Adventures Of Fola Season 2 Episode 12


I woke up groggily to darkness, I can’t see a thing, I’m on the floor , and I think I’m in a room but I’m not certain and it feels like my left hand is cuffed to something on the wall. I can’t remember how I got here, I can’t remember anything. Why…why.. Can’t I?

2 days ago.


So we are no longer on lockdown. In my own words, lockdown has been uprooted. I’m so excited; I get to leave the house, finally. Ada is a bit closed down, she’s been like that since the night I had that little chat with her to let me in on whatever plan she has for Kingsley. I hope she isn’t trying to do whatever she wants to do without letting me in, ‘cause I really won’t be happy if she does.

Kingsley once again has vanished. It’s like he was never here, like he never did whatever he did, like he’s been taken away. I don’t know how he does it, but I’ve come to realize that whenever the heat comes based on his actions, he disappears, it’s like he’s taking this as a game. Wait…maybe he is. Maybe all this is a game to him.

Getting up from the couch, and putting the TV on mute, I left the living room and I headed out to the kitchen to look for Ada. She needs to know what I’ve figured out.


Since the locked down has been taken off, I’m finally able to get back to work. Oh, I didn’t mention how my last case went. Well, we were able to find out that it was neither the husband nor the best friend that killed the wife. It was actually the help. You might be wondering how that’s possible, well it is. ‘Cause we came to find out that this help of theirs was quite jealous of the woman, reason unknown to us. I mean she gets paid well, stays in the house so she has a roof over her head, free food and water; she gets clothes sometimes from her madam ( the husbands dead wife).

So for her to kill her was kind of confusing. But anyway, the help said it was all a mistake. That she just wanted to make her Oga ( the dead wife’s husband) like her more than her madam ( the dead wife). So she went to a native doctor and asked for something to put inside her Oga’s (dead wife’s husband) food. The native doctor gave her a powdered substance. But she was told to put a particular quantity in his food. Thinking adding more than what the native doctor told her to add would be to her advantage, she went ahead and stupidly added more than what was instructed of her to add.

But unfortunately for her, the madam ate the food instead of her husband, ‘cause the husband came home that night complaining of being tired and so he couldn’t eat at that moment. Putting more than what was instructed of her to put turned into poison, which led to the madam getting killed. Well all these falls down to jealous.

We all should be careful. Our only help is God. We are to put God first in every single aspect of our lives.

Anyway, with that case solved, I can get back to work. And right now, I am currently in the government office somewhere in town, to have a few meetings with the people I work with. Hopefully we’ll finish on time and then I’ll get to go and get some food in me ‘cause I’m starving.

Ada. I was in the kitchen cooking when Nancy suddenly dashed in like her butt was on fire. Startled, I jerked holding a hot turning spoon which made the content on the spoon to spill, a large plop landing hotly on my cheek. It hurt a lot, and my expression showed how bad it did.

“Oh! Ada I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, but I just realized something so I came to share it with you” said Nancy breathing fast and apologizing. Using the back of my hand to clean the little drop of sauce on my face, I replied her saying.

“It’s ok dear” then I dropped the spoon on a flat plate on the counter, reduced the heat, then faced her giving her my full attention. “So what have you come to talk to me about?”

“It’s all a game” was her reply, almost yelling at the end. I tilted my head to the side wondering what she was talking about.

“Ada, what is she talking about?” asked Bisi nosily. I looked at Bisi shrugging, the maids in the kitchen with me also looked as confused as I. Bisi looked to Nancy asking,

“What are you talking about Nancy?” Nancy stumped her feet once frustrated and said,

“Kingsley, he’s playing a game. Don’t you get it? Haven’t you realized it yet?”

“I don’t understand you Nancy, Kingsley is sick in the head, he has no feeling. Whatever he has in his head is all twisted. It’s definitely not a game. Trust me” I said, feeling my word would convince her. But she wasn’t convinced, instead she said.

“You need to call Becky. Becky will understand me. Then she will explain it to you” I stood there staring at her thinking

“what in the world is going on in her head?”

“Ada now!” she semi yelled realizing I wasn’t moving to get my phone and call Becky.

“Ok, ok, ok…. I’m calling” so taking out my phone from my apron pocket, I dialed Becky’s line. The maids just kept looking at the both of us, first of all wondering what in the world Nancy is talking about and then why a grown up like me, should be taking instructions from a thirteen year old girl. To be honest, I have no answer to that, ‘casue I really can’t believe I’m listening to a thirteen year old girl.



You know how a cat plays with its food before it finally devours it? Well that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m playing with Ada and her so called family. Once I’m ready to eat, I’ll pounce. I smiled wickedly in the dark of my room as I took a huge gulp of the vodka in my hand. Closing my eyes and Humming to myself, I enjoyed the feel of the harsh taste going down my throat. Yeah…once I’m ready. I’ll pounce.

The next day Becky.

So I got a call from Ada yesterday telling me to hurry down to the house. At first I thought maybe Kingsley has been captured or something. But when I got there, Ada just simply dragged me to her room, Nancy matching right behind us. I twisted my neck to look at Nancy matching behind us, wondering what in the world was going on.

Anyway, I got to find out that Nancy put it all together and realized that all this is a game to Kingsley. In his head he feels he’s just having fun. But if it is a game, what image is he playing in his head. With this new found thought in mind, we called Kenneth to ask him more about his brother, he asked us a few questions and then we began to discuss. At the end of the day, we realized that Kingsley is thinking like an animal, a smart one too. And we are his prey. God help us all.


“Ada we need to talk” that was said by Nancy as she walked to me. I was coming out of the kitchen after doing some work with some of the maids, she looked determined like no matter what I do or say won’t stop her from doing what’s on her mind. As calmly as I could I paid attention to her without acting like I might have to say no to whatever she has in mind. So I just calmly nodded my head at her request, as I looked her straight in the eyes.

“Why haven’t you or Becky cooked up a plan?” she asked accusingly. Tilting my head to the side I asked,

“Cooked up a plan? What plan?” She rolled her eyes heavenwards then rolled it back at me.

“A plan to get Kingsley na” Sighing I placed my hand around her shoulder, turning her to the direction of the living room and said as we walked,

“ we don’t need to cook up a plan Nancy because Gibson and his team has it covered” Scowling she stopped walking, stopping me also and turned to face me and said,

“Has it covered? Let me hear” then she rolled her eyes again before saying, “they aren’t doing anything. Nothing at all, it’s like a week now and still we haven’t seen or heard from Kingsley, and it’s really scary. Whenever he stays quiet, it means he is also planning. This is the best time for us to strike, don’t you get it? It’s now or never, because when he finally strikes it will be bad. Trust me Ada. It will. So please, please you girls should do something, anything, just to shake him off his game a little. That will give Gibson and his team more leverage over Kingsley” I hate to say this but Nancy is absolutely right. But I can’t tell her that ‘cause she’ll think I’ve finally succumbed to her. And that won’t be wise of me. I started to walk again which made her to walk along with me. We got to the living room; I led her to one of the sofas. We both sat down. Then taking her hands in mine, I took a deep breath and said.

“Nancy, cooking up a plan is very dangerous” she tried to speak but I gave her a look, her mouth snapped shut. “You can’t compare Kingsley and Tinu” I said, knowing she was going to compare them both. “Kingsley is a maniac, a psychopath, while Tinu is a ….”

“Twat?” I looked at her,

“well yeah, but that’s not what I wanted to say. What I wanted to say is, Tinu is a…”


“No Nancy, listen, Tinu is a…….”

“Virus? Bug? Plague?” she said angrily.

“Nancy” I said sternly admonishing her. She looked at me from the side of her eyes.

“I’m just saying the truth Ada” I sighed, then I continued, “We can’t do anything. None of us can, we just have to leave it to Gibson and his team ok?” She stayed silent.

“Ok?” I reiterated firmly with authority. She bowed her head as she grumbled an

“ok”. Well at least she said ok, I can manage that. I really, really hope Gibson gets Kingsley.

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The control room I watched as Jessica walked into the lobby, looking like her normal beautiful self. She knows how to dress, always in her expensive attire, looking like a high class lady. But underneath, she is deadly. Something looks different about her today, she doesn’t look ok. I don’t know what it is but I know it’s strange. I watched as she spoke to the receptionist. Oh no this isn’t good, what does she want? I know she is Gibson’s ex, and she gave him a lot of trouble while they were dating three years ago. So for her to just come back unannounced is strange. I know Gibson didn’t ask for her to come ‘cause obviously everyone knows that he’s madly in love with Ada. But apart from that, Gibson always lets me know who and who will be coming to visit. The same goes for Michael.

I grinned at the thought of being able to call Mr. Smith Michael. Ever since Fola came into his life he has become a different person. An example is that, he demanded of each and every one of us working here to stop calling him Mr. Smith, but instead we are to call him Michael, which is awesome by the way. Thank God for Fola. Anyway, back to the matter at hand. What in the world does Jessica want? And is Gibson expecting her or is this a surprise?



It’s like a week now and nothing has been heard from Kingsley. No attacks, no appearance, no nothing. It’s like he vanished into thin air. The first time he did this something bad happened. Who knows what he is planning now? I sat in my office chair at the headquarters of our security firm when my door was knocked on. Calling the person in, I raised my head to look. And to my dismay, it was Jessica. My ex. seriously, what does she want now?



A lot of things went through my mind when I saw the face of my ex after three years. What in the world does she want?

“Hello Gibson, been a while” she said in that British accent of hers. I really don’t know why I dated her; she’s totally not my type. She is mean, vindictive, proud and very, very lazy. She doesn’t even know how to cook. What African man on earth would want to have a woman like her as a wife? None if you must know.

She walked into my office in her black high heeled shoes, and a grey pencil skirt with a white shirt. Her handbag hanging low on her left hand and her right hand holding her iphone, she was putting on some aviator sunglasses that fitted snuggly into the bone structure of her nose. Anyone who sees her now will think she’s a goddess; she probably is….probably a ma mi water. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was.

“What can I do for you Jessica?” I asked callously.

“Is that how you treat your girlfriend of three years?” she asked, feigning being hurt by my attitude, and gasping for added effect.

“Ex girlfriend Jessica, you’re my ex, and you’ll stay that way” I stated still apathetic. But she didn’t mind or maybe she did and if she did, then she’s good at hiding her feelings.

“Well ok but that’s by the way. How are you? I can see you’ve been doing really well” she said as she sat down on the seat facing me then she dropped her bag on the ground beside her feet and her phone on the table. She then got comfortable by relaxing and crossing her legs, making her skirt to hitch up a little, which resulted to showing a little bit of skin. I looked at her legs then I looked at her. She had a smug look on her face.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Nothing” she said, shrugging innocently. I relaxed also in my seat. If it’s a game she wants to play, then I’m ready. We stayed muted for several seconds, both of us just looking at each other. That’s when my phone rang, taking my eyes off of Jessica, I picked up my phone to answer it.

“Gibson” I said into my phone.

“Stephen is here” said Taiwo. Taiwo works in the control room, he sees everything.

“Taiwo why didn’t you tell me Jessica was on her way up or that she was around?”

“I thought you knew” he said, a bit hesitant.

“I didn’t” I replied back

“It won’t happen again” he said apologetically.

“See that it doesn’t”. He was quiet, and so was I, through this, I wondered why Stephen would come over to come visit. I hope everything is alright back at the house.

“Did he mention why he’s here?” I asked.

“He said he wants to see you” I looked at Jessica, her phone was held in both hands, head down and she was typing away, totally not caring that I just asked Taiwo why he didn’t tell me about her being around. I’m sure she’s probably letting her girlfriends know where she is. She’s probably filling their heads up with all sorts of lies, one of it being she’s getting back with me. God why is she here? I asked myself frustrated.

“Ok Taiwo, let him in” Jessica’s head came up abruptly,

“let who in?” I ignored her, and just sat there looking at her, my face blank. “Do you know you haven’t smiled at me since I got in” she said, twirling a strand of hair and giving me that annoying smile of hers that she thinks looks sexy.

“Yeah, ‘cause I’m not happy to see you” the smile vanished. Her fingers stopped twirling her hair, and that gave me a satisfied feeling to see that look on her face. A knock on the door took my eyes away from her and I called the person in. Stephen walked in, looking like a grown man.

During the days of Fola’s constant attack from her mother, he has grown so much. He doesn’t look like a normal sixteen year old boy anymore; he looks more of a twenty one year old boy.

“Stephen, everything alright?” I asked as he walked in, my eyes solely on him.

“Yeah, was just on my way home from my meeting but decided to just pop in. see how things are going with….” He stopped speaking, then looked at Jessica. “What is she doing here?” he asked coldly.

“Hi Stephen” said Jessica sweetly.

“Ignore her” I said. It’s no surprise Stephen doesn’t like Jessica no one liked her.

“Well I can’t, so I’ll just leave. We’ll talk later” then he turned around to leave but I stopped him.

“No! Wait, you don’t have to go” he stopped to look at me. I stood up slowly from my seat. My eyes now on Jessica. She was looking at me confused, wondering why I stopped Stephen from leaving. With my eyes directly on her, I said to Stephen.

“She’ll leave”. Jessica’s mouth dropped open. I grinned……slowly.

To be continued