Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 14


Few hours later in the Smith’s house, Gibson I sat down on the couch in the living room with my head down, eyes closed, hands clasped in front of me, trying my best to stop myself from storming out of the house to search for Ada and Stephen. We lost them, we freaking lost them.

After the call from Bello, every one of my men rushed down to the location where Kingsley supposedly was driving with Ada in his car but getting there, Bello informed us that he lost them and he has no idea where they are now. So we came to the house, Michael’s house to be precise to gather as much Intel as we could. This is freaking driving me crazy, us not being able to get this guy. I really don’t know what to do.

Everyone was gathered in the living; the maids, Nancy, Becky, Bello, Edgar, and my men whom were standing all around. We’re just here thinking the unthinkable. What if Stephen is dead? What if they decide to force us to choose between Ada and Stephen? Rubbing my head and growling out my frustration I stood up abruptly and faced Bello.

“We need to find them” I said to him disheartened.

“And we will” he affirmed

“But how do we start? I’ve never been this confused in my life before” I asked turning around and facing my back to Bello, placing my hands on my waist. This has never happened to me before, where do I begin? Two people kidnapped on the same day and by two different people. As I stood confused and worried, James spoke.

“You need to get yourself together Gibson, don’t get your head clouded by your love for Ada” I turned my head, my eyes moving along to stare him down.

“I shouldn’t let my head get clouded by the love I have for Ada? James I love her, I can’t help it, I’ve loved her for like a year now or maybe more, I can’t just let my love for her just die out like I’m throwing out some garbage” I said angrily.

“Yeah I know, I know, that’s not what I mean. Listen, you’re thinking like her boyfriend, a boyfriends way of thinking is not what you need right now, you need to think like an investigator. You work in one of the best investigating and Security Company in Nigeria, act like one. Use your skill to save Ada, when you save her you will be saving Stephen also” He has a point, my eyes moved to Becky she nodded at me, then they moved to Ade, he just stared, he didn’t move at all.

Ok, I have to think, I have to use my skills. I paced about for a few minutes, my head down, one of my hands rubbing the back of my neck, I was thinking.

“What is he doing?” asked Nancy, but it was whispered.

“I don’t know sugar, probably….thinking?” whispered Becky right back. Bello called my name, but I raised a finger to stop him. I needed to think. He kept quiet, I continued to pace. Only the sounds of my footsteps could be heard in the living. Suddenly, I stopped, then turned around to face Andrew our I.T guy.

“You have work to do” I stated.

“I do?” he asked. Looking at me and everyone perplexed.

“Yes, you do” I said, then I continued, “do you have your laptop here?” He nodded his head. “Good, bring it out, go to Google map and search for possible hiding locations where a thief, criminal and psycho can possibly hide, it could be a hotel, or a motel, or a small apartment, just check. Every possible place available at that location should be sent to my phone along with their address. I’m heading out with the boys I should have at least two addresses before I get to that location, am I clear?” Andrew’s eyes were wide open; like he couldn’t contain all the information I just said to him, I mean I was quite clear and simple right?

“Andrew, am I clear?” I reiterate. He got himself together and stammered saying,

“ ah..yeah, yeah,…you are. Will start immediately”, then he walked over to the dining room with his laptop bag hanging on his back, got his laptop out, placed it on the table and then did some connections. Sitting down, he went straight to work.

I on the other hand looked at my men, they were ready, I could feel it. I lifted my chin at them, they did the same. Then I looked to Becky and said,

“ keep her safe” She nodded her head,

“sure will boss” then she drew Nancy closer to herself holding her by her shoulders. I walked away first, my men behind me and off we went, going to get back Stephen and Ada.


“I’m having a bad feeling” I said to no one, but obviously Becky heard cause she was sitting right next to me.

“What did you say sugar?” she asked as she stared at me.

“I’m having a bad feeling” I repeated.

“Well you’re all worried and all, so all sorts of things are going through your head, like if Stephen is ok, or if they torturing him, or if Ada is ok or that if she isn’t dead yet” I swerved my head to look at her, my eyes as large as saucers, how could she say things like that to me?.

“What, I’m just saying what can happen” she said sheepishly.

“I’m thirteen, you don’t say that to a thirteen year old girl, even I know that” I said, still surprised

“Ok ok ok, sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. Let’s just hope for the best ok, and that Gibson gets to them on time. I faced forward, trying my best to clear out images of Stephen and Ada found dead and hoping to God that Gibson actually gets to them on time.



I stayed behind with the ladies to protect them, Kingsley can do anything now that he has an accomplice, and its someone that hates Ada, its freaking scary. I was sitting on the lower step of the staircase, keeping my eyes opened and paying close attention to my surrounding. I looked around to see Becky and Nancy talking, then I looked to the dining room, Andrew was actively working. I saw him pick up his phone and he was typing away, after a few minutes he dropped it down on the table then continued to work on his system. I got up from the steps taking the remaining two steps down and walked over to Andrew. Getting to him, I asked.

“How far?” Without looking at me, he answered,

“great, just sent two addresses to Gibson, still searching for more” I nodded my head, happy he has gotten two addresses.

“Ok, then I’ll leave you to it”

“hmm…hm” was he mumbled his reply. I looked to his system to see what he was doing but it’s was all coded, I had no idea what all the numbers or should I say codes meant so I asked.

“Are you trying to do any other thing?”

“Any other what?” was his reply; his eyes still on his computer.

“Well your typing in codes” I stated. He looked puzzled a for a second but then it clicked and so he replied,

“oh..yeah, I’m trying to hack into Jessica’s phone so that whenever she calls Kingsley we’ll be able to get both her and Kingsley’s location” he glanced at me before proceeding, “ I got her number from Gibson” then he continued with what he was doing. I stared at him, wow he can do that? I thought it was only done in abroad.

Leaving him to do his work, I walked out of the dining room smirking. Jessica and Kingsley have no escape. They are just two while we have God and an army. They are so gonna get it.


Ok so I’m in a hotel, its looks tush in a way. How did he afford this place? I took my surrounding in, seeing the t.v, the couch, the lamps, the sophisticated curtains, and other sophisticated things. This place looks like a rich man’s home. How in the world did he get this place I asked myself again? As I thought of this, I heard footsteps, I turned my head to look and found Kingsley walking towards me with a plate of food in his hand.

“I know you haven’t eaten and you must be hungry, so I made some food for you, while we wait” he then dropped the plate on a side stool in front of me. I stared at it; it was a plate of beans. Then I turned my stare to him.

“Wait for what?” I asked, not caring about the food.

“You’ll see” was his reply.

Oh gosh, I don’t like this. I looked back to the plate of food contemplating whether to eat it or not then a thought came to my head. I looked back at Kingsley saying.

“You don’t expect me to eat that, do you?” I said pointing to the food, then continued, “it’s possible you drugged it, and how did you cook, this is a hotel?” He smiled a wicked smile and said,

“ well that’s for you to find out, but if you don’t want to starve, then you have to eat every food I give you and yes this is a hotel so you’re right, I didn’t cook it. I ordered room service before leaving the hotel”. And with that he walked away, leaving me with the plate of beans. What have I gotten myself into?


I was driving while James sat beside me. As we drove, my phone rang; I picked it up and answered.

“Andrew, got anything new for me?”

“No not yet, still searching, I might be on to something”

“Ok good, keep working, let me know when you find something”

“Got it”. He replied curtly Then he rang off.

“Has he gotten anything new?” asked James beside me. I took a quick glance at him before facing the road again then answered

“No he is still searching” James nodded his head. We stayed in silence as we drove our men right behind us, heading to our first location.


“So who are we waiting for?” I asked Kingsley again for the second time who also had a plate of beans in his hands. He was sitting on the couch beside me eating away.

“You’ll see” he replied, shoving a spoon of beans in his mouth. He’s a messy eater.

“Can’t you just tell me now?” I asked

“No” he replied

“why?” I asked again persistent

“cause I said no” he replied looking at me, he looked pissed. But knowing me, I don’t know when danger is lurking, I’m quite stupid or I have a death wish cause again I asked.

“How did you get this place? Did you rob a bank or something?” I was looking around as I asked when I realized he wasn’t answering me. I stopped looking around to look at him. My heart gave a quick start, Ok now he is pissed.

“Are you trying to piss me off?” he asked giving me an angry stare.

“aahhmmm…..” I mumbled my answer.

“Eat your food and no more questions” he commanded, then he faced his food and continued to eat. Ok then, guess our chat is over, I’m not going anywhere with this, I need to get straight to my plan and I need to do it fast. But first, I need a phone.



After our little conversation I decided to keep my mouth shut. I wasn’t helping matters telling Nancy explicitly how the situation about Ada and Stephen could go, and knowing that she’s a teen her imagination can go wild. Well, I contributed to that anyway (making her imagination go high that is….), so that’s why I’ve decided to shut up so I don’t do any more damage. As Nancy and I sat quietly in the living room, we noticed Bello walking towards us; he got to us then sat down. Looking at us, he asked.

“You girls ok?” I nodded my head Nancy did the same. “Do you girls need anything? Maybe you could go up and have a rest while we wait for Gibson to give us some news once he’s gotten them”. I thought about it and then looked at Nancy, she was thinking about it too. I faced Bello then answered for the both of us.

“Yeah that’s a good idea, we’ll just go up to Nancy’s room and stay there for a while” then I looked to Nancy, “Nancy what do you think?”. We both waited patiently for Nancy to give us an answer, after a while of mulling over it, she nodded her head, giving us a positive answer. Well that’s that then, time to go and rest.

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I refused to touch my food, I couldn’t eat it. I wasn’t even hungry, I just wanted to get on with my plan and I needed a phone to do that. Kingsley had left me to talk in the room; he was talking to someone called Jessica. I don’t know who Jessica is, but he sounded really excited at whatever thing she had done. I wonder what it is. I heard him speak as he walked in,

“ok thanks Jessica, till you come” he paused for a bit then continued,

“what? Oh! Yeah, I have her, she’s right here. this is gonna be fun” then he smiled excitedly, cutting off the line.

“Who were you talking to?” I asked.

“I’m really getting tired of your questions, is this how you are, I mean are you a pest?” he asked, he looked serious. I rolled my eyes.

“Well since I won’t be seeing my family and friends anymore I think it’s only fair that you tell me right?” He looked at me suspiciously, but then relented.

“Well, it’s no one, you’ll meet her soon enough, she’s almost here” he replied casually. Then he began to walk back into the room. He had the bedroom door opened when he suddenly stopped, turned around to face me and said. “She brought a gift for you. You’ll love it” then he smiled wickedly and walked into the bedroom, closing the door once he got inside. Ok, I really, really need a phone, like right now.


We got to the market, Tejuosho Market to be precise and then drove past it. There was a little bit of traffic so we had to move at a sedate pace. We kept driving, going past first bank and then some eateries. The streets around us had some apartments but it’ll be impossible to know if Kingsley is in one of them.

“This is going to be hard, this place is full of houses, Kingsley can be in anyone” said James beside me. I nodded my head silently, agreeing with him. We got to the first address but it didn’t look like a place where Kingsley could be hiding with Ada but we decided to try it out anyway.

We parked the car at a car parking zone along with my men, but my men waited behind, it was just James and I that walked up to the house and knocked on the door.

An elderly man opened the door; he assessed us, looking at us from our feet up to our heads. James and I were both dressed casually in jeans and shirts. So we looked like normal human beings.

“Can I help you?” inquired the elderly man

“We are hoping you can sir, good afternoon” said James as he greeted

“ehen good afternoon, so how can I be of help?” he asked looking at the both of us.

“We just want to ask if you have seen a young pretty lady” I said, then I quickly brought out my phone and searched for Ada’s picture, I’ve always had a picture of her with me, don’t ask me how I got it. I showed the picture to the elderly man but he just shook his head. We asked him more questions but he had no positive answer for us. Thanking him, we left and went to the second address that wasn’t far from his.

We did the same questioning just like the first house but still came up with no result. We decided to just drive around, wondering what to do next. It was then that my phone suddenly rang. I picked it up and answered.

“Tell me something good Andrew, please” I said desperately into my phone.

“I know where they are” was his reply

“Oh thank God!” I said reprieved.


An hour later I sat still on the couch still wondering who or what my surprise was. As I sat down waiting, Kingsley rushed out of the room all excited and said.

“She’s here and your gift is here too” then he ran to the door and opened it, stepped out and was about to close it, but then he suddenly popped his head in and said sternly. “Don’t leave this place or you’ll be responsible for whatever happens to your gift” then he left, closing the door behind him

“Oh this is really bad” I said quietly to myself. I really wanted to go realizing that my plan was a stupid plan. I mean how did I convince myself that I can help Gibson get this maniac, how? It’s not like I can’t leave ‘cause I can. It’s just that if I leave I won’t be able to go through with my plan and if Kingsley harms whatever gift he has for me because I decide to disobey him, I really won’t forgive myself. So I have to stay, I can’t leave.


I rushed out of the hotel and walked right to where Jessica parked her car which was outside the gate of the hotel. Getting there, I saw Stephen passed out at the back seat. Hm, she really did a good job.

“Nice job” I said to her as she got out of the car.

“Thanks” she replied, smiling triumphantly. I gave her a sharp nod, grinning at her. “So now all we need to do is get him into the hotel right?” She asked.

“Yep” I replied. At once we both looked at Stephen he’s a big boy, sixteen years but looks more like a 21 year old boy. It’ll be a bit difficult to get him in.

“How do we get him in?” she asked, staring at Stephen.

“I will be doing that I’m sure I can carry him, he doesn’t look too heavy” She looked at me checking my size,

“well I’m sure you can” she said, agreeing with me. Well that’s settled then. “But people will ask questions, what do we tell them?” she asked.

“Leave that to me”



“How far, what did Andrew say?” asked James as I tucked my phone back in my pocket.

“He knows where they are” I replied, feeling excited and ready to go and get Ada and Stephen.

“Oh thank God!” he said relieved.

“Exactly what I thought too, it’s been more than an hour now, we need to get them fast” I said, as I put the car on gear, and sped off, my men right behind me, James nodded his head beside me, totally agreeing with me.



I left Nancy in her room after we chatted for awhile telling her I’ll be back. Then I walked downstairs to Andrew he was no longer into his compute as he was an hour ago, seems something good is about to happen or maybe it has already happened.

“Hey” I called as I walked to him, “any news yet?” I asked as I sat beside him.

“Yeah, I was able to hack into Jessica’s phone and while I was doing that, she was making a call with Kingsley, so I was able to find out where she was going with Stephen” He kept quiet after that, his eyes on his system doing what I don’t know.

“And?” I probed. He removed his eyes from his computer to look at me questioningly asking,

“and what?”

“What did you find out?”

“Oh!, yeah….Ada is with Kingsley, Stephen is with Jessica, Jessica is taking Stephen to Kingsley which means Ada and Stephen will be in the same place” he said. I smiled slowly, oh this is good, this is really good. With Ada and Stephen together they’ll be formidable; they’ll definitely cause an earthquake.

To be continued