Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 5


3 days later.

I was cleaning the kitchen humming to myself, “He’s intentional” by Travis green. Trying my best to forget the picture I saw in the small, black box. I couldn’t sleep that night, with the picture in my head; it was difficult for me to. So I distracted myself by burying myself in house chores, working myself to the bone and passing out at night due to tiredness. I couldn’t risk being awake once it was after 10pm, if I did, I won’t sleep, like at all.

Anyway, School is now in session, Stephen and Nancy are already in school, so the house is a bit quiet. Gibson isn’t around. if you haven’t noticed, he spends most of his days here in the house in Michaels office than at the headquarters, and it’s annoying cause whenever he’s here he’s always in my space, acting like I’m some expensive, fragile, gem hard to find. He (Gibson) said he has a lot of work to do at the headquarters of Michael’s security agency. So he left James the head of security and some other dudes that I don’t know to watch over me and the house. And I don’t want to just sit around letting my mind wonder to all that has been happening. So here I am, cleaning the kitchen.

As I cleaned the kitchen, my phone rang; I checked it to see it was Nancy calling. I looked at my phone closely, wondering why she’s calling, I hope she’s alright. I slashed the screen of my phone with my finger then placed the phone to my ear.

“Nancy, is everything alright?” I asked.

“No, everything is not alright” she whispered with absolute fear in her voice. I stopped whatever I was doing, immediately becoming alert. Listening to what she has to say.

“Where are you, what’s wrong, talk to me?” I asked, my voice filled with fear and concern.

“Well I think someone’s following me” she said,

“Following you?”

“Yeah following me” Nancy answered.

“Where are you” I asked again

“In the girl’s toilet, in school”

“Well how do you know you are being followed?” I asked.

“Because Ada, a guy wearing a black hoodie, looking haggard and un-kept, and he might probably be mad, followed me once I left my class to go to the girls toilet, and the girls toilet is a bit far from my class, so it’s no coincidence that he was just going the same way as me, ‘cause well I’m a girl and he’s a guy, guys don’t enter girls toilet, hence he is following me” Oh my god she’s right, but why will the school let someone like that enter the school?. Making a decision which I probably shouldn’t have made, I ran out of the house telling Nancy on the phone as I ran,

“help is coming, don’t leave that place” then I ran out like I was being chased by dogs, I heard one of the macho men (body guards and Michael’s men) yell my name but I ignored them, running like they were monsters I had to get away from. I got to the gate, opened it, then ran out of it, the security man looked at me like I was some kind of fictional movie come to life. Immediately I stepped out of the gate, by some miracle a cab arrived, I got in as the body guards got out of the gate in a haste, one tried to open my side of the door but I locked it, then I told the cab guy in a rather loud voice where I was going to, the cab guy looked at me a little bit worried not knowing if it was wise of him to carry me, so I yelled at him again to move, and off we went. I really, really shouldn’t have left the house.


“Sir, we just got info that Kingsley just walked into Nancy’s school” I was in my office at the Smiths Security Agency when Taiwo one of my men in the control unit came in to tell me this news, I looked up from the piles of paper on my desk to him asking,


“Sir, we think Kingsley is in Nancy’s school right now” I immediately got up from my seat to see to this, if it’s true then Nancy and Stephen are in danger, and how in the world did he get in anyway, the security in that school is quite tight.

As I got up, a knock came at my door, I invited the person in and James walked in. I was confused about this cause he’s supposed to be watching over Ada, not be here.

“James you better have a very good reason why you’re here and not in Michael’s house right now protecting Ada”

“It’s a good reason sir, a solid one” I looked at him patiently when he stopped speaking, then I gave him a sharp chin lift, indicating he was to get on with what he had to say, he continued, by saying, “Ada ran out of the house, running through I.K and Ahmed like the hounds of hell were after her. You know how fast she is sir, we chased her but she was already in a cab by the time we got to her”

“What, why in the world did she leave the house unprotected?”! I yelled.

“I have no idea sir” replied James, his face hard, a muscle on the side of his jaw ticked.

“Did she carry her phone, did you try calling her?” I asked, getting agitated

“Yes sir she did, and I did call her, but she didn’t answer” he replied back tersely. As I stood there thinking of the different ways I was going to scold Ada, my office phone rang, I picked it up and said harshly,


“Sir its I.K, we know where Ada is, she’s at the school”

“Thanks I.K stick with her yeah?”

“Yes sir” replied I.K through the phone, then I cut the line by putting the phone back in its handle. I looked to James saying

“she’s at the school” He gave me a sharp nod looking relieved, turned around and walked out of my office. I picked up my car keys, walking right behind him. Ada is in so much trouble.


I paid the cab guy quickly, and then rushed out of the cab. I then ran to gate of the school and knocked real hard and fast. The gate shook a bit with the force of my knock. It didn’t take long for the gateman to come out, looking at me like I’m so mad woman that just escaped from an asylum.

“Madam, why you dey knock like that na, you no know sey this place na school?” I stared, looking at the gateman, yes I said stared. This is because he was funny looking. He was putting on his normal security uniform but it’s not the uniform per say that was funny looking, it’s the way he wore the uniform. The long sleeve shirt was navy blue with a small pocket on the left side of his chest, the trousers were black and he wore black boots. This shirt was tucked into his trousers that were raised high above his bellybutton. Making the whole length of his boots to show, and his trousers to look two times smaller than him, he also had on a green face cap, and this face cap had a yellow bandana tied around it. To sum it all up, he’s quite skinny. So I stared at him, because I mean who wouldn’t?

“Madam, you dey deaf, you no hear wetin I talk?”

“Huh” I said, looking at him dumbfounded.

“Why you dey knock for the gate like that, you no know sey here na school, wetin dey do you sef ehn?” he asked, a bit pissed. I shook my head to clear it in order to stay focused and said,

“Sorry, there’s an emergency, I need to be in the school like right now” I replied him urgently.

“Emergency gini, if emergency dey, I for know na, nobody tell me sey……. ehnnn student mama dey come, so abeg just go ehn, you go see your pikin later” then he turned around to leave. Desperately, I yelled at him to stop. He stopped but looked at me, probably no longer thinking I’m a mad woman, but instead, suspecting me to be an unusual person, probably out to harm the school like planting a bomb in it.

“Madam I sey go your house, you go see your pikin later, haba”

“Please I really need to go in” I said, really desperate now, cause every second I waste puts Nancy in more danger.

“Sorry madam I no fit, you go af to wait” as he said this, a horn came from the other side of the gate. He looked at me a bit, contemplating whether he was to leave me there, or push me away. He chose his first option cause he turned around to open the gate for whoever was horning. He went in, opened the gate wide enough for the car (an old rickety car if I must say) to pass through, I went to the side of the gate to get out of the way for the car to pass.

As it came out of the gate, my eyes on its own looked at the driver to see that it was none other than Kingsley. Oh my god its Kingsley, and he has a car! That means he’s the one Nancy was talking about. But if he’s out in his car, what about Nancy, I hope she’s ok, I hope he didn’t hurt her? I moved a bit closer to the side of the car as it came closer, to see Nancy at the back seat lying down sideways unconscious. Oh god what do I do? But most importantly, what did he do to her?

Kingsley didn’t notice me cause he was talking to the gateman. I needed to do something fast because already the gateman thinks I’m crazy so if I say Nancy is my daughter he probably won’t believe me. So I had to think of something. I looked around me quickly in search of something, anything strong and hard. To my relief, I found a short rod lying carelessly on the ground by the fence of the gate, I quickly ran to it to pick it up, then I ran back and stood right in front of the car spreading my arm out wide with the rod in my hand, like that alone will be able to stop him from moving. I heard the gateman yell,

“Madam, wetin dey do you na, commot for road?” then I saw Kingsley smirk at me, like he liked where I was. It was then I realized I’m quite stupid for a girl. If I had told Gibson about Nancy’s call, all these would have been handled professionally. Than for me to have gone all out acting like I’m super girl.

Kingsley took his hands away from the car wheel and relaxed in his seat, like I was some sort of entertainment or something, his eyes moved to the rod in my hand, then back at me. He didn’t mind that I was holding a rod, guess he thought I wasn’t brave enough to use it, but I proved him wrong. So with all the energy and strength in me, I closed my hands around the rod tightly and began to hit the car with everything I had.

The noise and the shouts from both Kingsley and the gateman woke Nancy up cause they were shouting like lunatics ordering me to stop. She saw me in action wrecking havoc to the rickety car but she looked a bit confused, probably wondering how she got in the car in the first place. Then I watched at the same time banging the car as her eyes grew wide with surprise at what I was doing.

As I banged the car I screamed at the top of my lungs feeling my chest contract in pain with my scream,

“Get out of the car Nancyyyyy!!!!” To be honest I sounded like a raving lunatic, I’m sure I even looked like one too. I don’t know if she got out but I continued to bang the car, my hands were hurting badly and I was afraid I might have fractured some of my fingers, but I withstood the pain, cause I kept on banging away.

Suddenly I felt strong hands grab me by my waist and I was carried away from the car like I weighed not more than a piece of paper. I kicked and screamed, telling the person to let me go cause I needed to get back to that car and hit it again. As I was kicking and screaming, I heard a firm,

“calm down Ada” said by Gibson. Immediately, I stilled. He dropped me by the side of his car, opened the passenger’s door, directed me in, closed the door, and used his keys to lock me in. Then without further, turned around and walked back towards Kingsley in his car with determination.

I watched him as he walked, thinking maybe he was being funny, I mean he can’t lock me in his car, is he mad? When I realized he wasn’t turning back and all these weren’t a joke, I grabbed the handle of the car door and started struggling to open it. I screamed at Gibson to come back and open it but he didn’t even turn around, maybe because he couldn’t hear me. Making an un- lady like sound in my throat, I folded my hands on my chest and plopped my back on the car seat feeling dejected and pissed.

Then I watched as Gibson and his men ran towards Kingsley, But he and his men were already too late cause Kingsley was already speeding off. Then I watched Nancy running towards Gibson, Gibson forgot about Kingsley and decided to concentrate on Nancy. She jumped on him and he caught her smoothly, holding her tight. I watched as he held her, one arm around her back and the other holding her at the back of her head. Nancy’s body bucked fiercely with the cry that she was shedding.

My eyes moved away from Nancy to see Kinsgely’s car zoom off, causing the car to make screeching noises and dust to form in the air. As I watched it go, I was grateful Gibson was here to help us. But then I realized that I was in big trouble cause again Gibson was here to help.

Gibson dropped Nancy to her feet, he was talking to her and one of his hands was holding her neck. I watched as she nodded to whatever he was saying then I watched as she walked slowly to me in his car. Again I tried to open the door but it didn’t open. So I focused angry eyes at Gibson, he was looking at me blankly, then he took out his keys from his pocket and pointed it to his car. Immediately I heard the doors unlock, I opened the door and got out walking fast to catch up with Nancy, she increased her steps when she saw me walking towards her. our walk turned to a jog, and the next thing we knew, we are sprinting to meet each other, she jumped on me when we were close enough and I caught her,taking two steps back cause of her weight, remember I’m not as big or as strong as Gibson. I held her tight, asking her questions like,

“are you ok, did he hurt you, why were you unconscious?” But she just shook her head negatively, saying she didn’t want to talk yet. So I let her be, and just held her. Hoping and praying that all these will end soon.


“Gibson, I’m going out” that was me telling Gibson I was about going out. After yesterday’s event, Nancy told us that Kingsley actually entered the girls toilet, there was a little struggle between the both of them and he ended up winning by placing a handkerchief on her nose that had some drugs on it that made her sleep. And that’s how she ended up in his car. Gibson looked away from the guy I’ve come to know whose name is James as the head of security, asking,

“Where are you going to?”

“To the saloon” I replied, waiting to see if he’ll start lecturing me on how I’m not supposed to be out on my own and all that. But instead, Gibson just looked at me, not saying anything. Then he faced James once more and resumed their conversation, totally dismissing me.

“Gibson” I called a bit angry, not liking the fact that he just ignored me like that. He looked at me like he didn’t know what to do with me and said,

“ Ada you know you’re free to go out as long as you go out with one of the men, so please, I’m having a serious discussion with James and you’re interrupting us” I glared at him, but he just patiently watched me, my glare not harming him in anyway. So since my glare wasn’t some super electric beam that could send him to his untimely death, I turned around murmuring how annoying he is. But before I did, I saw both Gibson and James lips twitched, like they were trying to hold back their laughter.

I walked out anyway, cause I needed my hair made. And standing here glaring at Gibson won’t get it done.

30 minutes later.

In a plush, nice expensive salon somewhere inside Lagos.I sat down listening to the hairdressers as they gossiped about their neighbors, neighbor’s husbands, or wives or kids. But anyway all was about their neighbors. Ones gossip was different anyway. She gossiped about her pastor’s wife. I mean seriously, a pastors wife? What is wrong with her? She was like her pastor is one of the most handsome men she has ever seen, but his wife is just the opposite and apart from that, his wife is local and annoying. I shook my head, not believing what I was hearing. She is gossiping about her pastor, seriously? As I sat there watching them, I thought about telling them that what they were doing was wrong, but I got distracted by the image I saw walk past the door of the saloon right outside. It was Kingsley.

Yes I saw Kingsley walk past the salon I was in, and I swear my heart fell down right into my tummy, the large intestine to be precise. The man that’s my bodyguard for today was sitting at a chair in the saloon, sitting at a place where he’ll see me clearly. At that moment, I was blow drying my hair.

Suddenly, without thinking, I turned my heard, flipping my wet hair in the process. The hairdresser blow drying my hair, exclaimed

“Jesus!” But that didn’t penetrate my brain cause I was wiggling my fingers in the direction of the bodyguard whose name I’ve forgotten. He was reading some magazine when one of the ladies in the salon tapped him on his shoulders. He looked at the lady, the lady pointed at me, he then looked at me. I stopped wiggling my fingers and shouted like the crazy woman that I am, “Kingsley!” He was confused for a moment, so I yelled his name again, “Kingsley!” Pointing at the door, and at the same time, jerking my pointing finger, At this point, the whole gossipers had stopped gossiping to stare at me.

At my first scream, they looked at me, then their heads turned to my bodyguard. They watched the bodyguard as he had on that blank confused look on his face, then on my second scream; they turned to look at me, then at him again. But he still looked confused. So I yelled,

“man trying to kidnap me, is here” That activated his brain, cause he immediately got up from his seat, (well more like jumped up) and came to me asking.

“Where?” I pointed at the door once again, his head turned towards it, then back at me and he asked,

“Do you mean his outside the door?” I nodded my head vigorously, my hair also moving at different directions cause of it..

“Ok stay here and Ada please don’t go out, no matter what” I squeezed my brow asking,

“what if I want to use the rest room, its right outside” He looked at me like he wanted to fold me up and put me inside one of his pockets. I on the other hand was very serious, I mean what if he stayed out for a very long time and I end up getting really pressed, am I supposed to do it on my body?

“Do it on your body” was his reply to my question, it’s like he read my mind. My mouth dropped open,

“what?” I yelled, then continued “I can’t do it on my body, are you crazy?” He looked heaven wards asking God for patience, I hope God decides not to answer his prayer cause there’s no way I’ll be peeing on myself. Then he looked at me, he was about to speak when one of the gossipers said,

“we have our own rest room ma, you don’t have to go outside” My bodyguard said a relieved

“thank you God” then he walked out of the saloon without saying another word, not to me or the gossiper that just helped. So I decided to thank her for the both of us, so she won’t think we’re rude people.

“Thanks dear” I said to her, adjusting myself on my seat, acting like I didn’t just perform a show for everyone. She replied,

“You’re welcome” but she didn’t sound like she was at all. Cause her face said something else, she was looking at me strangely, like she was trying to understand me. The place was quiet for a few minutes, when an old lady sitting beside me asked,

“ does someone really want to kidnap you?” I nodded my head saying,

“yep” Her eyes increased double its size, then I continued, “it isn’t the first time too, it has happened before” Her mouth dropped open. “To my best friend called ‘Fola’, but she was kidnapped for 5 days” The blow dryer that was used to dry my hair got switched off, and the whole saloon became deathly quiet. The old lady said a silent,

“oh my goodness” I shrugged, facing the mirror in front of me. But unknown to me, the gossipers in the saloon all had their mouths hanging open, and they now had a new thing to gossip about, once I’m gone.

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Three hours and some minutes later, I’m in the kitchen eating, macaroni and sausages. The macaroni is mixed with veggies like carrot, green peas, green beans, cabbage and the rest, with the sausages cut into bits. I was really enjoying my food when Stephen walked in.

“Hi Stephen” I said

“Hi” replied Stephen. He walked to the fridge and brought out a bottle of Smoove, closing the fridge and turning around to face me, he turned the cap opening it, and then took a healthy swing of it, almost consuming the whole bottle. My spoon containing macaroni in it was held half way to my mouth which at the moment was hanging open as I watched him. Is he that thirsty? His head came down along with the bottle, then he watched me as he covered the bottle with its cover.

Dropping it on the kitchen slab, he came closer to where I was sitting which was by the kitchen slab. Then he sat beside me. My food was still held half way to my mouth when he asked,

“Aren’t you going to eat that, or are you full?”

“Huh?” was my reply, a stupid one if I must say.

“Your food, are you still eating it, it’s going to get cold if you don’t eat it quickly”

“You almost finished that drink in one go” was my reply. His brow squeezed in obvious confusion,

“I don’t get you, its just a drink”

“Yeah I know but”………….. He interrupted me by asking,

“But what?” I continued to stare at him, then on a sigh, I said,

“don’t worry, I don’t even know why it was surprising to me, I mean you’re a growing boy, almost becoming a man, so it shouldn’t be a surprise” Stephen stared at me for a few seconds, then concluded,

“You’re crazy” I agreed with him by saying,

“yeah I know” He grinned at me, I smiled in return.


So it’s Sunday morning and I am ready for church, like utterly ready. I can’t wait to get to church. That’s why I’m standing outside waiting for everyone to come out so we can get going. But it seems to me they are all taking their sweet time.

“Stephen, Nancy, oya lets go, we’re getting late, we don’t want the angels of God to get there before us missing our blessings in the process!” I yelled out.

“We’re coming” yelled Nancy. Then I saw them walk out together, Nancy looked really pretty in her purple ball gown that stopped at her knee having a yellow slim ribbon/belt on her waist that was tied in a bow. She was wearing black flat shoes, with her black purse hanging on her elbow to complete her beautiful look.

Stephen looked his normal casual self. He was putting on grey trousers with a white shirt and white sneakers, he looked really good.

“ok we’re ready, let’s go” said Nancy, then she walked passed me and got into the back seat of the car, leaving the front seat for Stephen, Stephen glanced at me smiling then he too got into the front seat of the car closing his door. I on the other hand stood there staring, cause Nancy just acted like I didn’t just yell for them to step out. It’s like she was the one waiting for me, how bizarre is that?

Anyway, putting that aside, I got into the back seat of the car, joining Nancy. Our driver “Bello” asked,

“all set?” there was nodding of heads, and chorus answers of “yes” and “sure” Bello nodded his head, started the car, and off to church we went with the security team right behind us.

We were in church and it was almost the end of service when I suddenly started to feel really, really pressed. So I told Nancy I was going to the rest room, she nodded at me saying be “careful”. I nodded back at her, but I mean Kingsley wouldn’t think of doing anything stupid now will he? I was so wrong.

One of our bodyguards came along with me to the rest room but he stood outside waiting for me. In the rest room, I relieved myself, then I got out of the bathroom stall and washed my hands in one of the sinks that had a wide mirror on the wall. Once I was done, I checked myself out, seeing I looked good, really good. I was putting on a traditional jacket like shirt with a black camisole in it, complimented with a black pencil skirt and black, heeled, strappy sandals. My traditional jacket was red and black, having flowers mixed in it. So yes, I looked really good.

After checking myself, I walked out of the restroom and suddenly bumped into someone. The impact made me stagger backwards, but the person stopped me by holding my shoulders to prevent me from falling. With the hands still on me, I looked up at the person to apologies, but my words got stuck in my throat and my heart increased double in speed, my eyes almost bugged out of its sockets and my chest was filled with so much panic that I couldn’t even scream. Cause the person that I bumped into, and that was currently holding my shoulders, was Kingsley.


To be continued