Adventures Of Fola Episode 15


On our way home, I was held close, so close to Michael’s body in the car. Our bodies almost becoming one. My head resting on his right shoulder, my right arm draped across his chest. While his left arm held me around my waist, thinking about the last 5 days of my life held captive by my insane , heartless , mother.

Why would a mother be this wicked to her daughter? Why would she want to turn her own flesh and blood into a sex slave? What did I do to her for her to hate me this way?. All these questions and no one to give me answers.

Letting out a deep breath. I held Michael more closely to me. Ever since our kiss, I’ve felt like I don’t want to let him go. I just want to keep on holding him, forever. And I think he feels the same way, cos he has been holding me really tightly too. His hold on me hasn’t slipped for even a minute. We got to the gate of his house; the guy driving pressed the car horn. A few minutes later, the gates opened. We drove in, past the trees and flowers, and then parked in front of the house by the short set of stairs leading to the front door. Michael looked at me saying,

’’ we are home, you are safe, no one will ever hurt you again, I swear on my life’’. He had a determined look on his face, very serious and also intense. I nodded my head, Letting him know I understood him. He caressed the right side of my face with his left hand, from my temple down to my cheek. Then holding the right side of my face tenderly he kissed me, again. for the second time this night. I felt so excited. But it was a short kiss more like a peck. Then looking at me he said,

‘’ don’t get out of the car, I’ll open it for you’’. He waited for me to let him know I understood him. So I just nodded my head. He gave me a small smile, kissed my forehead, then got out of the car. Walking around through the back, he came to my side of the car and opened it. Holding my left hand, helped me to get down. I looked at the car and noticed it was a car I hadn’t seen before. It was more like a jeep, didn’t know what kind though, so I asked.

‘’ Michael what car is this, have we had this before?’’ Michael looked at the car then looked at me, giving a slight head nod towards the car he asked,

‘this one’’?

‘’Yep this one’’, I mean what other car will i be referring to?.

‘’We’ve had these cars for some time now Fola, it’s one of the safest cars anyone can have, its called an explorer. An SUV 2016 EXPLORER. ‘’ he took hold of my hand and lead me to the house. Well I guess that was the end of me asking questions.

We were about to climb the short set of stairs, when suddenly , the front door opened and Ada came racing towards me, Stephen, Michael’s younger brother was standing by the door, but I’ll say hi to him later, I needed to hug Ada, as hard and tight as possible. I let go of Michael’s hand, and did the same too. I had missed her so much. We both collided into each other, crying hysterically. Our sobs were quite loud and it was really late at night so our cries could be heard as far as outside the gate. But we didn’t care, we didn’t care if anyone woke up to our cries, we had missed each other, and we were both grateful to be in each other’s arms again.

I heard Michael mutter, ‘’girls’’. I rolled my eyes, but continued to enjoy the embrace that my friend was giving me. Ada held me real tight. She was talking and crying at the same time.

‘’ m..m…..m….my god…..f..f..f..f.Fola. i… was so s..s..s..scared”. I had to try and calm her down cos it looked like she wasn’t getting enough oxygen into her body to breathe with the way she was talking and crying.

‘’ it’s ok Ada, I’m fine; Michael and his friends rescued me. I’m ok’’. She held my face and looked into my eyes, then she started to touch me all over, trying to see if I was hurt in anyway.

‘’ did those b——s touch you?, ehn? Did they do something to you? Tell me Fola, and we’ll make sure they never get to see the light of day again.’’ she went down on her knees checking me out, my feet, legs, thighs. Then she came back up. Her hands on my waist, eyes on me. I smiled at her, she looked like a lioness protecting her cub, so fierce and strong. Holding both of her hands I said,

‘’ Fola, honestly, I am fine. Nothing to worry about, I just want to have a nice shower and go to bed. that’s all ok?.’’ She looked at me closely , her eyes squinting. when she realized that I wasn’t lying, she nodded her head, turned around and led me to the door, we climbed the short set of stairs, when I suddenly realized I was forgetting something, but what was it………oh my god!, the little girl. I let go of Michaels hand and half yelled at him.

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“Where is the little girl? She knows no one but me, she’ll be scared out of her mind.’’ Michael was talking to one of his men when I semi yelled. He turned his head to look at me, his side facing me. then calmly like he had no care in the world he said,

‘’ Fola, its late, everyone is tired, and you’re screaming. Please go inside and rest. The little one is safe I promise’’. Nope I wasn’t buying that, I have to see her first to know if she is ok. The girl can’t talk, how will they understand her.? Walking down the stairs determinedly, I went straight to Michael. I stopped right by his side and said,

‘’ Michael I need to see her, please.’’ He looked at my face, he must have seen something in the way that I looked at him because his face suddenly changed. He looked fierce and ready to take on the world before but now, he looked sweet, loving and caring. And also gentle. The only time I’ve seen these looks on him is when we kissed, which is only 2 times. So in essence he hardly shows off this particular look of his, and I love that he shows it only to me.

‘’ Fola, the little one is asleep’’. Then taking my hand, he led me to the 3rd explorer that came with us in a convoy. I walked behind him, trying my best to keep up with his long strides. He opened the back door , and there in the back seat of the car lay my sweet, little one, all curled up in a ball, fast asleep, she looked so cute. Well I guess she’s ok then, turning to face Michael I said,

‘’ ok, she is safe and asleep, thank you’’. I stood on my toes and gave him a quick kiss on lips and walked back up the stairs towards the front door, before I did that I got a glimpse of Michael shaking his head in a ‘’ what do I do with this girl kind of way’’…ha ha, we’ve both confessed that we love each other, so he is stuck with me.

As I came up the last set of stairs, Ada’a mouth was wide open in shock, I tapped her left shoulder as I walked passed her saying,

‘’ close your mouth dear, a fly could fly in there and decide never to come out.’’ She quickly closed her mouth, then rushed after me, getting to me she asked in a loud whisper,

‘’ what was that?’’. I looked at her like she had two sets of heads.

‘’ what was what Ada?’’ She was still whispering loudly when she asked, pointing towards Michael

‘’!, you kissed Mr. Smith. Oh my god! You guys just kissed Mr. Smith, in front of everyone.’’ She looked like she had just seen superman in the flesh, and that he wasn’t just a movie figure, but a real alien that could fly and lift airplanes and all that. I ignored her, walked to the door of the house and went right into Stephen , hugging him.he hugged me back, whispering in my ear,

’’ welcome back Fola, we really missed you’’. I let go of him and replied,

“I missed you guys too’’. He stepped aside to let me in, I walked in but stopped right in the middle of the corridor, taking everything in. the lovely, constant smell that has always been in the house, the look, its decorations, everything. Then I walked deeper into the house, looking at the living room, the stairs, the dining room. Everything was the same, nothing had changed. I was so happy to be back home. Home, this is what a home is called, a place where one feels safe, a place where you know you’re loved by everyone. This is my family, my only family.

I turned around; Ada was standing a few steps behind me, tears flowing down her cheeks, her lips trembling. she knew how I felt, me taking a look at the house I have come to love after being held captive for 5 days. Suddenly, I started to feel strange, I felt the room spin, Stephen was standing by the door, looking at me, he was frowning, then he started to move towards me quite quickly, Ada was calling my name but it sounded distant, she sounded frightened too but I had no idea why, Stephen yelled out Michael’s name. I just needed to sit down, cos this spinning thing was beginning to make me nauseous. I took a step forward,. Then I heard Michael yelling my name too, I could also hear heavy footsteps, like a thousand men were racing into the house. Why is everyone yelling my name, it’s too late for this. People are sleeping; they should keep their voices down.

I suddenly started to feel really tired like I had just climbed a mountain, my heart was beating really fast, then felt the cold floor on my face, I wonder how that happened, I’m standing right? So why can I feel the cold floor on my face. I felt no pain just the cold floor this is so confusing then everything went black.

To be continued