Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 15



Unknown to us, we were at the exact location where Stephen and Ada are being held captive. We had no idea where they’ll be held cause it could have been anywhere. Anyway, Andrew sent us an address which is a hotel. So basically that is where they are held and where we are headed. Hope Kingsley and Jessica are ready for us, cause we are.


Ok so I’ve been here for over five minutes now and Kingsley still hasn’t shown his face. I’m scared, no I’m terrified. I don’t know what my gift is; I don’t know who Kingsley is excited about. But I’m guessing it’s a friend of his. I sat in the room, shaking my legs with my hands clasped together against my chin. And I was thinking, making plans, wondering how I can escape and how I can get Kingsley arrested. But I can’t think straight cause right now my mind is in a panic mode. God I really, really need your help.


So here’s the thing. I’m in my room waiting to hear if Stephen and Ada are ok. I’m totally out of my wits right now. And I feel I need to do something, I can’t just sit here like an idiot waiting for the adults to save my family, that’s just stupid. So I have to do something. I have to escape and get Stephen and Ada, but first I need the address.


“God I’m starving”, I said to myself. My stomach rumbling and making all sorts of noise’s I left Andrew in search of food. Apparently being hooked up to a computer makes one forget about eating, and him being a computer genius makes him an easy prey, his human feeling has been s—-d out of his body he doesn’t seem to get hungry when needed. So I’m leaving him and going to look for food.

I walked into the kitchen wondering what I could eat. As I got in, the maids where there. Each and every one of them they had worried looks on their faces. Bisi saw me and decided to speak.

“Becky, do you need anything?” I nodded my head vigorously

“yes I do, what’s available to eat?” I asked, my eyes aimed right on the pots on the cooker.

“Well we have pounded yam and oha soup, and then there’s Jellof rice and beans with dry fish, which do you want?” asked Bisi. Oh my, this is awesome.

“I’ll have the pounded yam” I said immediately to Bisi without thinking about it, licking my lips. She smiled knowingly at me then nodded her head.

“Ok, I’ll serve you right away” and then she went ahead to serve me. I licked my lips again as I watched her serve me, the Oha soup looks awesome.


I’ve been sitting in my room for a while now. Becky has totally forgotten about me. And I’m thinking maybe now is the best time for me to get on with my plan. I need to get the address right now. I need to know exactly where they are kept. I can’t sit here and do nothing. I have to help.


I woke up groggily to darkness, I can’t see a thing, I’m on the floor , and I think I’m in a room but I’m not certain and it feels like my left hand is cuffed to something on the wall. I can’t remember how I got here, I can’t remember anything. Why…why.. Can’t I?

I moved my right hand but it was cuffed to an iron thing on the wall. Where in the world am I?

“You can’t just lock him up, let him out!” My head turned to look at the direction of the voice I just heard. Is that Ada? What is she doing here? Where is here anyway? Another voice spoke to answer Ada,

“Well you’ve been living with that boy for 2 years now. We both know he’s quite strong, so I can’t risk him being able to move his hands around. He might probably beat me to a pulp or something” Whose voice is that? I asked myself.

“Kingsley, this is stupid. Is that the gift you said you had for me?” Kingsley? Kingsley is here?….i sat properly to get my wits together, I really need to remember. I need to remember what happened to me.

Jessica I sat down comfortably on the couch as I watched the one they call Ada yammer with Kingsley. I wonder what Gibson sees in her. She’s so plain and dull and… what’s that word….ehen, simple. She’s so simple. While I on the other hand, I’m sophisticated and smart and down to earth. Oh I forgot to mention beautiful. Yeah I am very beautiful. This Ada of a girl can’t be compared with me.

I kept looking at them as they kept on yammering and to be honest it was beginning to piss me off.

“Can you guys just quit it?” I snapped at them. They both stopped to look at me.

“She wants me to let him go” stated Kingsley pointing at Ada accusingly.

“yeah I heard that, but the question is do you?” I asked staring at him. He shook his head. “Well then, don’t” I replied . Then I turned my eyes to Ada.

“Hello Ada, I’m Jessica, Gibson’s girlfriend” Her eyes opened like that of a Galago making me smile wickedly at her. yeah.. Let that settle in her brain for a while. Gibson will have to take me back once Ada ditches him.


Ok so I’ve been working on my system for more than two hours now, doing all sorts of things. Like; tracking down Jessica and Kingsley and some other stuff. Now I want to eat, cause I just realized I haven’t eaten since morning. And my tummy is in need of food. I looked back at my system to see if I’ve done all that I need to do, using a few minutes to do that, I found out that I’ve done it all. My phone pinged as I was about to leave to go to the kitchen. I picked it up from the table to check my messages. It was just a message from Mtn, all those their annoying adverts, I hate those adverts.

Putting my phone back down on the table beside my system, I left to go look for food. This is a big house they should have food.


“His girlfriend?” I asked the girl called Jessica. She’s really beautiful but she looks very artificial. Her face is immersed with make up like she’s trying really hard to hide her true self. She’s very slim but has a little bit of shape. Other than that she’s artificial. She nodded her head at me smirking, the look on her was unnerving, I felt like slapping that smirk off her face.

“We’ve been dating for 3 years now, and I think he’s going to propose” she said, smiling at me.

“3 years?” I asked stammering. I staggered backwards falling onto the couch, sitting down in a dazed state. Gibson has a girlfriend, they’ve been dating for 3 years, he might probably get married to her, her words ringing in my head. I was still very dazed. Then I looked at her.

“What?” I asked, whispering, my voice shaky. My throat was tight; I could feel tears gathering in my eyes, they were hovering, waiting for the perfect time to spill.

“Yeah, and remember that night he got shot?” she didn’t wait for me to give her an answer, she just continued. “Well he was with me. He told me all about your stupid argument, saying how difficult you are. You see all this while he was trying to help you, you know seeing as you lost your family tragically in that freak fire accident. But you thought he was actually chasing you” she laughed out hysterically at her last comment, then continued,

“I mean how can a guy like Gibson, fall for a mere maid. No man in his right mind, well….i mean no man like Gibson in his right mind will fall for a girl like you. I mean come on look at you” she gestured by raising her palm back and forth in the air towards me, “you’re nothing, you have nothing, you are just plain and too simple for my Gibson. So, good advice woman to woman? Stay away from him. He isn’t meant for you, he belongs to me” She stopped speaking to stare at me hard, then she looked at Kingsley,

“ this handsome man over here loves you, why don’t you give him a chance yeah? You deserve to be happy” then she got up and walked to the door, I need to eat, I’ll be back in fifteen minutes, don’t release Stephen no matter what ok?” Kingsley nodded his head,

“sure you don’t have to tell me, this isn’t my first rodeo”. She grinned at him, looked at me then walked out. The door banged making me jerk, my tears spilled down to my cheeks and I was finding it difficult to breathe.

“How could he do this to me?” I asked myself. Kingsley came over to me, holding me around my shoulders.

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, that guy isn’t meant for you, I saw it a long time ago, that’s why I’ve been trying to get you away from him because I care about you” I couldn’t say anything, I just kept crying.

“There, there, sweetie, its alight, I’ll take care of you, I’ll make you happy” Kingsley cooed at me. God I hate him, I really hate him. I hate Gibson so much.

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I left my room and came down to the living room, the place looked empty, where did Bello go to? I looked around, my eyes stopping at the dining room, I walked over there to see the place empty too, hmmm this is good. Oh! And see, looks like Andrew forgot his phone. I picked up his phone to scan through his messages. “Jackpot” I said happily as I found the last message he sent to Gibson. It had the address of where Ada and Stephen are held. I got the address. Then I searched myself to make sure I had enough money on me. I got up to 5k which was more than enough thank God.

I walked straight to the kitchen to see Andrew and Becky seriously grubbing down some pounded yam with Oha soup. It looked amazing.

“Oh! Sugar plum so sorry, I left you in your room, you see I came down to talk to Andrew to see if he had gotten any news about Ada and Stephen but then I got hungry so I came right here to eat. Im so sorry” she said smiling apologetically. I smiled back,

“it’s ok”

“You sure sugar?” she asked.

“Yep” I nodded my head.

“Well ok, why don’t you get some food so we can all just eat together” she asked.

“No I’m not hungry, I just want to sit at the backyard, is that ok?” She looked at me solemnly, then smiled again,

“yeah sugar, it’s perfectly ok” I nodded my head once more and then walked quietly to the back yard. I could feel every eye on me as I went. Sorry Becky, you’re going to be getting into a lot of trouble because of what I’m about to do.


The yelling had stopped. The place was quiet, no sound, and no nothing. For the first time, I realized I was lying down on something hard. Where am i? I tried to move and I was able to, thank God. Maybe I couldn’t do it before casue I wasn’t myself. I stretched the whole of my body to see the place im in is quite small. Then I stretched the hand that wasn’t cuffed to anything to see it touch something hard. A door, im in a small space….a small space…but what kind of space? I pushed the door but it didn’t open. I tried once more, it still didn’t work. I thought about what will happen if I was to open the door forcefully, kicking it with my leg. But that will be a bad idea, because if I do, Kingsley will be barreling in here to do what God knows what to me. So I waited, I waited for the right time to act.


I sat for awhile in the backyard to see how I’ll be able to escape. There are camera’s located at almost every angle of this house so whoever is watching will see me escape. I just need to be fast and pray that the person watching has gone for a bathroom break or something. I looked around wondering how I’ll do this, to my greatest joy; I saw a ladder at the far corner of the fence. I got up casually like I wanted to take a walk. Then I walked over to the ladder. I examined it to see if it was strong. And it was, and then I timed myself, giving myself fifteen seconds to place the ladder against the wall, climb it, then jump over the fence.

Hopefully, my legs won’t break into a million pieces from the impact. I got myself ready, then I placed my hands on the ladder. I closed my eyes and then took a deep breath. Then realizing it, I opened my eyes and I moved, counting down. On number 7, I was at the top of the ladder, on number 3, I was on the fence. on 1, I was on the ground. And then I ran, I ran to the opposite direction of the house to look for a cab. I ran to get Ada and Stephen.


So we got to the hotel where Stephen and Ada are being held hostage. And let me just mention this quickly, the hotel is huge. It’s one of these hotels where celebs will like want to live for the rest of their lives. It’s simply spectacular.

My men and I sat outside in the car thinking of how to approach it.

“I say we just go right in and let the manager know what’s going on” said James beside me.

“No we can’t just do that, we aren’t the police, they won’t let us in. instead they’ll call the police and have us thrown out. Then our chance of rescuing them will be tarnished” James kept quiet probably seeing the truth in my statement.

“So what do we do?” he asked after thinking, my eyes were fixed right onto the hotel, watching people walking in and out. Then a plan formed in my head. I looked to James and smiled real slowly and wickedly.

“You have a plan” he said, grinning at me.

“You bet your lucky stars that I do” I replied my brain working hard.


I was so much heartbroken that I didn’t even realize Kingsley still had his hand around me. Jerking away from him, I glared at him.

“What, I was just consoling you” he said innocently.

“Well I don’t need to be consoled” I said sternly

“You looked like you needed it a few minutes ago” he relieved back. I ignored him, deciding that if Gibson wants to marry an artificial, mean, rude, vindictive woman then that’s his business. I on the other hand have to find a way to escape. But hold on, how did Kingsley bring Stephen in without anyone noticing?

“How did you bring Stephen in without anyone noticing?” I asked He shrugged

“ it was quite easy actually; I just told the receptionist and anyone that asked that he is my brother and that he has a rare disease which involves him sleeping for a long time. You know like sleeping beauty. The only difference is I have to use cold water to wake him up” I looked at him stunned,

“what?” I asked surprised.

“Yep, didn’t think it would work, but apparently, it did” I stared at him, stunned that people can believe a thing like that. And then I looked down to my hands clasped together tightly on my laps. Then I lifted my head to stare at the closet where Stephen was locked in. my plan is getting more difficult to attempt. If I don’t do something soon, Stephen will be dead and the same might be done to me.
……………………………………………………… Nancy

I got to the road, and looked left and right waiting for the Uber I called to arrive. Seeing the car, I waved fervently at it; it saw me then drove closer.

“Hi, I’m Nancy. I’m the one that called” I said to the driver as I bent forward to talk to him through the passenger window.

“You?” he asked. I nodded my head.

“How old are you?” he asked, surprised that a girl like me is going out all alone.

“I’m thirteen” I replied.

“Ah! O ti oh!” he exclaimed loudly, totally not up for it “I can’t drive a thirteen year old girl without her parents’ consent”

“I’m going to see my brother, please it’s important” I begged. Seeing as I had no other choice. He looked at me carefully, then finally relented.

“Tor oya, enter the car” he said grudgingly. I smiled widely at him, thanking him. Ada and Stephen, I’m coming to get you.


“How long are you going to leave him in there?” I asked Kingsley my eyes still glued to the closet where Stephen is still hold up in.

“For as long as I want” was his reply. He was sitting beside me, watching me.

“But he’s going to die of suffocation in there if you don’t let him out” I said really concerned.

“Better for everyone then” he said without feeling.

“Not for me, that boy is like a brother to me, I won’t let him die. Let him go now” I said determinedly. Ready to fight if needed, my first plan isn’t working, I should probably start thinking of moving to the second plan, whatever it is anyway. Kingsley just stared at me like he had no clue what to do with me. He hasn’t seen anything yet.


The driver took us to Tejuosho market and then straight to the address. It took us like 15 more minutes to get there. And let me just say; the hotel is massive, and spectacular. I mean the people that come here must be super rich. We parked a few distance away from the hotel, and from my view I could see Gibson and his men. Well I’m already here, so I might as well just do what I’ve come here to do, I don’t care if Gibson will try to stop me, I’m going to rescue Ada and Stephen.

So paying the Uber driver, I got down from the cab and began to head straight to the hotel. I noticed one of his men glance carelessly at me then he looked away. But then his head turned quickly to look at me again as he recognized me. He then began to wave fervently at Gibson but Gibson was talking with intent at James. By the time they had gotten his attention, I was already inside the building, walking straight to the reception area. Time to get my family


I saw a cute petite girl walk in, she looked familiar, but I can’t remember where I’ve seen her. I watched her as she walked determinedly to the reception area, and then I watched as she talked to the receptionist. I then watched as she smiled at the receptionist, they spoke for a few minutes and then she walked over to the elevators. She must be popular for her to be able to just walk in just like that and to be able to go up the elevators. Thinking I had better things to do than to ogle a cute girl, I decided to let that slide cause I needed to make some plans.

First I need to make sure I get rid of Ada cause I know Kingsley won’t do that he’s too much in love with her. So for me to get rid of her, I have to get rid of Kingsley, I just need to think of the perfect murder.



“Gibson, Gibson!” yelled one of my men. Angrily I faced him asking


“Nancy!” he yelled his reply.

“Nancy?” asked James confused. My man Jude had just interrupted my talk with James. We were both thinking of how we were going to go in and get Ada and Stephen, cause the security over here is quite tight. But it seems like whatever he has to say about Nancy is really important.

“What about Nancy?” I asked, Leaving James to walk to him.

“She just went into the hotel” he replied. I stopped abruptly in my steps as James yelled


“no no no I’m sure you’re mistaken. It must have been someone that looks like her” I said.

“No it’s her I’m sure of it” he retorted. I was about to disagree with him but then my phone rang; I looked at the caller i.d to see it was Taiwo from the security room at the headquarters calling.

“Taiwo” I said curtly

“Nancy has left the house. I don’t know where, we need to find her. I’m sorry I wasn’t paying much attention. I had to rush to the restroom cause I was having some stomach issues. I’m so sorry”

“Shake it off Taiwo, it wasn’t your fault. And don’t bother yourself. We know where she is, just get back to work” I replied calmly. But inside I was an inferno.

“Oh” he replied surprised. He paused a second and then said “ok”. I cut the line, closed my eyes and took a deep calming breath. Then making up my mind and forming a new plan, I looked to James

“Nancy just made it easy for us” I said

“Huh? Made it easy? How?” he asked confused I smiled.

“Just follow my lead”

To be continued