working, because I mean she hasn’t said anything like

“We are no longer together”, maybe it’s because I was shot. Maybe I should continue to get shot, just so I can draw her to me, seems like the only thing that works.

As I got in, I noticed the house was empty, where is everybody? I walked further into the house and began to hear voices from the pool side. Getting there, I saw Stephen, Nancy, and their friends; Isabelle and Nathan, Swimming in the pool. As they swam and had fun, I noticed Nathan looking at Ada in a strange way, I don’t really know what way but I was very uncomfortable with it. His head turned to me when he noticed I was looking at him, and that look he had on Ada instantly vanished. Yeah…. I don’t trust this kid.

“Gibson!” yelled Nancy. Now the boy’s eyes were on Nancy as she waved and I didn’t like that look too.

“Nancy, having fun?” I said to her, my eyes fixed on the little evil thing.

“Yep” she replied, popping the p. Stephen just shook his head smiling at her, then he looked at me and said in his deep voice,


“Stephen” was my simple reply, he grinned at me.

From my peripheral view I saw Ada walking fast towards me, I turned my head to look at her, and sure enough, she looked pissed.

“ What are you doing out of bed ehn?” she asked, stopping a few feet away from me, placing her hands on her waist and jutting out her hips.

“I came because I’m tired of resting, I’ve been resting for a month now Ada, that’s not me, and you know that”

“Well, the doctor said you are to rest and that’s what you are going to be doing. So turn around now, and let’s be going” I looked at her, she’s so cute when she’s pissed, this made me grin at her, and this made her to stomp her feet once she realized I wasn’t moving.

“Gibson, you need your rest, common!” she said, exasperated.

“No Ada, I need to work”

“What if Kingsley comes here ehn? What will you do?” I squeezed my brow,

“What will I do? Protect you of course, and the kids, well except Nathan, I won’t protect him” She became confused at my last statement,

“Why won’t you protect Nathan?” I had a question of my own, so I didn’t answer hers, instead I asked,

“How old is Nathan?” She shook her head, she didn’t know.

“He’s 18” I replied. Her brows squeezed, she looked more confused.

“He’s 18 so?” Ignoring her question, I continued with mine

“How old is Stephen?”

“He’s 16” I nodded my head then said,

“Can you tell me why an 18 year old boy is friends with a sixteen year old boy?

“Gibson you’re not making any sense, Nancy is 13 and her friend is”…………….

“14” I answered for her.

“Well yes 14” she said, then she continued, “ why are we talking about their age, age doesn’t matter when it comes to friends”

“It matters here Ada, trust me it does”

“Gibson” I looked to Stephen as he stood beside us, during our conversation I had moved closer to Ada, he must have thought we were having a fight.

“Is everything ok?” he asked, looking between Ada and me.

“Yes dear, everything is fine” replied Ada, smiling sweetly at him. He nodded his head at her then looked at me saying,

“We need to talk” . I nodded at him; my boy is becoming a man.

“Well since you don’t want to go home and rest, I’ll leave you alone, but don’t come crying to me when your shoulder starts to hurt” and with that she flounced away, walking into the house.

“She wants you to rest? But you’ve been resting for a month now” said Stephen, like what Ada is demanding me to do is totally crazy, which I will agree it is.

“I know right, that’s what I told her, but she’s all about doctors orders”

“She cares about you”

“Yeah she does” I said. “She just has a weird way of showing it” he continued. I smiled at him, yep she definitely does.

“So what do you want to talk to me about” I asked. Stephen walked closer to me and said,

“Nathan, I don’t trust him”

To be continued ………………………………………