Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 10



“I’m so sorry Ada, I’m so, so sorry, he, he…….he.. Forced me” her body jerked as she cried, then she gulped looking awful, then continued by saying, “to do it, I’m so sorry please…..” I watched her as she cried and pleaded for me to forgive her, her back facing the washing hand basins..

“Oh will you shut up” demanded Kingsley perturbed, “I didn’t force you to do anything” he concluded, still holding the wig loosely in his hand. Mary looked at him, her eyes red, tears streaming down her face,

“yes you did, you said if I didn’t bring Ada in here, that you’ll kill me” Kill you? I whispered, my eyes going wide at her statement. I looked at the accused, but he just rolled his eyes at her. I looked back at Mary asking.

“Why didn’t you tell me, or the police? Mary, why did you have to be his accomplice?” totally surprised that she’ll do a thing like this.

“He…” she started.

“He what?” I interrupted, a little bit peeved that she’ll do a thing like this, I was about to question her again but Kingsley interrupted me by saying.

“I don’t have time for this” I looked away from Mary to him, assessing what he was wearing. He looked like Madea, only that he’s the slim version of her, and to be honest, Madea is one million times ten more beautiful than he is, in whatever get up he’s wearing.

“Ada, I’ve been trying to save you from these people, but you keep sticking close to them” said Kingsley looking at me like I’m a stubborn child refusing to obey my parent.

“I don’t understand, you’ve been trying to save me from whom?” I asked.

“Them “he said.

“Who is the them?” I asked again.

“Ada” he growled.

“Kingsley” I retorted. To be honest, I really wasn’t scared. I was kind of curious to find out what he was going to do.


“I need to talk to you” said Nathan as he walked to me. I was standing beside Nancy as she sold her cupcakes and chocolate cookies. They looked amazing. I shook my head at him saying,

“no Nathan I can’t talk right now”

“Stephen, seriously it’s important. It’s about Ada” he said, he’s voice filled with concern. At the mention of Ada’s name I turned around to face him scowling at the same time. The last time he talked to me about Ada, he pissed me off, which led to us destroying our living room centre table as a result of our uncontrollable fight.

“You want to talk to me about Ada? the beating I gave you the last time you tried isn’t enough?” I asked, my scowl deepening.

“No not that, you don’t understand, she’s in danger” he shook his head like he wasn’t satisfied with the way he was relaying his message to me then he continued by asking me a strange question.

“Where is Mary?”

“I don’t know, probably at the house, why?”

“Are you sure she’s at the house?” he asked. I thought about it, before we left I didn’t see her in the house, but again I haven’t been seeing her around for some time now. I wonder why.

“Stephen you need to be sure Ada is not with Mary, you need to be sure they are not together” The way he said it sent a chill down my spine, and it wasn’t a good one too.



I stared at Kingsley, I really wanted to plug his eyes out, this psychopath has been tormenting me for weeks now, and he’s here telling me that he’s trying to save me, is he insane?

“You’ve been tormenting me for weeks” I stated.

“Tormenting you? I’ve been trying to save you” he said it like I was the insane one.

“By shooting Gibson?” I asked accusingly.

“I had to do that, he was annoying” he said grudgingly.

“Kidnapping me?” I continued.

“You had to be taken away from them” was his reply.

“Oh! then what about Mary? Did you have to threaten her too?” I asked

“Of course” I shook my head wondering how a man like him could exist.

“What about Nancy, why did you take her?” He smiled at me but it was creepy, then he said,

“She’s a sweet girl, and I knew if I had her, you’ll do anything to get her back. Including giving yourself to me” I looked at him blankly, thinking of different ways to kill him. This guy is seriously crazy.



“Hi sugar plum” I had just sold some cookies to a student when I heard Becky’s voice. Smiling hugely, I turned around in my seat to look at her. She was putting on a free, sleeveless, green top with white fitted jeans and black heeled sandals, accompanied with a black cute handbag. And her hair was braided black and purple, parked in a ponytail. She looked really amazing.

“Becky, hi” I said excitedly. She walked up to me; I stood up and gave her a huge, tight hug.

“How’s your sales going?” she asked me sweetly. I smiled up at her, replying

“it’s going great. I’ve sold a whole dozen of cookies, the cupcakes just a few.

“Oh that’s wonderful sugar” she said, still smiling at me. I nodded at her, excited. I never thought my cookies or cupcakes would sell this much, but hey! I think they like it so…..

“Where’s Mary?” asked Becky abruptly. Huh, Mary, Why is she asking of Mary?

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen her, why are you looking for her?”

“Nothing love, nothing” she cupped the side of my cheek with her right hand and smiled at me. then she asked while looking at me,

” what about Gibson, do you know where he is?” I was beginning to get worried. Why all these questions? I shook my head; she sighed, then dropped her hand from my cheek. She then started to look around. Spotting Kenneth talking to one of the bodyguards, she yelled out his name like a banshee. A lot of students jerked in surprise excluding me, I’m already used to her madness. So I just simply stared at her as she walked towards Kenneth, her questions about Mary and Gibson making me really concerned.

Kenneth on the other hand looked like he wasn’t in the mood to handle her craziness. But he paid attention to her anyway. So nice of him


I walked towards Kenneth after yelling his name, not caring that I had just given a bunch of kids something to talk about when they get home to their families. It’ll go like this. Hm, mummy, you didn’t see what happened in school today. A mad woman that dressed really good yelled out a man’s name that was not more than ten feet away from her. I rolled my eyes at my silly thought. Laughing inwardly,. Yeah….it’ll definitely go like that. Or, probably a little girl will be telling her best friend that she saw a beautiful mad woman in school, saying she never thought mad women could be beautiful.

Anyway, getting that out of my head, I focused on what I needed to do, and that’s to find Ada. So my attention was all on Kenneth. I noticed him looking at me like he wasn’t ready to handle my craziness. Well he has no other choice, he has to. Because I need to find Mary. Mary cannot be with Ada right now. Not when she is Kingsley’s accomplice.



“Gibson, have you seen Ada?” I turned around to look at Stephen. He was walking with Nathan and they both looked terribly worried. I was currently watching out for any sign of Kingsley. But I haven’t seen any so far. I guess he’s not in the school as we expected.

“Yes, I have. What’s up. Why are you looking for her?” I asked, my eyes on Stephen.

“She can’t be with Mary. Gibson, if Ada is with Mary, you have to get her away from her immediately” Well with my experience working in security I know danger when I see and hear one. So I didn’t ask Stephen why. He has his reasons. But I ran like hell towards the rest room where Bello is standing guard. Hoping that we are not too late, cause we left Mary with Ada, Alone.


Oh my God what have I done? Why didn’t I just talk to Ada, she would have helped me. Instead I listened to Kingsley. God…but he’s scary, really scary. He looks good and nice outside, but inside he is worse than the devil himself. I listened to him, and now I have put Ada in danger, god she’ll never forgive me. I looked to Ada as she looked at Kingsley, she didn’t even look scared at all. She’s so brave, and fierce-some. I really should have talked to her.

Kingsley is trying to scare her, trying to make her believe he’s in control. But it’s obvious that he’s not. It’s obvious that he’s losing.

“Why won’t you just leave me alone ehn Kingsley, why?” asked Ada, frustrated.

“Because you belong to me, no one else Ada, just me” replied Kingsley angrily. Then he continued, still in his anger, “all those idiots that think they can have you, the men in Mr. Smiths house, the ones that work for him, they think they have a chance with you but they don’t, do you know why?” I looked to Ada as she shook her head, she wasn’t looking so brave anymore, just a tad bit confused. Then I looked back at Kingsley as he continued. “Because you belong to me, you Ada are my soul mate. So no one can have you, no one”

“You’re crazy” whispered Ada, she looked disgusted and peeved at the same time.

“This family I’m in is amazing, they might not be as good as what my original family was but they are still my family. So I advice you, you perverted idiot to stay away from me and my family. Do you understand?”

“No Ada, I don’t understand, because I can’t see why you have to be wasting your time with these fools. Look at this one over here” he pointed at me, “ she fell right into my trap, she’s so stupid she couldn’t even think of calling the police when I approached her. Is that the type of family you want to live with? Ehnn…is that the type of family you need protection from?” I felt hurt at his statement, but he didn’t seem to care about what he said about me.

Ada didn’t say anything; she just continued to stare at him knowing he’s totally insane. Kingsley continued, not fazed by her look

“Well the bad thing for you is, I can’t take you out of here with me, cause of the police men swamping all around like bees” Ada blinked rapidly at his statement. He continued to speak, totally oblivious to what he was saying and how Ada was behaving.

“So I’ll just leave you here with your make belief friends but be certain that I’ll be back, and when I come back I’ll take you with me” Then he faced the mirror on the wall and started to fix his wig, I watched as he did. Ada did the same too. But she looked confused. Once he was done, he turned around facing her, then he smiled a sinister smile, it was really scary.

“Before I leave I have something to tell you. You’ll love me for it” he said, still giving her the creepy smile. I looked at Ada, she looked at me, then she whispered,

“what is he talking about?” I shrugged. Then we both faced him, ready to know what he wants to say this time.


“I killed your family” said Kingsley. I stared at him, certain I didn’t hear him right. I heard Mary gasp, but that didn’t register. Cause I was still trying to figure out if I actually heard him right. So to be certain that I didn’t, I asked.

“What did you say?”

“I killed your family” was his reply. I shook my head repeatedly.

My chest was getting tighter by the minute. No my family died in a fire, they weren’t murdered.

“My family died in a fire, they weren’t murdered” I said to Kingsley to let him know that he is totally wrong about that. He’s just a psychopath, a crazy human being.

“I know that Ada, I’m the one that killed them, I had to because they also were keeping you away from me. And that had to stop” I started to deep breath, I was confused and scared and….and ….and…I don’t know, mad at him. I was about to show him how mad I was, maybe by using the needle I have in my handbag I keep with me all the time in case of emergency like this to protect myself from robbers or thieves that would want to attack me whenever they wanted, it’ll be a perfect weapon to poke out his eyes. But he just walked around me, fixing his wig while I stood there staring at the space he left. He got to the door, then said one last thing that made my heart shatter, and it hurt a lot as it did. He said.

“I’ll do the same to your new family if they don’t let you go, but theirs will be more painful”. Then he walked out. I crumbled to the ground crying, deep breathing. I couldn’t think straight; my mind was full of the memories of my family, the story on the newspaper of how they died, the pain I felt, the loneliness I felt. I was on the ground deep breathing, Mary called my name but I didn’t answer, my chest was hurting a lot. The pain and heartache was too much for me to bear, I let out a painful, shrilling scream as I relieved the day my family was killed. Knowing it’s all my fault they are all dead. And now my new family is next.



I saw a lady, or a woman….I don’t know, walk out of the bathroom. She looked weird, and ugly (God forgive me). But at the same time, she looked like Madea, but obviously, Madea is more beautiful than she is. Ever since Ada and Mary hightailed themselves into the bathroom, I haven’t let anyone in. I’ve been getting angry stares from various women, ladies and girls for the past five minutes. I sighed out loud, wondering what they are talking about in there.

A few seconds after the lady stepped out she disappeared into the crowd of students and parents promenading around. That’s when I heard Ada scream. I ran in.



We walked in quick fast steps to the ladies bathroom. Stephen, Nathan, Kenneth, Becky and I. Immediately Stephen told me about Mary, I ran to go and inform Bello, Stephen and Nathan right behind me.

On the way, we caught up with Becky and Kenneth. We all made our way to Bello. We left Nancy to continue with her sales, leaving three bodyguards with her. Getting to the bathroom, we noticed Bello looking around like he was trying to find someone. He decided to stop then stood causally, sighing.

Suddenly, his head swiveled to the bathroom room, and he immediately ran in. Oh no, that doesn’t look good. I changed my steps into a jog, then increased it into a run, the gang doing the same with me. I hope Ada is alright.


We were all walking fast to get to Ada, but I noticed that Gibson’s steps had changed, he was no longer walking fast, instead he was jogging, then he was no longer jogging, instead he was running. We followed Gibson doing all these. When he jogged, we jogged along too. When he ran we ran too. We got to the ladies bathroom, and Gibson just ran straight in, not caring if women were inside. What a crazy man. But anyway, it’s all about Ada right, so no harm done?

Getting in, I saw Ada on the floor crying so hard, her body shook with her tremors. Mary was standing a few feet away from her mumbling,

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry Ada”. Gibson was on the floor holding Ada, questioning her, but she wouldn’t speak. So I marched up to the one who could.

“What did you do to her?” I asked Mary furiously. But she just kept saying,

“I’m sorry Ada” I looked to Bello, he looked really pissed. Then I looked back at Mary, asking her again,

“what did you do to Ada?” But she still didn’t answer me, she just kept on mumbling. I was getting really tired of this, taking a threatening step towards her I said,

“ Mary so help me god, if you don’t answer me right now I swear I’ll bash your head into the wall” I heard someone whistle, I don’t know who, probably Kenneth but I ignored him, my attention mostly on Mary. She still didn’t say anything. I took another threatening step towards her, she moved back quickly saying.

“Kingsley was here, he was in here, and it’s my fault” I turned my head to Gibson on the floor holding Ada that was still crying he looked at me, his face hard, then I looked at Mary, all her fault? What does she mean?

“What do you mean by its all you fault?” I asked. But then Bello said,

“I didn’t see Kingsley come out here, is he still in here?” He didn’t wait for her to answer; he just walked over to the stalls and started to push them open to see if anyone was inside. But there was no Kingsley. So since that has been settled, I moved onto the next matter. Which is her saying it’s all her fault.

“Explain to me how it’s your fault” I demanded. She shook her head as she started to mumble once again,

“I’m so sorry Ada”. I shook my head frustrated, suddenly Ada spoke.

“He killed my family” she said quietly. What? I looked away from the mumbling Mary to Ada. Gibson still holding her asked,

“Who killed your family Ada?” Ada didn’t say anything, she stated to cry again. So I hunched down to her level asking,

“who killed your family sweetie, talk to me please?” She took a deep shuddering breath then she said her speech monotone.

“Kingsley……Kingsley ….killed my family. Oh my goodness.

To be continued