Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 11



Ada was out of it, she couldn’t stop crying. The police took Mary in but they couldn’t question Ada. She couldn’t seem to give any statement. The school fair for us was over so we had to go home. For Kingsley to come in dressed as a woman, it means he is crazier than we thought. I mean who says he can’t dress as a plumber or a pastor sef, but instead he chose a woman, crazy right?

Gibson kept us on lockdown. No one goes in or out of the house for the next two days. Well, except for the bodyguards and him. So here we are locked in Michael’s home just doing nothing. I’m super bored and I wish I can just go out and do something, like go to the cinemas or to the park….anything. But that’s not possible, ‘cause a psychopath and killer is on the loose and until the police or Gibson gets him. No one is safe.



Seeing Ada on the ground crying her eyes out, her body shaking tremendously with her tremors, I knew something awful had happened. My eyes sliced to Mary that was mumbling stupidly to Ada for her to forgive her and I just knew that Mary had done something, extremely stupid.

Gibson was already on his knees holding Ada as she wept, so I went over to Mary to find out what she had done. But the idiot just wouldn’t talk. God….I hate it when girls act like this. You know what you are about to do is wrong and that it’ll definitely have consequences, but still you’ll take all of yourself into that stupid act or situation. Well that’s precisely what Mary did. And now she’s regretting it, and instead of her to just tell me what she did, so we all could put our heads together to resolve the situation, she just kept on mumbling I’m sorry.

I was about to bash her head into the wall, or the mirror, that would have had a better effect on her, maybe once one of the broken glass penetrates into that tiny brain of hers, it’ll begin to operate properly. So I took a threatening step towards her about to do what I promised I‘ll do, but she got lucky ‘cause apparently her mouth could work better than her brain, so she immediately blurted out

“ Kingsley was here” and to be honest I didn’t believe her, because before we stepped or rather ran into the restroom, we didn’t see anyone come in or out. So it sounded like total bull to me. My head swiveled to look at Gibson on the ground still holding Ada . The look on his face said he didn’t believe her also.

I faced Mary again and asked her what she meant; maybe we didn’t hear her properly. But instead, Ada spoke. And Ada’s words confirmed Mary’s confession. And because of that maniac, the house has been on lockdown. I haven’t been able to visit them, because obviously I could be used to trap them.

Ada was worried about me staying all by myself in this type of situation, but I told her not to worry about me. They have no idea the life I lived before I met Michael, the life Michael saved me from. But that’s by the way because right now I want to know, how do we stop Kingsley, and how in the world did that maniac get into the school without being seen?


It’s been two days now, two days of being locked in this mansion called a home. Before Ada or Nancy, this home wasn’t a home. It was more of an empty shell, too big for four maids, my brother and I. Then suddenly one hot afternoon, Michael comes into the house with Ada, saying she will be joining the maids.

I don’t know why he brought her when we already had four at our disposal. But anyway, he’s the boss right, and I trust his decisions, I always have.

Anyway, as time went on, Ada became well loved by everyone, and I mean everyone. Strangers wanted to be her friend, our neighbors loved her, and even the old lady living across our street once said she’ll introduce her to her grandson in order for them to get married. Yeah Ada is off the charts beautiful and amazing. So I wonder, why her? Why does she have to be the one to go through this pain, this nightmare? She has tried to put herself out there so that we can be safe. But we stopped her, telling her it’s a stupid idea. And knowing Ada, if care is not taken, she’ll do something careless, selfless, and stupid if our eyes are not constantly on her.

Mary betrayed us by working for Kingsley. She told the police that she was forced to do it, that Kingsley threatened to kill her. The one question we all kept asking her is, why didn’t she tell anyone. Gibson was always in the house like almost every day, Ada never went out except to the saloon and she even stopped going to the market because of how crowdie it is so one of the other maids does that. She could have told Ada, but instead she foolishly nodded her head like an agama lizard to every word said by the psychopath called Kingsley.

In my bedroom, sitting on my bed, I wondered how she could be so foolish, but I guess she’s not really at fault seeing as she was scared. Anyway, right now the important thing is how to get that maniac called Kingsley so everyone of us including Ada can have some resemblance of peace.


Mary. Kingsley’s accomplice. Wow, didn’t see that coming. Mary has always been a good girl. Bisi is the one with the loud mouth, always laughing, and gossiping and doing all sorts of annoying girly things, so I wouldn’t have been surprised if it was Bisi and not Mary. But Mary was always quiet and hardworking. Maybe that’s why she was easy to be used by Kingsley.

The police have her in their custody, I’m letting her stay there for a while ‘cause I know once she steps out, she’ll be dead. Kingsley will definitely get rid of her.

Kenneth told us about the way Kingsley operates. Its either he kills the girls he used or he buries them alive. He found out about this in Kingsley’s diary, yes Kingsley owns a diary. Everything he has done to all of his victims is written in that book, except where he normally takes them. He didn’t mention where he kills or buries them. And that is what we need if he ever ends up getting Ada.

Thinking about how I saw Ada in the restroom shaking with her tremors from the raking sob caused by her tears, made my world practically shake. I thought she was hurt or maybe even worse, I mean she was in the restroom with Mary, Mary that almost everyone around me said should not be left alone with Ada. I really wanted to strangle that tiny neck of hers. But I had to make sure Ada was alright first. At the end we found out Kingsley was in the restroom with them for approximately 5 minutes. Talking and scaring them both. Why Ada didn’t scream for help, I have no idea, because Bello would have defiantly gone in to help them. But instead, she stood there and listened to every lie and twisted word spilling out Kingsley’s mouth.

The house is on lockdown, luckily for us I was able to convince Michael to stay a bit longer in Dubai with Fola. Hopefully before they get back, Kingsley will be caught. Right now I need to step up my game. I need to find Kingsley.

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Three days later.

It’s been three days now and still nothing about Kingsley. I’m going mad in here. We can’t go out, we can’t see friends, we can’t even take an evening walk. It’s crazy. Well I don’t normally do all these ‘cause obviously I have work to do in the house, but still we need our freedom and it’s all because of that rubbish Kingsley. God…………I can’t believe he killed my family. How in the world did he do that?

Sitting in the kitchen I thought about this, I mean how did he manage to pull it off, and how is it that the police didn’t find out about it. This is crazy. I tried to talk to Gibson to use me as bait, but he downright refused, saying it’s too risky, that he won’t allow it so I should just get it out of my head. I knew he wasn’t going to change his mind so I immediately started to make plans of my own but knowing Gibson, he knows how I think. So he demanded that I stop whatever plan I’m planning in my head. At the end, I gave up letting him try to take down Kingsley on his own way.

The doorbell rang at the main entrance. Who could be looking for us, ‘cause I mean no one is allowed in or out so who could it be? Getting up from the chair, I walked out of the kitchen, Bello was walking towards me from the stairs when I saw him and the first thing he said was,

“don’t move” Like I’m some kind of dog. Rolling my eyes, I walked right behind him as he passed me, disobeying his command. I’ve had enough of people commanding me, whatever wants to happen should happen, I’m done.



I heard the doorbell ring, I knew who it was, because the guard outside had told me so by speaking into his mouth piece. But I still had to be careful, so immediately I saw Ada and that curious look of hers, I immediately had to shut her down by telling her not to move. Knowing my effort was futile, I did it anyway, and totally not to my surprise she juts acted as if I didnt speak to her at all, she walked right behind me. I exhaled a resigned breath and just walked into the living room to see to the detectives.



I walked right behind Bello; he thinks commanding me to not move will actually make me not to move. What am I some idiot without a brain? I know it’s careless of me but right now I don’t care. I mean chai! More than a month now, and that psychopath is still after me. I just want this to end, even if I have to do something stupid for it to, I’ll do it.

Getting to the living room, we saw two young men each dressed in blue jeans. One had on a white short sleeved shirt, while the other had a brown long sleeved shirt, but his sleeves was folded to his elbows. If I wasn’t in love with Gibson, I would have thought they were both handsome.

“Good day sir” said the one with the white shirt,

“I’m detective Clinton”. He gestured to his partner standing beside him saying, “And this is my partner detective Tosin” Detective Tosin nodded his head once at Bello, Bello did the same saying.

“Good day” Then he said no more. So the detective spoke

“We are here to question Miss Ada about what went down in the school a few days ago?” said Clinton, his eyes coming to me briefly then going back to Bello.

“She has already been questioned” stated Bello. And that’s true, I have. So why do they want to do it again?

“It’s just for us to make sure we got her statement correctly sir” said Tosin. Something about them seemed off, and I think Bello felt it too, because the next thing he said was,

“she won’t be giving anymore statement to anyone, except the detective that we know. We don’t know you, so we won’t talk to you. Are you even detectives?

“We are” they replied simultaneously. I looked to Bello, but Bello’s eyes were still on them. My eyes moved back to the men, my God they spoke at the same time like robots. Are they robots? My eyes began to move up and down, assessing them. I mean maybe they are robots. Maybe Kingsley sent them in here, maybe, maybe…… My eyes expanded as an idea or should I say a revolution fell upon me.

Clinton looked at me weirdly probably wondering if I’ve gone insane. Lifting a finger, I pointed at them, crying out.

“You’re both robots!”

“What?” they asked at the same time…..again! Bello shook his head, knowing my madness was about to begin.

“Ada, not now please” he said to me, already prepared. I turned my head to look at him, putting my hand down, then asking

“Not now what? Ehn Bello, can’t you see? They are robots, I’m sure they were sent here by Kingsley” I stated accusingly and looked back at them. Then shaking my pointy finger at the two detectives I exclaimed once more saying. “Maybe they have bombs on them, maybe Kingsley has decided to just kill us all at the same time” The detectives looked each other then at me incredulously. I can bet they think I’ve totally gone loco.

“They aren’t robots Ada” This was said by Kenneth as he walked to us from behind, standing beside Bello.

“And how do you know that?” I asked, looking at him.

“cause that’s not how my brother works” he replied, staring at the men. I looked to the men, then back at him asking,

“How does your brother work?” He was quiet for a bit, he just stared at the men; I looked back to the men to notice they were staring at him too. Then out of nowhere Kenneth said to them.

“If you want to take another breath in order to keep living, you’ll turn around and walk out of this house, as fast as you can” immediately he said it, the men turned around as one and began to walk out, fast. Getting to the door, Kenneth stopped them by saying. “Remember to tell your boss you couldn’t get any info” What? Tell their boss?………what’s going on? My head kept going back and forth between them and then it continued to go back and forth even after they had left, wondering what was happening. Why is he giving them that message? What boss?



I watched the journalist pretending to be detectives as they ran out. They had no idea that I know who they are. They just want to get some juicy news in order to get money for themselves. And if care is not taken, they’ll probably decide to work for Kingsley. That’s if he gets to them Not going to work. I won’t let it.



Later that evening, I sat outside by the pool as I thought about all the things that have happened to me in the past month. My kidnapping, Gibson getting shot, finding out Kingsley is a twin, Nancy’s almost attempted abduction, and even the confrontation I had with Kingsley in the school and of him killing my parents. God what kind of life is this? Why did you have to put me in this situation? I didn’t ask for it.

“You ok?” I turned my head to the voice to see Nancy staring at me with worry. Everyone is worried; they think I might do something drastic to stop this lunatic. And they might be right, ‘cause I’m thinking about it.

“Yes dear, I’m fine. Do you need anything?” I asked Nancy as I focused on her. She shook her head as she dragged a chair and sat beside me, joining me to stare into the night. The stars were all assembled in the sky, each having a mate to enjoying the evening breeze. Others had no mate or a friend, so they were scattered all around. I bet they are lonely and scared.

“I noticed you weren’t in the house, so I got worried” said Nancy as she sat beside me. My eyes that were on the stars above me, moved to focus on her.

“Sweetie, I’m fine. I just came out to enjoy the night, it’s a lovely night, and it shouldn’t get wasted”

“So you decided not to waste it?” she asked playfully. I used my shoulder to push hers in a playful manner as I laughed, she laughed along with me. She’s such a cute and funny girl. We were quiet for a while, both of us enjoying the cool weather, when she suddenly spoke.

“So I know I’m not supposed to ask this, but is there anything I can do to help you?” Do to help me? What does she mean?

“What do you mean dear?” I asked.

“Well….” She drawled, and then shrugged. then continued, “ I know you’re going to do something all by yourself to stop Kingsley or you might probably connive with Becky behind Gibson’s back, just like how you guys went on that crazy escapade to Fola’s mum’s house and almost killed her in the process by giving her chocolates that had coconut in it but they weren’t visible cause you guys injected the coconut water into the chocolates knowing that she’s allergic to them”.

“Yeah that was hilarious, but scary at the same time cause of the almost dying part. We could have gone to jail for it, and that would have been awful” She nodded her head at me then continued,

“Well I know you’re going to do something, either alone or with someone, and I want to be a part of it”

“I’m not going to do anything” She raised an eyebrow at me. “I’m not” I lied. She looked at me skeptically, like she knew I was lying, so I hardened my tone at her to convince her by repeating. “I am not going to do anything. And even if I was, you won’t be a part of it. It’s too dangerous”

“So you are going to do something” she said.

“No, I’m not” I reiterated. Nancy was quiet for a few seconds staring at me. Then she suddenly stood up, returned the chair to where she picked it from, came back to me and said.

“If you don’t let me be a part of it, I’ll make sure Gibson knows about it. And you don’t want Gibson to know” and with that, she turned around and walked back into the house. To say I was shocked and surprised isn’t a lie, because I definitely was. This girl just blackmailed me. Wow.


“Are you sure you want to do this?” That was me on the phone, talking to Ada. She has decided that she wants to lure Kingsley into the open by using herself as bait. But she doesn’t have a plan yet. So my job is to cook up a plan, a really good, awesome plan for us to execute. And we have to execute it perfectly if not we might end up dead.

“Yes Becky I’m totally sure. He has to be stopped. He killed my family for crying out loud” replied Ada, yelling the last part out.

“Ok sugar plum, calm down. I’ll think of something. But we have to plan this well, and it might take hours” I can imagine her nodding her head because that’s what she does; she’s forgotten that I’m far away from her. Hence, I can’t see her nodding her head.

“I didn’t get your answer sugar, is that a yes or a no?” She still didn’t say anything. So I had to be specific. “Sugar, you need to be verbal, I can’t see you shaking or nodding your head from here”

“Oh!, sorry…yes. It’s a yes” I shook my head at her silently laughing. Ada is such a character.

“Ok, I’ll get back to you once I think of something” I said. She was quiet again. So I asked. “Are you shaking your head again?” Growling she replied,

“Becky I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I keep nodding my head. I have a mouth and a voice. I can speak. Why can’t I just say yes or no?” I laughed at her as I said,

“it’s who you are sugar, talk to you later ok?”

“Ok” she replied. And thank God she did.

To be continued