Adventures Of Fola Episode 16


I woke up sometime later. I don’t know how long I’ve been out but I guess it was quite long. I was in my bedroom; lying down on my bed. The blanket covering me up to my chin, I felt warm and comfortable. I turned my head to the right and noticed the window curtains were lifted to allow sunlight into my room. It was bright outside; I must have slept for long hours seeing as it was morning already.

I could hear male voices in front of my door, probably some of Michael’s men. I felt heaviness in my bladder; meaning I needed to pee. I tried sitting up, but then my head started to hurt, it was an awful feeling, a very painful one. It felt like my head was being trampled upon. I touched the right side of my temple and noticed that it was a bit tender, how did I get that now?

I managed to get myself to a sitting position, resting my back on the headboard. I felt a bit groggy and disoriented. I took a deep calming breaths. My head was seriously aching. I tried to remember how I got here and why my temple was tender. The last thing I remember was walking into the house and taking a look around. The rest is a bit fuzzy.

Taking the blanket off me, I placed a foot on the carpet floor. Then the other foot followed. I Got up slowly and stood up straight, but I started to feel dizzy, so I just stood there for a few seconds taking deep calming breaths. When I was sure that I wasn’t going to faint I walked into the bathroom and relieved my heavy bladder. Once I was done, I flushed the toilet then stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, washing my hands and looking at myself. I looked tired and a bit pale. My cheeks that were a bit chubby before had now sunk in, my eyelids were a bit swollen and I was still feeling dizzy. Well I guess lack of good food can cause this to a person.

I brushed my teeth and poured some water on my face so I could feel like a human being once more. Still looking at myself in the mirror I noticed I wasn’t wearing the cloth I wore when I was rescued. I was instead wearing my pj’s. Hmmm, how did I get it on?. I need to ask Ada.

Walking out of the bathroom I went in search of Ada. I got to my bedroom door and opened it almost walking right into a tired looking Michael. Even with the tiredness he still looked absolutely handsome.

“Oh! Michael, sorry I didn’t know you were here.’’ Michael gave me a warm smile, answering he said

“ it’s ok Fola, I just came to check if you were awake, I stayed with you throughout the night to make sure you were ok, after what happened to you last night’’. Last night?, I tried remembering what happened to me, but it was hard for me to do that. It was like there was a big fog in my brain and I couldn’t remember anything.

Michael noticed the way I was frowning, trying to concentrate, to remember. He came a bit closer to me. holding me by the left side of my neck with his right hand he asked

“ Fola, can’t you remember what happened to you last night”?

“well of course I do, I remember you and your friends rescuing the little girl and I, where is she anyway?” Shaking his head, he said

“ no Fola, not that, what do you remember after we rescued you and the little girl, and brought you girls home’’.? I didn’t say anything; I just kept quiet and continued to look at him. “ Fola do you remember what happened to you’’?. He was a lot closer now, our bodies almost touching. It was very distracting. How does he expect me to answer him when he’s holding me like this? Using my right hand to hold him by the elbow I said,

“Michael I only remember you guys rescuing us. Nothing more”. Stilling holding me closely he said,

“you fainted Fola, we called the doctor to check on you, he said you’ll be ok. That you were just malnourished. So from now on, you will be eating proper food, and at all times’’. He kept quiet to hear what I would say. But I didn’t say anything. Instead I started to remember what happened to me. I walked into the house, said hi to Stephen. Looked around me, the living room, dining room, the stairs, everything. I remember how I had missed the house so much, and how I had come to realize that these people where all my family, the only family I had. I also remember feeling dizzy and the room was spinning, after that, nothing. Just waking up in my bed with a bad headache.

Michael shook me a bit to get my attention cos I was busy remembering what happened to me last night. So I focused my eyes on him again.

“Michael I remember, I didn’t before, but now I do. I just need to take something for this headache of mine. Do you have anything that I can take to stop the pain’’?. Michael moved back a bit ,

“ you have a headache?, how bad is it’’? Taking a deep breath I said,

“ really bad. I can even feel in my eyes”. He held me by the waist with one of his arm , turned us around and led me to the staircase. When we got to the stairs, Michael surprised me by bending down by the waist and carrying me up bridal style. I was surprised because the last time he did that was when my ankle was swollen. He hasn’t done it since then.

Wrapping both arms around his shoulder, I relaxed into him. I might as well enjoy it seeing as no matter how much I complain, every word I say will be on deaf ears. We got to the bottom of the stairs, when we suddenly heard Ada’s voice.

“ oh!, Fola you’re awake. Did you sleep well?, you gave us a scare last night. The whole of Mr. Smiths men came rushing into the house when they heard Stephen yell out Michael’s name. They thought you were being kidnapped or something”

“ no , they came rushing in because of the way you were yelling Fola’s name, you sounded like a banshee, I’m surprised the whole neighborhood didn’t wake up to your screams’’. Said Stephen as he walked passed us. Going straight to the dinning room.

‘’I didn’t scream that loud Stephen, stop exaggerating’’. Said Ada, she was looking a bit embarrassed. I chuckled,

‘’ it’s ok Ada, it’s good to know people care about me so much’’. Michael was still carrying me. and Ada looked like she was going to do a happy dance with the way Michael was holding me, so I decided it was time for me to get down from his body. But before I did that I asked Ada saying,

“ Ada who changed my clothes for me last night”.

“ oh. It was me. the one you were wearing was filthy and disgusting so I took it off, I also gave you a sponge bath”. Hmm, no wonder, that’s why I feel so clean. Turning my attention to Michael I said,

“You can put me down now please”. His answer was to walk to the dining area still carrying me, with Ada behind us. I could hear her silent laughter. Stupid man with his stupid protectiveness.

We got to the dining room, Stephen was walking out with a cup of tea in his hand, he passed us, with a huge grin on his face, I rolled my eyes, then focused on looking at the table. The first thing I saw was my little princess shoveling food into her mouth.. Wow she must be really hungry. She’s lucky she’s not as weak and as tired as I am. I still didn’t know her name. But how will I know it when she can’t talk. Maybe she’ll have a way to let me know I could probably be saying names to her and wait for her to let me know which is hers.

The table was filled up with different types of food, I was sure that my Tummy was going to be as big as an elephant once I was done.

Michael walked to the head of the dining table and dropped me at the right side of the table, I turned a bit to look for Ada, she was standing by the entrance of the dining hall, smiling at me or maybe us. I smiled too. There’s no need fighting it. The whole house already knows about Michael and i.

Ada, walked out leaving us to enjoy our breakfast. Michael got up and served me some potato chips with egg, then he poured a cup of tea for me( milo), got his own plate, and piled it up with potato, plantain and eggs, then poured coffee for himself. I looked at my plate, he had come to know some of my best breakfast meals, I used to love pancakes, but then it changed to chips and egg. And he remembered.

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We both dug into our food almost at the same time. A few minutes later, while still eating, the chair beside me, moved. I turned my eyes to look at why it moved and noticed it was the little girl, she was sitting by me, looking at me. She touched my forehead, then my neck, like she was trying to check my temperature, I realized she was trying to ask me if I was ok, after yesterday’s incident, i.e me fainting. I smiled at her,

“sweetie I’m fine, don’t worry about me’’. She smiled at me and nodded her head, meaning ok. “So how do we get to talk, I mean we need like a pen and paper to talk to each other, don’t you think”?. She gave me a dazzling smile. Then she began to look around, I guess she was looking for what to use to write. So I looked at Michael, giving him a look that said

“she needs a paper and pen, get it”. Michael sighed, got up and walked to a table close to the window, on top of the table was a jotter and pen, hmm…I didn’t see that there before. Guess I wasn’t observant. After picking it up, he came back to me and handed the jotter and pen to me. He was done with his breakfast, so he just sat back down and watched us. I handed the jotter and pen to her and she looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to ask my first question. I smiled at her, and then I began to ask her my questions.

“Let’s first start with knowing your name, so what’s your name”?. Turning her attention to the jotter in her hand, she began to write. I could see letter “a” and letter “n”, couldn’t see the rest though. Once she was done writing she gave me the jotter. I looked at it and it read

“Nancy”. Wow, Nancy. Such a lovely name, I turned my attention to her and said,

“your name is very lovely”. She nodded at me and smiled. I carried on with my questions,

“where are your parents.” Her face suddenly looked sad, I was afraid I might have asked a bad question. But she answered me anyway. She wrote in her jotter, It said

“ they are dead”. My appetite suddenly disappeared after I read it. She was looking at me while I read it. The look on my face changed from being curious to being sad. Her parents are dead. Does she have siblings? Or is it just her in this world?. Looking at her I said,

“I’m so sorry about your parents sweetie, but do you have younger ones, or older ones”?. She shook her head, meaning no. ok I had one more question to ask so I did.

“sweetie, do you have uncles, aunts , cousins, granddads or maybe a grandmother”?. She shook her head again, meaning no. this is so sad, she is practically alone in this world. That’s why my mother was able to have her, God I can imagine what she has gone through in the hands of my mother.

This little girl was dressed in the skimpiest dress anyone could wear, and when I say anyone, I mean prostitutes. Taking the girls hand in mine , I continued to ask her questions.

“sweetie, do you know how your parents died?, can you tell me how you got into the hands of that woman that you were with”?. She started to write on her jotter again. This took a little while. Guess she had a lot to explain. I waited a bit, once she was done, she handed me her jotter. It said,

“ I and my parents were going to my friend’s birthday party. I was sitting at the back seat, while my mum sat at the front, my dad was driving. We were all quiet in the car, the radio was on, and a song was playing. I don’t know the song, but suddenly my daddy started to complain about the brakes not working, he tried to stop the car but it refused to stop and where we were was a road that was going down, like coming down from a hill. He drove straight into a trailer that was coming at the other side of the road. My parents died immediately the accident happened; well that’s what the doctor said. My seat belts weren’t on. I refused to put them on earlier because I was angry at my dad for making us late; he came home late from work, so we were late for the party. So since my seat belts weren’t on, I got thrown out of my seat and hit the dash board quite hard, which made me to black out.

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When I woke up, I was at the hospital, and your mother was sitting by my hospital bed, she said that I have no one to turn to but her, that its either I accept to live on the streets, or I stay with her, and even if I decided to go with the police, they would put me in a foster home, where I’ll get bullied or worse. I later realized that I couldn’t speak. The doctor said that I had actually been in a coma for 2 weeks and that your mother took care of me and paid my hospital bills. He said, the way I hit my head on the dashboard caused some damage to my brain, which has lead to me not being able to speak. I was scared, and very unhappy, how do I talk to others?, how will I be able to defend myself and take care of myself if I can’t speak. The only way that I’ll survive is if I go with your mother, so I decided to go with her. I had no idea she wanted to sell me to men, luckily for me no man has decided to have me. I don’t know why, but I’m happy they haven’t”.

I was crying after I read all that she wrote. She lost her parents at such a young age. And my mother decided to use her cos she had no one. My God, she’s so heartless, doing this to a little girl. Nancy started to rub my back, she wanted me to calm down and stop crying. But I couldn’t it was so sad and unfair. I used my right hand to clean my face, and then I turned to her. holding her hand I said,

“Nancy , you are safe now, I will take care of you, no….I looked at Michael , then looking back at her, I corrected myself, saying

“ we will take care of you. No one will hurt you, not even my mum. Ok’’?. She nodded her head smiling at me, her lips were trembling, she was about to cry, to I pulled her towards me and held her tight to myself, giving her a big hug. Michael had, had enough of our crying fest; I knew that cos he cleared his throat to get our attention. We both looked at him, and what I saw can give anyone a scare. He looked formidable, intense, and fierce. He looked like he would kill anyone to protect Nancy, to protect me. He looked like he wanted to go out right then and get my mother, then give her the worse punishment any woman could have. I liked it. I knew I and nancy were safe, as long as we were with Michael.

Michael got up from his seat. Then he walked over to us, we were still holding each other when he got to us. Taking Nancy from me, he carried her. Her tiny legs wrapping around his waist. Holding her close he said,

“ Nancy, you’ve been through a lot. But I’m telling you now. All that is over. No one will hurt you. You are now mine, I will protect you. And Fola will protect you too. Nothing to worry about any longer ok?”, Nancy gave him a very huge smile, she nodded her head, meaning yes, then hugged him tight. Her hands going around his neck. It was one of the best moments of my life.

While they were hugging, I heard footsteps. I got up from my seat and stood beside Michael, Michael held Nancy with one arm, and then used the other to hold me around my waist. A few seconds later, Gibson walked in. He stopped when he saw us. Critically analyzing the way we stood, amusement on his face. Then he said,

” are you a family now?, cos you all look so good together”. I noticed Nancy’s body shaking, I looked at her, and saw her smiling, I smiled too, I guess that was her way of laughing, and what Gibson said might have sounded funny to her. I turned my attention back to Gibson, he was smiling and looking at Nancy a twinkle in his eyes, when I said,

“we look good right”?. Gibson didn’t say anything. He just kept on smiling. Then he looked at Michael and asked,

“what’s the deal bro, how far have we gone on our search”?. Michael let Nancy down; she came towards my side and held my hand. Then he walked towards Gibson saying,

“Let’s go to my office and talk”. I looked at Nancy and shrugged, she smiled, I held my left hand out she took it, then I said,

“ lets go and do some fun stuff, looking down at her I asked, “sounds fun”?. She nodded her head, she looked really excited. We hadn’t gone far from the dining hall, when we suddenly heard Michael yell out.

“ Fola, don’t stress yourself, you’re still a bit weak, you need rest. Take it easy”!. Laughing out loud I said,

“yeah right, like I ever do what you say”. We continued to walk out of the dining hall, and then we went up the stairs to my room. Even if he didn’t hear me, I know he will keep a watch full eye on me. To make sure I’m ok. Because that’s who my Michael is he is loving and caring. So he will make sure I am perfectly fine.


We went up the stairs to my room. Getting in, Nancy started to look around, then she walked over to my bed and used a hand to touch it. She looked at me and smiled, I asked,

“do you like my room”?. She moved her eyes to look around, then brought her attention back to me. Still smiling she nodded head to tell me yes. Walking to my bed I said,

“I like it too, it’s amazing here you know?, the first time I came here I was injured, but this house accepted me like I was family”. She had a worried look when I said that, she looked at my feet, and then looked at me. I sat down on my bed and faced her to quickly reassure her.

“It’s ok sweetie don’t be worried I only had a swollen ankle that’s all”. Her face then changed to a confused look. So I said, “That’s a story for another day”. She gave me a nod. I smiled. She’s really cute.

We heard a knock on my door, I called the person in. Stephen opened the door, took a peep, and then walked in fully. He closed the door behind him but didn’t come fully into my room; he just stood a few inches away from door. He was looking at Nancy, I looked at Nancy, and she was looking at him. He didn’t say anything he was just looking at her, he had on a poker face, so I couldn’t tell what he was thinking. He suddenly looked at me and asked,

“are you ok Fola?, not feeling dizzy or anything right?. You scared us when you fainted last night”. Aww so sweet.

“ I’m ok Stephen thanks”. We were all quiet. Nancy was still staring at Stephen. She was looking at him in a fascinating way. Like she had never seen a boy before. But I know she has, she once had a life so seeing a boy shouldn’t be new to her. Stephen too was looking at her, but his look was more of a “I will protect you with my life look”. Hm. This is interesting. I didn’t want to jump into any conclusions so I just kept my mouth shut. Something caught his attention, cos he quickly stopped looking at Nancy but instead looked at my window. I looked at my window Nancy did the same too, and then looked at him. He had cocked his head to the side trying to figure out something, and he was still looking at my window. Still looking at him, I noticed a red dot right at his chest. Hmm, I wonder what that is?. “Stephen why is there a red dot on your chest? And it seems to be moving”. He looked at his chest, then looked at the window, an astonished look clouded his face. He moved so fast towards us that I didn’t even see him, yelling at us to get down, he jumped on us, making us fall to the side of the bed. The next thing we heard. Gunshots. Bang!

To be continued