Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 13



“You’re sending me out?!” asked Jessica incredulously.

“Yep” I said, popping the “p”. She stared at me, her mouth still hanging agape. This lasted a while, I was afraid saliva will begin to drop down from her mouth like a dog.

“You’re not leaving” stated Stephen impatiently. That snapped her out of her surprised gaze as she suddenly swerved her head to glare at Stephen. Stephen just kept looking at her with boredom in his eyes. She turned her head back to look at me once she realized Stephen wasn’t affected by her glare.

“We haven’t seen each other in three years Gibson and you’re throwing me out of your office?” she asked, still surprised. I sighed as I walked out of my seat to the small bar area at the far corner of my office, taking a bottle of baileys, I poured a little into a glass cup and took a sip then I turned to face her.

“I told you earlier Jessica, you are my ex, and just because we’ve been apart for three years and we haven’t seen each other in three years doesn’t mean I miss you, “cause I don’t” She glared at me, which I must say wasn’t cute. “And by the way” I continued, taking another sip of my drink, “I have someone new in my life. Someone I love dearly, she’s been keeping me on my toes and I love a woman that knows how to keep me on my toes. That’s the woman for me. Not you” She kept glaring at me.

“He’s trying to tell you politely again Jessica, to leave. I mean don’t you have some shopping to do or something?” asked Stephen, he looked like he was itching to throw her out himself. She swerved her head to Stephen, transferring the glare to him. This is getting old, I said to myself.

Immediately, I dropped my cup on the bar table, then walked out and around then came directly at her. I grabbed her phone on the table and threw it into her bag then picking up her bag from beside her feet, I t—-t it into her hands. Her body jerked at the impact in surprise, and then I grabbed her by the hand, and pulled her up. Then I led her to the door where Stephen was waiting patiently for us. He opened it, I led her out, came back in then Stephen closed the door as she was about to say something to me, right in her face.

From the other side of the door, we heard her yelling her brains out, saying all sorts of atrocious words to us. We weren’t hurt by them. cause we know who we are.

A few minutes later, the shouting stopped and then we heard her heels clicking on the floor as she angrily walked away. Well I hope that’s the last time I’ll ever see her, I turned my head to look at Stephen standing beside me, he was grinning, I grinned back.


I walked away from Gibson’s office, my head blazing like that of a hot furnace, I was pissed. He threw me out, me, Jessica. Hm, he has no idea what he has done; he is so going to regret this.

I waited till when I got out of the building cause I know there are security cameras everywhere. So once I got to my car that I parked across the road, I dipped my hand into my handbag and brought out my phone that Gibson roughly tossed into my bag before pushing it into my hands. Then I dialed the number.

“Plan A didn’t work, I’m moving to plan b” I said into my phone.

“I’ll be waiting” said the voice on the line. Then the line went dead. I opened my car with my car keys, curved my body in, threw my bag unceremoniously to the passenger seat, and then waited patiently for my victim to come out. He will never mess with me again”


I watched Gibson stroll back to his office desk as I wondered why Jessica had to come. We both thought her attitude was hilarious but annoying at the same time.

“Why was she here?” I asked as I walked to take the seat facing him.

“I have no idea Stephen, I was doing some work here when she just knocked on my door I did’nt know it was her and if Taiwo told me earlier that she was heading to my office, I would have left her to stand outside my office door. But I guess there’s a reason why God allowed this to happen” I wasn’t hearing any of this, any of

“it’s a reason why God allowed this to happen gig”. I know everything happens for a reason, God plans them all. But for this, I’m guessing the devil planned it.

“You know she’s a horrible person right? “ I asked, sitting forward with my elbows on the desk. Gibson nodded his head saying,

“yeah I do, why you think we broke up?” I sighed, then a thought came to my mind, I looked straight at Gibson, he did the same.

“Do you think she knows about Ada?”

“Knows what about Ada?” he asked, leaning forward in his seat. I nodded my head

“yeah, does she know you two are a thing?” The look on Gibson’s face changed. I guess he didn’t think about that, and now that he has that look I’m guessing Jessica knowing they are together isn’t really a good thing. We stayed still for about two seconds, then suddenly sprang into action. I got up as Gibson picked up his phone to call someone.

“I’m heading to the house just in case” I said as I walked to the door.

“I’m calling James” said Gibson. I didn’t reply, I just kept walking, getting to the door, I heard Gibson say into his phone. “James, Jessica was here, she just left. I can’t answer your questions right now ok, just listen. I don’t trust her, she might know about Ada and I being an item. I need your eyes hotly on Ada from now on. Kingsley isn’t the only threat we have”. Hearing that, I walked out of his office, knowing James will definitely keep his eyes on Ada.


So I’ve been like the brain so far when it comes to cracking up who Kingsley is. And I thank God Ada has been listening to me. It’s frightening to realize who Kingsley is, but I wish I can do something by myself to get him. The unfortunate thing is that this house is like a fortress. It’s no wonder Kingsley can’t come in. But that won’t stop me, because I have a plan. And if I want to employ my plan, I have to be smart.



Nancy is beginning to scare me; she’s too smart for her age. The way she figured out Kingsley’s game is quite amazing. And now she’s looking at me like she thinks I’m about to do something, something relating to dealing a little bit with Kingsley the way we dealt with Fola’s mother “Tinu”. But come to think of it, I kind ‘a like the idea of doing something smart on Kingsley to make him look stupid. That will totally get him off his game. Hmm, maybe I should do it.


I was in a grocery store when I saw the news on their television, it was about Kingsley, and they were warning the public about him. It says Kingsley is one dangerous man and that everyone should be very careful. I smiled when I saw it, at least the public will now know that Kingsley is very dangerous. And at the same time he won’t be able to show his face around the way he normally does.

“Excuse me ma, your money” My body gave a small jolt at the sound of the cashier’s voice. I looked at her to see she was waiting expectantly for me to give her, her money. I turned slightly around to see I was holding up the line and they didn’t look happy. I smiled sweetly at the scowling faces as best as I could, then I faced the young lady in front of me.

“Sorry sugar, got carried away watching the news, you should be careful, that guy is really dangerous. He’s a psychopath. I know him, trust me”. Her eyes expanded but she didn’t say anything, then as quickly as I could, I got out my cute purse and handed her some cash. She did her thing then gave me my change. Still looking at me wondering how I know Kingsley. Then turning around quickly with my groceries in my hand, I looked at the line of people behind and apologized again smiling sweetly.

“Sorry my wonderful sweet Nigerians, please have a lovely day ahead” Then I walked away, my heels clicking along with me, but I swear I heard someone snort, and another laugh.


After I was done talking to Gibson, and we both realized that Ada might have more than one psycho on her hands, I left the headquarters to get to the house as fast as I could. I know Gibson has already informed James about Jessica, but I want to be there to protect her too. I was walking to my car when I heard my name being called. I turned around to find out who it was and my eyes landed on Jessica. Oh gosh what now?

“Jessica, how can I help you?” She smiled sweetly at me saying,

“ I know you don’t like me cause of some of the stuff I did to Gibson but that’s in the past ok, right now I really need your help” she stopped and looked at me, taking in my look. I nodded at her to go on. She smiled, then nodded her head saying,

“ok, so my car won’t start, I don’t know what’s wrong with it cause obviously I don’t know how to fix a car, I only know how to drive it and I’m supposed to be meeting up with my girls like right now. So please can you help me?” Gosh seriously? Well as Christians we are to always help one another right? even if that person is a pain in the butt. I looked at my car, then I looked at her. Making my decision, I said

“Ok sure, I’ll help. I know a little about cars” that’s a lie, I know a lot about cars. This is because I read a lot that’s why I know a lot about them. She smiled hugely at me as she kept on repeating the word,

“thank you”.

“Yeah sure, where’s your car?” I asked, she pointed at a grey 2015 Honda civic that she parked across the road. Nice, well I’m not surprised; Jessica comes from a rich family so it’s totally normal to see her with this type of car.

“Lead the way” I said to her. She nodded her head, turned around and began to lead us to her car. When we got there, I told her to open her bonnet, she got in, opened the bonnet, while I went to the front of the car to look into it. I opened up the bonnet, hooked it up and then scanned the engine. Looking at it I know it’s an amazing engine. I did some touching but I found out nothing was wrong. I yelled out her name but she didn’t answer, I did it again but still nothing.

I decided to check if she had slept off in the car or if something else happened to her, or maybe she can’t hear me. I walked away from the car to go to her but I didn’t see her in the car. Where did she go?

“Hiya ” said a chirpy voice from behind me, I turned quickly around, totally surprised, how did she get behind me? I was about to ask but was too late, cause Jessica, fast as lightening inserted a syringe into my neck, injecting me with some unknown substance that began to work immediately. I began to feel a bit woozy, and then I fell on the ground and blacked out. My gosh this can’t be happening.


Something is not right. I can feel it right down in my bones. I don’t know what it is but at the same time, I don’t like it. I got up from my bed and walked to my mirror table where I left my phone. Picking it up, I dialed Stephens’s number. It rang but he didn’t pick. My heart started to beat really fast. Stephen always picks up my calls, and I mean always. So now that he’s not picking, it’s beginning to scare me. I dialed his number again and waited for it to ring, it rang but still nothing. Ok something’s not right.

Scrolling down my list of contacts, I found the one I was looking for then I dialed it. It rang, the person picked.

“Hello, Gibson” I said into my phone.

“Nancy are you ok?” asked Gibson.

“Yeah I’m fine, just that…” I paused, not knowing if calling was wise. Maybe Stephen is still having his meeting.

“Nancy” called Gibson with concern.

“Yeah?” I replied.

“You were saying something” he said.

“Well yeah” I paused again biting my lower lip, then continued, “don’t worry, just forget, I’m sure he is fine”

“Who’s fine?” he asked. Well, I might as well just tell him right, Now that I can’t avoid not telling him.

“Stephen” he was quiet for a few seconds then he said.

“You can’t find Stephen?”

“well I don’t know, it’s just that I was having a really bad feeling, so I decided to call him since I know Ada is safe cause she’s with Bello, Bello will protect her, but Stephen is alone, who will protect him?”

“Stephen has his own bodyguard Nancy” said Gibson. Oh, yeah that’s true I forgot about that. But still something does not feel right.

“Well ok, but he isn’t picking my calls” Gibson was quiet again, and then he asked.

“He isn’t picking?” I nodded my head, then I remembered he can’t see me doing that so I said,


“You’re sure?” he asked again. And I repeated my “yes”

“Ok Nancy thanks, I’ll call and check on him, I’m sure he is fine” I sighed a relieved breath replying,



“Bye” I replied back. Then the line went dead.

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So I have officially become Ada’s personal bodyguard, God why me? That girl is something else. She is just like Fola but I think more headstrong. Plus I think she thinks she can handle Kingsley on her own and that’s really stupid of her if you ask me. Because I mean if Gibson and his team are finding it difficult to get him how in the world will she?

Anyway, that’s by the way, right now I have to focus on how I won’t make a mistake by letting her do something crazy. I mean she’s Ada, it’s what she does. I just have to keep my eyes on her at all times.


I have to get Bello’s eyes off me; I need to get on with my plan. It’s a good thing I learnt how to drive while my parents were still alive. Now I can use that to good use. Right now I’m in the market with Bello, yeah I know I don’t go anywhere, I have a triangular life, its either church, market, or the saloon. It’s all I do. Well I’m a maid, what’s my life about except to work for my boss the best way I can.

I don’t club, or smoke or drink so I do what I can to live the best life that I can as a good person but most importantly as a Christian.

Anyway now I want to skip Bello so I can get to Kingsley, I don’t know how I’ll get him but I have a feeling that once I’m alone, he’ll appear. So that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to be alone.

A group of people were coming the opposite way from where I was standing, it was a tight fit so bodies brushed or people pushed in order to pass. This is the best opportunity for me to escape. I haven’t bought anything yet, in fact I have nothing to buy. I just came here for the sole purpose of executing my plan. And now is the best time.

Immediately the group of people came a few feet close to me, I walked as fast as I could and began to dodge as many people as I could making sure I was ahead of Bello. Now he wasn’t expecting this, because since we arrived at the market, I’ve been walking at a sedate manner, haven’t rushed in anyway, so this took him by surprise.

To my greatest glee, my plan worked and I was really ahead of Bello now. I could hear him yelling my name but I was already gone, heading for the gate. Immediately I got out, Kingsley’s car stopped in front of me. You see, I told you he’ll appear once I’m alone. I didn’t run, I didn’t scream, I just stood. He came to me and looked at me, then over my shoulder. I knew he was looking at someone, probably Bello, I turned my head slightly to look too and yep, I was right it was Bello, running like the terminator.

I turned my head back to look at Kingsley, and he was smiling one of those his scary smiles. Oh gosh I hope I’m not being totally stupid doing this. Kingsley grabbed my hand and dragged me, yes dragged me to his car, opened the passenger’s door, pushed me in, and I’ll repeat, pushed me in with no care whatsoever, he is really not a gentleman.

Then he slammed the door and ran to his own side of the door and got in, then putting the car in gear, he sped off. I looked at my side mirror to see Bello breathing hard staring at us as we drove. He had his phone to his ear and he was talking to someone, he looked pissed. I’m so going to get it once I get home.


Four minutes after Stephen left, I was working with some of my boys, trying to figure out the whereabouts of Kingsley. But that guy is a chameleon. He’s really good at hiding himself. We went back to where he first stayed, the first place he kept Ada when he kidnapped her, and we searched and asked questions but to no avail. We got nothing. I really don’t know what to do, I’m thinking I should put Stephen into this, he’s smart, he might have an idea on how to help. I mean he is working for the government right?

It was at that moment my phone rang, I checked it to see it was Nancy, we spoke for a while and she was quite worried about Stephen, she said he wasn’t picking up his phone and that she had a bad feeling about it. I reassured her, letting her know I’ll check up on him.

My boys watched me as I spoke to her, when I was done, I told them why she called and they all smiled, one of them muttering

“young love”. Yeah, young love indeed. I decided to call Stephen to make sure he was ok and just as Nancy said, he wasn’t picking up his phone, I began to get worried. I kept on dialing then on my third trial he finally picked, but it wasn’t his voice I heard, it was a woman’s voice and that woman was Jessica.


“Hi Gibson you calling to find out about Stephen?” asked Jessica sweetly, I gripped my phone hard in my hand while I listened to her talk.

“Don’t worry we’ll take good care of him, Kingsley and I” then she laughed out a horrible, terrifying laughter, cutting off the line. I looked at my phone then I looked at my men. Fear written all over my face.

“What’s wrong?” asked Richard one of my men.

“Jessica has Stephen and she’s taking him to Kingsley. I said, I was scared and pissed. How did I miss this? Anyone can be his little minion, why wasn’t I careful?

“What!” they all yelled at the same time. My phone began to ring again, I looked at it to see Bello calling, I hope I won’t be getting any more bad news from him.

“Gibson” I said into my phone, my voice tight. Bello was breathing hard and fast like he just ran a marathon, then he said,

“Kingsley just got Ada”

“What did you say?” I asked, whispering harshly.

“You heard me, I’m in my car chasing them but I’m far behind I’m afraid I might lose them, you guys need to get here now. Get the police too, we need all hands”, He said quickly, I could hear car horns and people yelling profanities at him, yeah he’s really not driving well.

“Stay on them Bello as best as you can, we’re on our way”

“Got it” then the line went dead. My men had their eyes on me, during and after the call, they were all waiting to know what’s happening.

“Get everyone and I mean everyone” they all looked at each other, then back at me. I gave them the final news. “Ada has been taken” their faces got hard, then I concluded, “by Kingsley”. They didn’t need to know more, they all started to move, making calls, getting ready. We are n.a. going to get Ada and Stephen one way or another.

To be continued