Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 6


I stood statue still as I stared at Kingsley, his hands still on my shoulders, my heart beating ten times its normal sptheeed, and I think I was about to hyperventilate because Kingsley said in a soothing voice (a soothing voice!) it’s so creepy for your kidnapper to talk to you in p0p soothing voice, trust me, you don’t want to have a kidnapper talk to you in a soothing voice.

“Calm down Ada” Calm down, is he mad? He’s about to kidnap me for the second time and he’s here telling me to calm down? I kept breathing fast, I couldn’t control myself, and I was scared out of my mind. Then he said something weird to me, he said,

“I’m not Kingsley”

“Huh?” I inclined my head to the right looking at him, my fear replaced with confusion. At my look, he reiterated,

“I’m not Kingsley Ada” But I kept staring at him like he was mad. He let go of my shoulders, then stepped back saying, “look at me” his hands going up and down his frame in a gesture of saying,

“take a look at me” then he asked, “do I look like Kingsley?” Still staring at him, I thought to myself,

“Yep, this guy is definitely mad” But I decided to answer his rather strange question,

“except if you’re like trying to prank me or something, I’ll have to say yes…..” I paused just to add some effect, you know like in all these romantic TV series like the Telemundo, how the characters always tend to keep their viewers interested, like always. I was trying to do the same. But Kingsley wasn’t having any of it. He was getting impatient. But I didn’t mind, cause for the first time, I noticed his sense of dressing. He was in a suit, a black suit with black shoes, he looked really good, he looked handsome.hmm, who would have thought?

The first time I met him, he wasn’t in a suit, and he didn’t even look like someone that could own a suit, the same for the second time. So why is he in suit right now? As my mind pondered on this question, Kingsley asked ardently,

“and?” Oh!, yeah I was supposed to give him an answer, pshh stupid me. At this moment I was laughing at myself, and I’m sure Kingsley thinks I’m worse than he is, anyway, I answered him saying,

“You sure do look like Kingsley” Kingsley rubbed his head with both hands in frustration saying,

“why did it take you so long to answer me and yes of course, I look like Kingsley but at the same time I don’t, I mean can’t you see it?” he concluded vehemently. I don’t know why but for some reason I remembered the bodyguard that escorted me to the restroom. Where is he? My eyes darted to my side and I stared in total shock, seeing my bodyguard lying unconscious on the ground. With angry eyes, I faced the guy that is Kingsley but thinks he’s not Kingsley asking,

“Did you kill my bodyguard?” He looked affronted and confused for a second ( it was a funny look) before replying,

“What? No, of course not” Pointing at my bodyguard on the floor I asked tersely,

“then why is he lying on the ground unconscious?”

“He’s ok Ada, I just knocked him out so I’ll be able to talk to you” I had an incredulous look on my face before yelling,

“Oh my god you’re insane! Then I looked up to heavens for divine intervention. But since God wasn’t ready to intervene, I looked back at Kingsley that thinks he’s not Kingsley, Scowling at him.

“No Ada, I’m not, you are the one that’s insane, I mean it took you ten years to answer a simple question!” he yelled, looking at me like I’m one of the most annoying human being on earth. But I kept on scowling at him. I took a step back as he tried to come close to me once more, but he couldn’t complete his steps, cause the next thing I know he’s being hit real hard on the head by someone behind him. I watched him as he fell sideways like an Iroko tree being cut down, landing with a loud thud. With my eyes still fixed on him on the ground, I wondered if he was dead, then I looked at my savior. “Nancy” I said surprised.

She was holding her water flask that’s made of aluminum in the air with both hands and she was breathing heavily like she just ran a 100mtre race. At the mention of her name, she looked away from Kingsley to me and said,

“well he was about to hurt you, I couldn’t let that happen”

“Ok, but how did you know I was in trouble?” I asked, stepping over Kingsley’s body unconscious body.

“Well because you stayed out too long, you never stay out too long” she replied, bringing her hands down. Oh yeah, that’s true…..

“Ada!” Nancy turned around to see who was calling me; I looked over her shoulder to know who it was. To my relief, it was Bello. Oh thank God. He was running like the terminator coming to save little john Connor in need of help. He got to us asking,

“Are you ok?” his eyes did a fast scan of my body, checking to see if was hurt in anyway.

“No I’m not” I replied, then raising my hand at Nancy I continued, “Nancy saved me” He looked at Nancy, then he looked at the bottle in her hand, then at the body of Kingsley on the floor. His eyes came back to me; it stayed on me for an uncomfortable 5 seconds. Then he suddenly shook his head murmuring to himself saying,

“You girls are going to be the death of me”. I rolled my eyes at his behavior. I mean what did we do now? I didn’t ask to be an eye candy to a mad man, and I never expected Nancy to come and save me.

Bello walked over to my bodyguard to check if he’s ok, the rest of our body guards started to rush forward ( I guess church service is over), Stephen taking the lead. Bello didn’t wait for them to ask any question, he just said to them,

“Get him up; put him in the car, we’re taking him to the headquarters” Then he walked away, walking out of the entrance that leads to the church, and going to the direction of where our cars were parked. Nancy came closer to me and held my hand, I looked at her, wondering how she got the bottle, and so I asked.

“Where did you get the bottle from?”

“It’s mine” she replied, as we started to walk behind some of the guards that were supporting Kingsley, the others had my bodyguard that was knocked out cold.

“Yours?” I asked. She nodded her head, then she continued, “I always carry water with me Ada, have you forgotten? Remember I’m always thirsty”. Oh…..yeah… that’s true.

Stephen came closer, walking beside her. I kept on with our conversation.

“So you had that in your purse?”

“Yep” she replied. Hmm, ok….that’s good. Thank God she did anyway. If not I don’t want to know where I’d be if she wasn’t here to help. I placed my left arm around her shoulders, then I squeezed her to me, saying

” thanks sweetie” Her reply was.

“Anytime” She’s so right about that, because we never know what will happen next.


We arrived at the headquarter, and let me tell you the place is freaking amazing. It’s a big, beautiful, building that has glass windows and glass doors all over, I mean it’s awesome. The main gate is an electric gate; you know the type that uses codes and remote control. Yeah that’s what it is….my lord, I really love this place.

Presently, were walking into the reception area, and directly in front of me is a woman standing behind the reception desk, but she’s no ordinary woman, she’s more like a model. She’s tall, dark, very beautiful, her dark hair is packed in a ponytail and she’s wearing a brown suit looking all smart and sophisticated. As we approached her, she smiled at us, not even caring that we were bringing along two men—-oh, ok one man that’s unconscious (my bodyguard woke up on our way here, but Kingsley didn’t, guess Nancy really knows how to hit).

“Hello Bello” said the receptionist with a sweet, sugar coated voice. She looked at him like the rest of us weren’t even there, like we didn’t exist. But Bello didn’t even care, all he said was,

“is Gibson in his office?” She smiled at him, saying,

“Yeah” but her yeah was is a breathy voice. What is wrong with this woman? She’s making it really obvious to everyone that she likes Bello and Bello doesn’t even look like he likes her. At her reply, Bello headed for the elevators, the rest of us walking behind him. We went in two sets; the first set consisted of me, Nancy, Stephen and two body guards. The second set consisted of two more body guards, my own bodyguard, Kingsley and Bello. We got into the elevator, and the elevator stopped at its destination, which is another small reception area where we were greeted by Becky.

This particular area of the building has no other exit except that of the elevator, this means the elevator is the exit and only entrance available on the floor. Becky was sitting relaxed on her seat, a white desk in front of her, and her laptop resting on the desk. She was filling her nails as usual, chewing a gum, and popping it. She had on huge, round, diamond earrings, which were almost touching her shoulders. Her hair was in a ponytail with bangs almost covering her eyes, and those eyes were made up into Smokey eyes with black eyeliner. She had on a pink flowered jumpsuit to compliment her makeup. I know it’s a jumpsuit cause I’ve seen her in it before. She looked like she was about to take pictures for a calendar.

“Hi sugar plumps, heard what happened in church, you girls ok?” she asked without looking at us, her eyes still on her nails, filling away and popping her gum. Nancy and I looked at each other, then we both turned our heads to look at her, I was the one to ask the question we both really wanted to know the answer to.

“How did you know?”

“I know everything sugar” she replied, then she stopped filing and looked at us, asking again, “so, how are you girls doing?”

“We’re great” said Nancy But Becky looked as if she didn’t believe a word she said, so I backed up Nancy’s reply by saying,

“we took care of Kingsley Becky, seriously we’re fine”. She seemed to agree to that cause she went back to filing her nails, then pointing behind her with the nail file in hand she said,

“Gibson is in his office, he’s been waiting for you guys”. It was at that moment the elevator pinged, we turned around to look, Bello and the bodyguards holding Kingsley that’s not Kingsley came out of the elevator. We made way for them to pass through. They passed through the middle of us. Bello said one word to Becky as they moved, he said,

“holding room”. And then they disappeared going into a room that looked like it had a stairs that led to another room, but I wasn’t sure, cause before I could take a good look at it, the door had closed. Every one of us watched as they disappeared into the unknown room, Stephen looked at Becky and asked,

“What’s the holding room” Still filing her nails and popping her gum, she replied,

“What it’s called sugar, a holding room”

“Ok….but what’s done in holding room?” asked Nancy.

“They hold people there” replied Becky, as she said that, Gibson walked out from a room, heading straight for us. They seem to have so many rooms in here. Gibson did a scan of me, checking me out from head to toe, then he asked,

“are you alright?” I nodded my head. Then he looked at Nancy and Stephen, he didn’t have to ask for them to know what he was about to say, cause they both answered simultaneously saying,

“We’re good”…. ” We’re ok” He nodded at them, then for some reason looked up to the far side of the wall and said,

“ open the control room Taiwo” then turning around, and walking to one of the doors, he ended with “ follow me” I looked at Nancy, she looked at me, then we both looked at Stephen, but he was already on the move, obeying Gibson. Then we looked at Becky. Without even looking at us she said, still filing her nails by the way,

“you should follow him, you don’t want to know what will happen if you don’t” And with that we obeyed, walking right behind Stephen, to wherever Gibson deems fit for us.

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We entered a room that had a door that led to another room. The door of this room had some kind of key pad on the wall, but Gibson didn’t even put in any number, all he had to do was get to the door and immediately, the door slid open. My head swiveled to Nancy, my eyes expanding like that of saucers, she giggled. Stephen just murmured, “Girls” and I know he must have rolled his eyes while saying it, but I couldn’t help myself, it’s a sliding door. The others are normal doors so for this to be a sliding door, this place must be very important.

We walked in with Gibson leading us, coming into a room filled with wide screen TV’s on the wall and about 2-3 computers, both desktop and laptops that were on the table that was connected to the wall in line with the TV’s hanging on the wall. A young man was sitting in front of these gadgets working on his laptop. For the second time in 5 seconds, my eyes expanded, but this time, it was joined with my mouth hanging open. Oh my god it looks like we just stepped into the home of the CIA.

“I’m going to be leaving the girls and Stephen with you, turn off the camera’s to the holding room” said Gibson. The young man sitting in front of all these gadgets (whom I’m guessing is Taiwo) , looked at him, not sure if he heard Gibson right,

“sir, are you sure that’s wise, the police might probably need proof if we are to defend ourselves in any way if Kingsley was to file a case against us”

“That won’t happen”

“But sir” said Taiwo, unsure of himself and thinking maybe his boss has gone loco, but Gibson interrupted him saying.

“It won’t happen cause, there will be no case, the police won’t know about this, I’ll handle everything, just make sure the camera in the holding room is turned off. Understand?”

“Yes sir” replied Taiwo, nodding his head.

I on the other hand was totally confused, first; what’s the holding room, and second why is Taiwo not sure about turning off the camera in the holding room, what is Gibson going to do in the holding room? This is all very confusing. I was about to ask Gibson all that, but he spoke to me before I could,

“ stay here with Taiwo, he’ll take care of you guys, no one can come in without knowing the password or without Taiwo letting them in, so you all are safe here” then he pecked me on my forehead and walked to the door. Taiwo pressed a button, the door opened and Gibson walked out, the door sliding close behind him.


“What’s a holding room?” asked Nancy, facing Taiwo, she had left my side to stand beside him.

“It’s just a room dear” replied Taiwo, doing some typing on his laptop, they were all in codes, I could not understand any of it.

“Ok, so what is Gibson going to do there?” I asked

“He’s going to question Kingsley, know why he’s been stalking you” he replied.

“Can’t he just do that in any of the rooms?” asked Stephen.

“He can, but then we all will be disturbed by his screams” replied Taiwo.

There was a moment of silence at his last statement. Did he just say, “We all will be disturbed by his screams?” I looked at Stephen to see he had the same expression as I did, he was scared.

“Why will he be screaming?” asked Stephen, stepping closer to Nancy, cause I think he no longer thinks Taiwo is someone that can be trusted

“You’ll have to ask Mr. Gibson that”, he replied, then he pressed some things on another system, various sections of Mr. Smiths house was being displayed on the screen. Immediately one of the TV’s on the wall began to speak. I looked at it closely to see it was an image of the kitchen in our house.

“That’s our kitchen!” yelled Nancy, pointing at the TV.

“Yep sure is” said Taiwo. “Why don’t you guys sit down, I’m sure youre tired” I looked at Taiwo as he spoke, once he was done, I asked myself,

“who are these guys?” …………………………………

Kingsley was sitting on a chair in the holding room unconscious. I love this place; it’s a place where I can think without getting disturbed, mostly because the place is padded, like everywhere, the walls and the door. So no one can hear what’s going on inside and anyone inside can’t know what’s going on outside.

With a sign of my hand, James came forward carrying a bucket of water. I gave him the go ahead, and watched as the bucket of water was poured right on top of Kingsley, from the top of his head down to his feet. He came awake with a jolt, trying hard to breathe, then he started to struggle but he couldn’t move cause his hands was tied behind him. He looked behind him to see his hands were tied tight with a red rope, then he looked around him, taking in his environment and the number of people in the room with him ( which includes, James, Ade, Bello and myself). Then his eyes landed on me.

“What am I doing here?” he asked.

“I’m the one asking the questions Kingsley” I replied, my voice hard and firm.

“wh..what?, asking the questions, you’re asking questions when my brother Is out there planning his next step of attack?” he asked, water dripping down from his body. I stared at him. No one said anything, we all just stared. Cause if Kingsley is saying the truth, then maybe we have the wrong guy.


I stood behind a car, looking at the electric gate. They took him, the b——s took him. He’s going to reveal all my secrets. I should have killed him a long time ago, then I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping my secret to myself. Now I have to kill him too. I have to kill my brother.


“What do you mean by your brother?” asked James. Kingsley rolled his eyes, looking to the ceiling, then he focused his eyes back on us.

“First of all, I need to get out of these wet clothes, then I need some food, then I need to call my friend” I inclined my head to the side and said,

“You won’t be getting out of those wet clothes, you won’t be eating any food and you won’t be calling any friend, not until you answer my question” Then I took a menacing step towards him and finished, “do you understand me?” Kingsley bent a bit forward towards me on his seat, not even scared at all at the way I spoke to him, saying,

“ the both of us are the same Gibson, I served in the navy for 5 years, but my brother didn’t go with me, he had other plans, I’m sure you know what it is” I looked at him, realizing what he meant by other plans ( he meant ADA). He continued by saying, “for year’s I’ve been trying to figure out why he has been so obsessed with her, but I have no idea. It wasn’t like this before, not until a few months ago, he just got worse, saying he has to take her away from the Smiths, that her life is in danger in that house. I didn’t know what he was talking about until when I saw it on the news about how you guys rescued Fola and Nancy from a woman named Tinu. So I’m guessing Fola is Ada’s friend and he thinks because of Fola, Ada could be in danger, or it might be something else, I don’t know. But what I know is, you need my help, I’m his brother, I know him better than any of you” Then he relaxed back in his seat, looked at James, then looked at me,

“so, how about those things I’ve demanded to get, can I get them now?” A muscle in my left jaw ticked, I thought to myself,

“God help us”.


“You guys have cameras all over the house” I said incredulously.

“Yep” replied Taiwo unconcerned.

“Oh my god, do you watch us while we have our bath?” asked Nancy, but she didn’t wait for Taiwo to answer, she continued, “oh my god do you watch us while we poo!?” at that saying her face scrunched up like she was disgusted. Taiwo swiveled his head to face her exclaiming,

“What? No, of course not!” Then he went back to typing on his computer, but he continued to speak,

“we have them everywhere inside and outside the house except the bathrooms” Then he looked back to the screens on the wall. Various sections of the house was being displayed, he pressed more buttons on his system , which immediately brought the kitchen into view, occupying the whole screen. He pressed more buttons, increasing the volume. My girls (maids) were in kitchen chatting or should I say gossiping.

“Hm, I don’t know why Ada keeps pushing Mr. Gibson away, clearly he is in love with her, or is she still doing shakara for him?” asked Cynthia.

“I don’t think its shakara oh; maybe she’s just not interested, replied Mary.

“Not interested? Hian! Let me hear,” said Bisi, without completing her sentence, she rolled her eyes, her body leaning on the slab in the middle of the kitchen.

“They’re talking about you” said Stephen.

“I know dear” I replied, Staring daggers at the screen.

“Are they in trouble?” asked Nancy.

“Definitely” I replied, they are in big trouble.


We released Kingsley, gave him a change of clothes then brought him to my office. Presently, I’m sitting in my chair, James is standing beside me, and Kingsley is eating some burger and fries, with a giant bottle of coke in his hand. I watched him eat for approximately 10 seconds, after his third bite I couldn’t wait any longer; I needed to know if Kingsley has some personality disorder, or whether he’s just playing with us. I needed to know fast, he thinks we believe him; meanwhile we are just trying to understand him.

“Now we’ve taken care of you” I said, then I leaned forward, placing my elbows on my table and clasping my fingers together. Then I continued, “Tell us everything you know, start from the beginning” He had the half eaten burger, half way to his mouth when he asked,

“everything?” I nodded my head. He stared at me for a second, then he took a huge bite of his burger.

After that, he dropped it carelessly in his plate. I watched as he did so, then I watched as he dusted off his hands. He grabbed his giant bottle of coke and took three large gulps, then he dropped that too carelessly on the table. He then cleared his throat, looked at James and then looked at me. Then he said one word I was not expecting, one word that will totally change everything. He said,

“Kingsley is my twin brother”

To be continued