Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 4


“So you’re telling me that, that idiot, that dimwit, imbecile…….” I interrupted Becky by saying

“you shouldn’t be insulting people like that” But she looked at me like I was crazy

“I shouldn’t, be what…..why shouldn’t I? He kidnapped you, and then tied your hands, taped your mouth, had a gun to your back….” She said heatedly.

“Yes I know” I replied, not willing to remember what happened to me a few hours ago. But she continued like I didn’t just speak.

“If I get my hands on him, I’m going to squeeze that tiny brain of his, mash it up into tiny pieces and feed it to the dogs”

“We don’t have any dogs Becky” I said, thinking maybe she’s going loco

“Well, we’ll get one” she affirmed stubbornly.” Four, or maybe five, but Michael might probably want to start with one first”. I sighed out loud; having nothing to say, then I looked at my hands on my laps and began to fiddle with them. I felt Becky’s fingers on mine, I raised my eyes to her, she no longer looked vexed but instead she looked worried,

“sugar plums are you alright?” she asked. I felt my throat burn, and my eyes water, I couldn’t hold it any longer, In a shaky breath and my voice filled with tears I said shakily,

“I thought I was never going to see you guys again” silent tears falling down my cheeks.

“Oh sugar plum” she said, her voice filled with empathy, then she quickly and sweetly engulfed me in her warm embrace, holding me tight. “There’s no way in this entire universe that Gibson wouldn’t have looked for you, you mean the world to him, you know that right?” she asked, still hugging me, I nodded my head, agreeing with her. But still I needed to remind her I thought otherwise,

“but you know if God wasn’t in this matter, I probably would have become that crazy guy’s wife in the next two weeks, or two days sef, with the way he was behaving. And no one would have known about it, none of you would have been able to find me” I said, still crying.

“Well that didn’t happen, so get it out of your head” I didn’t get it out of my head, a picture of me in a tattered wedding dress, with my face all squeezed up in sadness and fear and me standing beside my kidnapper appeared in my head, making me hold Becky more and cry harder.

“Ada calm down, it’s alright, you’re safe” then she started to rub my back soothingly. The tremors in my body began to subside, I took deep breaths to calm down, a few seconds later, I stopped crying. Becky let go of me, but she still held my hands. She looked into my eyes and asked,

“Feeling better now?” I nodded my head, then I took another deep calming breath, getting myself together. She saw I was ok; this made her smile sweetly at me.

“Ok, so now we know you have a crazy person after you, a crazy person that’s on the loose and is after you, we have to be careful”

“Yeah we do” I answered, cleaning my tears away with the back of my hand.

“Maybe you should travel out, go to china” I stopped cleaning my tears to look at her, she continued like what she just said wasn’t totally insane, “Or maybe Germany, or an unknown island”—–then she suddenly clapped once making me jerk in surprise and said, “oh!” she exclaimed excitedly. “ Maybe Gibson should buy you an island, that will be amazing, you’ll just stay there and eat and sleep and eat and sleep….”—– I interrupted her day dream ‘cause her eyes were starting to get dreamy, by saying,

“I don’t think I want to eat and sleep” Her eyes that were focused on the ceiling imaging me in an unknown island away from civilization stared at me.

“Why?” was her crazy question.

“cause if I do that I’ll be fat within 2weeks” I replied, totally serious about my answer, cause I really will be fat.

“Bummer” was her reply. I rolled my eyes.

“Plus I’ll miss you guys, and I’ll alone” I concluded. She shrugged, understanding deduced on her crazy brain.

In the space of the silence, my tummy rumbled. Reminding me that I haven’t eaten for hours, I placed my hand on my tummy, looking at it, and then looking at her. Her eyes were on my tummy, she then lifted those eyes to look at me.

“You need to eat” she said.

“I do” I replied. She smiled, then suddenly got up saying,

“Ok, sugar, Let’s go eat”. Then she grabbed me by my hand, pulled me from my bed and dragged me to the door, and took me to the kitchen, where I was fully fed with an amazing meal, prepared by my people. The best cooks in the world.


2 days later. I was in my living room, standing by my bed, folding my clothes, when my phone rang. I picked it up to see it was a number I didn’t recognize. Slashing my forefinger across the screen, I answered it. Placed it to my ear and listened.

“Ada”!!!!! Said Fola excitedly. My eyes dropped out of its sockets my mouth fell down to my feet and I screamed so loud, I swear my room shook with the force of it.

“Oh my God Fola” I yelled, screaming and jumping like an idiot.

“How are you?”

“How’s the honeymoon?”

“Oh my God how’s your husband”

“Good Ada we are perfect” replied Fola excitedly.

“And how are you, how’s the house, and Nancy, Becky, Stephen, Bello……Gibson?” she said Gibson’s name with caution, knowing the friction between us.

“Everyone is fine oh” as I said that, the event of the day before flashed into my mind and my happy mood was immediately terminated. But I refused to let it show in my voice, deciding to forget about it and instead concentrate on Fola. I spoke to her like I had all the time in world, we spoke for like an hour but we had to get off the line because Michael was already back. And they were about to head out to have dinner in an exquisite restaurant. It’s so amazing. with all that Fola went through, who would have thought that she’ll be married to a rich, young, good, amazing, Christian guy, who loves and fears God but also loves her too unconditionally, and will be in Dubai on their honeymoon, going out to have dinner. She will never have to suffer again for the rest of her life, I mean she is settled. It’s amazing.

“Ada” I looked to the door at the sound of my name being called, to see Stephen, he walked in when I looked at him. He was holding a package in his hand.

“Yes Stephen, what’s up?” then my eyes went to his hand holding the package. “What’s in the package?”

“Well I’m not sure, it’s addressed to you” he replied

“Me?” He nodded his head. “Who brought it?” He shrugged saying

“the security man just came to give it to me, said he heard someone knock at the gate. When he opened the gate to see who it was, there was no one there, except the package. So he picked it up and brought it to the house and since he saw me first, he gave the package to me.

“Ok, bring it over here” he walked to me, handing me the package. It was wrapped in a blue wrap sheet with my name and address written on it. Immediately, I tore into it, exposing what was inside. At the sight of it, the package fell from my hands with a slight scream spewing out of my mouth. Stephen was surprised by my reaction, but he didn’t try to leave or anything, instead, he bent down and picked up the package. It was a small black box, inside the box was a picture of me standing, it was an old picture, a picture I took when my parents were still alive, I had on a bright smile and I was giving my mum one of my best poses. But inside that picture I was not alone. The head of my kidnapper was glued close to my own head, making it look like we took the picture together. Oh my god this guy is crazy.

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“ Ada we need to show this to Gibson” said Stephen, his voice tense. He had the package in his hands but I didn’t answer, I couldn’t answer, I had spaced out. I sat down on my bed, my mind all jumbled up. I remember that picture, it was my 18th birthday. My mum took that picture of me, outside our house. The house that burnt down and killed them all, but how did he get it?

“Ada did you hear me?, I said we have to show this to Gibson” But I still didn’t answer Stephen. I felt him sit beside me, he touched my shoulder, but I didn’t respond. “Ada” he called “Ada” he called again. But I sat there, spacing out, my mind jumbled up. Few seconds later, he got up, then I felt his presence leave my room. I didn’t move. I sat there thinking, this is messed up.

“Gibbs……Gibbs!” I heard Stephen call me quite loudly, and I wondered why. I was in Michael’s home office doing some work, when I heard Stephen. He sounded tensed, uncomfortable. He walked in still calling my name. “Gibbs!” I stopped what I was working on to attend to him,

“Yo! What’s up?” He walked in holding a small, Black box in his hand. I looked at the box then at him,

“what are you holding?” I asked.

“That’s what I came to talk to you about, Gibbs this is messed up, totally insane” Ok, if he didn’t get my attention by shouting my name a few moments ago, this got it now.

“What’s messed up, talk to me”

“Well, you won’t like it, ‘cause it’s about Ada” At the mention of Ada, I sat up abruptly, demanding,

“What do you mean?” Stephen shook his head like he couldn’t still wrap his mind around whatever was happening, then he tossed the box to me saying,

“See for yourself” I caught it in mid air looking at him after getting a hold of it, then I opened it and looked inside. At the sight of what I saw, the muscle in my left jaw ticked, I held the box tight like I was going to crush it.

“Who gave you this?” I asked Stephen, my voice more of a growl.

“I don’t know, it arrived at the gate, like 10 minutes ago” My eyes moved up to look at him,

“no one saw anything, like someone dropping it or something?” I asked, having a really bad feeling. If no one saw anything we don’t know who dropped it, it could be the guy that took Ada or it could be someone else.

“No, no one saw anything” he replied. I nodded my head,

“ok, has Ada seen it?” Stephen nodded his head confirming my fear, I didn’t want her to see it, she isn’t meant to see it. He noticed the look on my face, this made him quickly say “If I knew that was what was in the box, I wouldn’t have given it to her” . he said, feeling bad.

“No no, its ok, you didnt know” then I sighed loudly asking, “how is she?”

“Not good Gibbs, not good at all, I tried telling her that we had to come show this to you, but she just…..she just….”

“She just what Stephen” I asked concerned, my brows squeezing. He tried to get his words straight, finally he said,,

“ she just spaced out”

“Spaced out?” I asked confused.

“Yes spaced out, like she was no longer in her body, no longer Ada” I got up from my chair with so much force the seat fell backwards; I ignored it and started to walk out asking Stephen as he followed me,

“where is she?”

“Upstairs, her room” I made my way to the stairs, destination: her room, she won’t space out, she won’t break down, I won’t let her. Stephen was right behind me.

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After yesterday’s incident, Becky followed me around like she was my shadow; it was beginning to irritate me. She did this cause she felt I could break down suddenly and cry like I’m a river of tears, endless tears. But of course I won’t cry or break down. Yes I’m freaked out about everything that’s happening to me, but hey! I’ve had worse things done to me: my family being killed is the number one on my list, then Fola getting her life threatened is number two, so all this incidents happening to me, is just more of a nix, it’s nothing.

“Seriously Becky you need to stop following me around, I’m fine” I said, walking into my room from my bathroom to see Becky lounging on my bed.

“Hey, I’m just trying to keep you company ok?”

“I don’t need your company, I’m just fine” I said, walking over to my bed to pick up my body cream by my bed side table. I sat down on the side of my bed to begin the process of moisturizing my body. Becky gasped out loud, placing her palm on her chest feigning surprise and being hurt by my words. I looked at her then rolled my eyes. She’s just a drama queen.

“You don’t need my company, really, am I that terrible?” I sighed, saying,

“ no Becky you’re not terrible it’s just that you keep following me like I’ll crumble to the ground and break into a thousand pieces from what has been happening to me, but I’m fine, I’m totally fine” I said, rubbing some cream on my legs.

“You’re in denial” she suddenly said.

“What?” I asked, taken back by what she said, my hands stopped working on my legs to stare at her.

“I said, you’re in denial” I looked at her blankly, letting her know I had no idea of what she’s talking about. She got the message, stood up from my bed and walked towards me saying.

“See sugar, you’ve been attacked twice” she held two fingers out towards me then continued, “one; physically, and two; emotionally. So you have refused to accept the fact that this guy, whoever he is probably knows more about you, than we do” I sat there, staring at her, then I shook my head thinking, she is totally loco. She noticed I wasn’t listening to her so she walked up to me faster, sat beside me, and collected my body cream from my hands, then placed it back on the table, getting my attention once again.

“I’m serious Ada, think about it, how did he get your picture?”

“Well I don’t know, maybe from Facebook” I said, refusing to acknowledge the fact that she might be right.

“Ok, do you have a Facebook account?” I shook my head. She looked at me for a few beats then said, “Denial” I rolled my eyes at her, picked up my body cream, and continued to get myself ready for the day’s activity.


“What’s up? Anything?” I asked James head of security. We were at the back of the house by the pool and I was watching Stephen teach Nancy how to swim.

“No sir, nothing, we’ve questioned everyone staying close to where the guy lived in Ajegunle, but no one knows where he is”

“Well at least we know his name”, I told myself. “Kingsley Jegede” what type of name is Kingsley Jegede anyway? I shook my head thinking, parents can so give their kids horrible, terrible names. I won’t be surprised if it’s his name that made him who he is today.

“Sir, what’s our next step of action” asked James. I kept watching the kids swim, noticing that Nancy is a fast learner.

“Well James, we keep watch, we stay alert” from my peripheral view I saw James nod his head, confirming what I said, then I continued, “take up the level of security, we should never be too careful” I finished. James gave me a sharp nod, turned around and walked into the house.

I walked over to where the kids were currently coming out from the pool, done with their swimming, I was thinking of how I’ll tell them the level of security we are in now. Nancy had walked up to the pool chaise lounge where her towel was draped on, she picked it up then tied the towel around her from underneath her arm pit, she turned around to see me coming towards. With a big smile on her face, she gave a big, dorkish, cute wave and yelled,

“hi, Gibson!”

“Hi Nancy, you good?’

“hmm hm” was her reply, still smiling. Stephen had a towel around his waist, he was more cool than Nancy, he said,

“hi Gibbs”

“Hi Steve, how was the swimming”

“Was good, she’s a fast learner”

“I can see that” he smiled at me.

“Hey I need to talk to you two” They both looked at each other then they came closer to me,

“Everything alright?” asked Stephen, his voice serious.

“Yes, everything’s great, just that I need you two to be careful”

“We know Gibson” said Nancy. I gave Nancy a questioning look, they know?,

“You know?” I asked, she nodded her head, then she went on saying

“yeah, you want to tell us to be careful because Ada is in danger, so we are to be careful of the people we talk to, the places we go….stuff like that” Hm, this girl is smart,

“yes Nancy that’s exactly it, but also I want to tell you guys that the level of our security has been upgraded” They both looked at me blankly, but Stephen spoke first.

“What do you mean by upgraded?”

“Well what I mean is, everyone will from now on have a bodyguard for protection, no excuses”

“Gibson are you sure that’s necessary, because….?”…….. Asked Nancy, but I stopped her saying,

“yes I’m sure, 100% sure” She closed her mouth, then nodded her head.

“Ok, now that you two know what’s happening , I’ve got stuff to do, so take care” I turned around, walking back into the house.

“Later Gibson” said Nancy.

“Later Gibbs” said Stephen. With one hand in the air, I gave a short wave, then walked into the house.

I was in the kitchen washing the plates when I heard Gibson’s footsteps. He stood directly behind me asking,

“Are you ok?” I could literally feel him standing behind me, rolling my eyes I replied as I washed the plates furiously

“Yeah, why?” .

“Well for one you’re washing the plate like it was being used by a person with Ebola, and you don’t want to get infected by using it” I stopped washing the plate to face him.

“Gibson what is it?, can’t you see I’m busy?”

“I just want to know if you’re ok, you know about the picture you saw earlier today” he said.

“Well I’m fine as you can see, and I’ve totally forgotten about the picture, so please leave me alone” then I turned back around to continue with my work.

“Ok…….” he said slowly, not convinced, then continued, “If you say so” We were quiet, me cleaning and him just being his annoying self, when he suddenly asked. “What’s for dinner?”

“Semo and Egusi soup” I said, still washing the plates

“Oh, that’s good, are you the one that cooked it?”

“Yes I am” I replied, my voice tight

“Nice” said Gibson, not even noticing the sound of my voice.

“Gibson can you just leave, like right now?” I said, getting tired of him

“Of course” then I heard him step back, then after a few seconds, walk away. I expelled a relieved breath, glad he was gone. Then I washed the plates and thought about everything that has happened to me in the past few days. I came to the conclusion that everything happens for a reason, I’m yet to find out what the reason is in my case.


5 minutes later 

I turned around to do some more stuffs in the kitchen, just for me to scream in fear at what I saw; Gibson, standing by the door.

“What is wrong with you?” I asked, annoyed and scared, my hand on my chest, cause it feels like my heart is about pop out.

“I’m sorry, did I scare you?” asked Gibson, not sounding sorry at all.

“I thought you’ve gone na” I said, getting really…. tired of him.

“Obviously I haven’t” he said like something was wrong with me.

“Yeah obviously” I said sarcastically. Then I moved towards the gas cooker to clean it. I started to clean it, at the same time erasing Gibson from existence. But obviously I’m not God; I can’t erase him from existence only God can. So I decided to just clean the gas cooker and totally ignore him. This went on for about 5 more minutes and Gibson was still in the kitchen with me. He stayed with me until the end of my cleaning. So very annoying.


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