Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 7


“Your what?” James asked, incredulously.

“My twin brother” replied Kingsley calmly. All I did was stare at him, because I couldn’t believe a word he said.

“You are Kingsley’s twin, is that what you’re saying?” asked James again. Kingsley nodded his head slowly.

“I don’t believe this” said James, his voice tight and pissed, he turned around and faced the wall, putting his hands on his waist, legs spread. I continued to stare at Kingsley, not knowing what to do.

We were all seated in the control room, and we were hun-gu-ry. we’ve been here for like an hour and still Gibson isn’t done with whatever he went to do. And to be honest I am tired and bored to death, I can even say the same for Stephen and Nancy. They both look like they want to be anywhere but here.

“Is this all you do here? Like stare at the screen, all day, watching people go about their daily activities?” I asked, facing Taiwo.

“Yep, basically. It’s my job to alert the crew of any alien activity. Once I do, they’ll alert the boys in the house, before heading over to the house” he replied.

“So you’re in charge of the control room?” I asked.

“No, I’m not, someone else is, but he’s not in, he had a job to do out of town” he replied, his eyes on the screen.

“So it’s just the two of you then?” I continued with my questions.

“Yes, it’s just the two of us” he replied, his eyes still on the screen. Hmm, just the two of them, does that mean———– My thought was cut short by the voice of Stephen saying.

“God I’m so hungry, I can eat a horse” he was staring at the ceiling, sitting sprawled on his seat.

“I’m so hungry, I can eat a hippo” I said, letting him know I’m hungrier than he is, totally forgetting what I was thinking about.

“I’m so hungry, I can eat an elephant” said Nancy, staring at the door like it will magically open and tons of people carrying trays of food will come matching in like we are having a banquet. The three of us turned our heads to look at her,

“an elephant?” asked Taiwo.

“Hmm hm” she replied, nodding her head, her eyes still on the door.

“And where will you store the elephant?” asked Stephen.

“Well right in my belly of course” she replied.

“O.K” said Taiwo to himself, looking at Nancy in a confused manner. We were quiet for a while, but the silence was deafening, so I asked.

“What do you think is happening?” Taiwo looked away from the screen to look at me and said,

“I don’t understand”

“You know, between Kingsley and Gibson”.

“I can’t say” he replied, looking back to the screen

“You can’t say, or you don’t want to say?” I asked probingly.

“Both” was his short reply.

Well, ok then. It was at this moment, the light on the left corner of the wall above us started to blink red. Taiwo’s eyes, still on the screens, leaned forward in his seat to see someone carrying white leather bags stand in front of the door. He pressed a button and the doors slid open, the man came in carrying the bags. And without saying a word, walked up to us and started to hand each of us a bag. Once he was done, he turned around and walked out. Leaving us staring after him, well apart from Taiwo, he was already digging into his delicious plate of food. Well since I’m hungry, I guess I should do the same. So I opened my plate, and dug into my delicious food.

I heard Stephen and Nancy dig into theirs and the room went into total silence. Only the sounds of crunching and moaning could be heard from our interest in our food. No one said anything. We all just ate our food in total silence.

“Tell me about your brother” I said to Kingsley. With a sharp nod of his head, Kingsley adjusted himself on his seat, sitting properly with absolute seriousness in his eyes, he said,

“my brother is a psychopath, that’s the first thing you should know, and apart from that he is very smart” Kingsley stopped speaking, letting that information sink into our heads. Once he was sure we had gotten it, he continued. “Through out my years of being with him, he has made my life a living hell; he is cunning, deceptive, and manipulative. He has lured women, lots of them into his layer to torture and kill them, just for the fun of it, most of the time, I get mistaken for him, but once I get questioned they realize I’m not him, but by then it’ll be too late, cause I’d have already spent a few days for him in detention. The police have been searching for him, but it’s difficult to get him, so they asked for my help seeing as I studied criminology and I served for five years in the army, my expertise is quite important to them”.

My eyes swiftly moved to James at this news, James was no longer facing the wall, his attention was on Kingsley. Kingsley continued, which made me to focus back on him,

“I don’t know why he does it, i mean our parents were amazing. Before they both died anyway in a plane crash, we were raised well, with love, care, and attention. So his behavior is one I can’t phantom. And I have been trying for years to stop him, but he is always one step or five steps ahead of me, but hopefully with your help, we’ll stop him. Together.”

“Why Ada” I asked. Kingsley shrugged, saying,

“I don’t know, she’s beautiful I guess” I gave a sharp nod, then relaxed back in my seat taking a deep breath. My brain going into overdrive, I was thinking, thinking of how to get………….hm if we have Kingsley outside, who is in front of us?

“Your brother’s name is Kingsley?” I asked Kingsley. He nodded his head.

“Ok, so what’s your name?”

“Kenneth” he replied. Hmm, Kenneth and Kingsley….. With my mind made up, I stood up, then I stretched out my right hand towards him, asking for a handshake. He gave me his hand and we shook hands, while we did this, I said,

“Welcome to the smiths investigation Agency” He nodded his head at me. I let go of his hand, then I walked around my desk and out of my seat, heading for the door.

“I need to see to the girls, then we’ll talk about how to get your brother” I said to no one, but everyone at the same time. I didn’t wait for a reply, I didn’t need one. Cause one way or another, Ada will be safe.

“The light is blinking again” said Nancy. Stephen and I looked at it then our heads turned towards the screen.

“Thank God, it’s Gibson” said Stephen in a relieved tone. I didn’t say anything, cause I was anxious to know what’s up with Kingsley. Am I safe now? Do I still have to carry bodyguards everywhere I go? Do the police even know we’ve gotten Kingsley? Where are the police anyway? As all these thoughts went through my mind, the door slid open, Gibson walked in and did a quick scan of all of us then his eyes landed on me.

“You guys ok?” he asked, His eyes still on me. I nodded my head and I’m sure the rest did too.

“Good, Ada can you step out with me for a minute please” I looked at him questioningly. He reiterated,


Well since he asked so nicely, I decided to comply. So I stood up, and walked over to him. He looked at Taiwo, and Taiwo pressed the button opening the sliding door. Gibson placed his hand on my lower back, leading me out the door. Immediately we stepped out, the door slid close behind us. Holding me gently on my forearm, he turned me to face him. Then he looked at me for a bit, before saying.

“Kingsley isn’t Kingsley, Kingsley is Kenneth” Huh? I looked at him totally confused.

“I don’t understand, what do you mean by ‘Kingsley isn’t Kingsley, Kingsley is Kenneth’, I mean what is that?”

“Exactly what it means Ada”

“Well break it down, cause I don’t get you” He sighed out loudly then said,

“Kingsley is a twin”

“Ehen! Kai, that’s what you should have sai…..” I stopped speaking; his words registering in my brain, Gibson gave me a look, a look that said, “Get it now?” Oh my God, no, we don’t have Kingsley? I was scared,

“Are you saying, we don’t have Kingsley right now?” at the sound of my voice, Gibson’s expression changed.

“Ada, I promise you, we will get him” I shook my head fervently saying,

“you can’t be so sure, the way I see it, this Kingsley guy is very smart, and cunning, and………..” Gibson didn’t let me finish, he said,

“and I am smarter, and stronger Ada you don’t have to worry, everything will be fine. For now we will be working with his twin brother. That’s the person we have right now with us. As you can see they are very identical, it’s difficult to know who is who. But the only way to separate them is by the way they dress. I’m sure you noticed that too” I nodded my head at him, yeah I noticed it. But I didn’t realize it. He nodded back, then continued, “for now, nothing has changed. You all will still be having bodyguards wherever you go. And always try to be careful” he finished.

I nodded my head once more, totally getting him. He assessed me, taking in my mood, then he turned to look at the camera up on the wall nodding his head at it. Immediately the door slid open. Gibson placed his hand again on my lower back and led me back in, then he announced to the room saying.

“Let’s go home”

2 weeks later.

It’s been two weeks, two weeks of peace. Nancy and I went to the saloon to make our hair, as you can see Fola and Michael are not yet back from their honeymoon. It’s like they want to spend forever there in Dubai.

At the saloon, Nancy kept giggling at the hairdresser’s because they kept talking about the incident between Fola and Michael, they had no idea we knew them, they didn’t even recognize Nancy, maybe it’s because she’s a whole lot different now. They said that Fola is cute and petite but extremely beautiful, but the argument was mostly about whom she looks like more, either Halle Berry or Genevieve Nnaji. Personally, I think she looks like Halle Berry, Nancy thinks she looks like Genevieve. We still haven’t heard from Kingsley.


I’m standing staring at the smith’s house. She’s in there; I know she is,

“Ada”. It’s late, very late, but I have to watch over her, I have to protect her. They think they can hide her from me, but they can’t. I’m going to get her, one way or another; I’m going to save her. I’m going to save her from them. She’ll be free and she’ll be mine.


“So let’s go through this again”. I said to Kenneth. We were in Michael’s home office going through our plans on how to get Kingsley. Waiting for him to attack seems unwise to us, we have to get him when he won’t notice.

“You want me to act as bait right?” asked Kenneth. I nodded my head. “That’s dumb” he stated. I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Dumb?” He nodded his head. “How is that dumb?” He looked at me for a few seconds, assessing me, then said,

“because obviously I’m not Ada. You want perfect bait? You need Ada” I shook my head disagreeing with him, saying,

“No, I won’t be using Ada as bait, are you insane, what if she gets hurt in the process?” Kenneth was sitting across from me, in Michael’s home office desk. At my declaration he said,

“You love her” My mouth snapped shut, not saying anything. It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. “Yeah…you love her” he concluded. I continued to keep my mouth shut. He was quiet for a bit, then he said,

“ok, that’s out of the way, let’s think of something else” Ok, that I can work with. I nodded my head at him, letting him know I was in agreement. He leaned forward, putting his elbow on the desk, then we dived straight into hatching a plan, a plan that will put Kingsley behind bars for life.

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“What” I yelled from the kitchen at whoever was calling me. I was immersed in a book about relationships on, so the distraction was annoying. Gibson walked in, standing by the kitchen door.

“What are you doing?” he asked. I glanced his way, then looked back into my book replying,

“what does it look like?” Gibson sighed out loudly, then he left the door and walked to me, and then sat across from me. He watched me for a few moments, not saying anything. I on the other hand just kept on reading. Thinking maybe when he realizes I’m not interested in talking to him, he’ll leave. But that didn’t happen. Because the next thing I know, my phone is been snatched out of my fingers. I tried grabbing it back from him, but he stood up reading the it.

“Book about relationships, why do you need to read this?” he asked, still reading it. I stood up so fast, the chair tipped backwards, but it later came back, moving around unstable, until it finally stopped. All these was registered at the back of my brain, which means I wasn’t paying so much attention to it, if I was I would have adjusted the seat, avoiding it from tipping and almost falling backwards. Instead my mind was on my phone, and how I was going to get it back from Gibson.

“Give me back my phone” I demanded.

“No, let me take a look first” replied the annoying human being.

“Gibson, seriously give me back my phone”

“Just a minute love” then he turned his back on me and started to scroll through the pages. My eyes grew twice its size seeing him do this. I didn’t want him to flip through my phone; I had some pages I had marked, some lines I had shaded with my beautiful pink highlighter. No, he can’t flip through my phone.

So doing the only logical thing a girl like me will do in this situation, and I’m not just any girl, I ran the few feet I had towards him, and leaped unto his back. Gibson grunted at my impact, my arms went round his neck squeezing tight, and my legs wrapped around his waist, not giving him time to react.

Immediately, his hands came to my hands around his neck, holding it in tight grip. I heard the dull sound of my phone hitting the ground. Well, right now I’ve gotten what I wanted, I should let go of him right? Naa, wrong, I didn’t. I held his neck, I squeezed his neck.

I was tired of him. Tired of him always bothering me, I wanted to show him how tired I was of him. Gibson began to yell for me to let him go but I kept on with my assault. Yelling in his ears how annoying he is, and how he is to let me be. I was freaking tired of him.

“God this ice cream is amazing” I moaned out load, scooping another spoon of vanilla ice cream out of its container. Nancy turned her head to look at me,

“that good huh?” I nodded my head, closing my eyes, and enjoying the sweet, cold taste of the ice cream in my mouth. My eyes opened when she spoke again.

“Maybe we should keep some for Gibson and Ada” she said, looking at the bowl of ice cream like she really didn’t want to do what she had suggested. I shook my head saying,

“No sugar, if they want some for themselves, then Gibson will get some for them. This one, is for us” Nancy stared at me for a few beats, then she shrugged and dipped her spoon into the ice cream bowl. Well I guess she likes my suggestion better. I leaned forward to get another spoon, it was then I heard Ada’s high shrilling scream, yelling,

“I’m so going to kill you, you annoying human being. You’re dead! You’re so dead!” I looked at Nancy, Nancy did the same, then in one accord, we jumped out of our seat by the pool racing to the glass opened doors and ran into the house. What in the world is happening now?

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“ Ada calm down” grunted Gibson trying to loosen my hands around his neck, we were spinning in circles because he was trying to get me off him. I squeezed harder and shouted louder, I was out to make him deaf. (Well I think I was)

“No you calm down” I yelled in gibbon’s ear, then continued, “you’re not the one suffering from an annoying man that doesn’t understand the meaning of no, and I have told him countless times that I don’t want to date him, but he just won’t listen. And apart from that I have a man that thinks I belong to him, he is a psychopath, and he’s cunning and smart. How in the world do we outsmart a psychopath that is cunning and smart?”

“Ada seriously, you’re obstructing my flow of air, loosen your hold a little at least” he gasped out.

“No!” I yelled my reply. It was then I heard footsteps, lots of it and in a few seconds the kitchen was occupied by my people, Nancy, Stephen, Bello, the maids, and James. Oh! And Edgar, he’s been quiet around the house for a while, I don’t know why but he has.

He was standing behind, silently watching the show. With my head turned towards them, I snapped

“what are you guys looking at?”

“Ada, are you having a piggy ride from Gibson?” asked Stephen, he looked as if he was trying very hard not to laugh. Becky laughed straight out, she bent forward, placing her hands on her knees and her body was shaking with the force of her laughter. The maids were giggling along with Nancy. James was grinning at me, Bello was smiling and Edgar was shaking his head. He wasn’t shaking it like he was disappointed in me, he was shaking it like he thought I was being cute, I wasn’t being cute, I was very much annoyed and tired of him. I mean….. I mean….. I couldn’t finish my thoughts cause the next thing that happened was unbelievable.

I was being flipped over like a pancake, Gibson’s hands holding me tightly as I landed right in front of him, my back facing him. He did it like he was some kind of ninja. I don’t know how he did it, but it was scary and fun at the same time.

“Oh my god, how did he do that?” exclaimed Nancy. I just stood there in shock, I couldn’t move. Becky was no longer laughing but she had a huge grin on her face. Then I felt Gibson hold my shoulders and turn me around to face him. He was breathing heavily, I stood like a statue, I couldn’t still move, then he bent down, picked up my phone and handed it to me.

I collected the phone woodenly, staring at him, still in shock. He put his hands back on my shoulder, leaned towards me and said,

“keep reading the book, it’ll help you know how to relate with men. You really need the help”. Then he walked away, leaving me standing there. Was that an insult, or an advice?


“I think this is the time you talk some sense into her” said Bello.

“No not yet” replied Edgar. I took my eyes away from the still shocked Ada to look at Edgar, he removed his eyes from her to look at me when he realized I was looking at him, then he concluded,

“she isn’t ready yet”. Then he turned around and walked away, to do what he normally does…..everything, and nothing. I turned around walking behind Edgar.


“Oh my god that was hilarious, I know Ada is crazy, but that was too much” I said, laughing as we walked back to the pool.

“Yeah, sugar, she is crazy but that doesn’t mean she isn’t scared” said Becky. I looked at her, my laughter dying in my mouth,

“scared, about Kingsley?” I asked. Becky shook her head,

“No, sugar plum, about her heart”.


I looked at the phone in my hand, remembering the last statement Gibson said before walking out, he hasn’t given up on me, he still has refused to let me go, even with the way I’ve been showing how crazy I am. I mean every man in his right mind will run for the hills just looking at me. But instead he said I should read the book more. That should mean something right? I dropped the phone on the kitchen table, then plopped down on the beautifully carved wooden chair. I hope I’m right anyway, I hope he still cares.


I walked out of the house in fast, quick steps, I was pissed, I was insanely pissed. What is wrong with her anyway? Every time I try to show her that I really care about her she pushes me away, I mean doesn’t she want to settle down? Doesn’t she want to have a family, with kids running around? Doesn’t she see what I see between the both of us?

I walked down the short steps heading straight for my car, I need to cool off, I need to cool off before she drives me away to the point I won’t want to come back. But I love her, so I’ll go and cool off. I got into my car, closed the door rather harshly, turned on my car and drove off, the gate was already opening and it was wide open by the time I got to it. I drove out not looking back. I need to cool off, for the sake of the both of us.


I sat in my car as I watched Gibson drive out. This is the perfect time for me to kill him, now that he’s alone. Once I eliminate him, I’ll have easy access to get to Ada. Not even my brother, or Bello or James will be able to stop me. Yes killing Gibson is what I’m going to do. With my fingers on my car keys, I twisted the key in the ignition and my car roared to life. Hitting the gas, I went after Gibson, my brain concocting different ways I was going to kill him, I smiled a sinister smile. Yeah, I really love this brain of mine.

To be continued