Adventures Of Fola Episode 14


Hearing Michaels voice felt like a dream, I couldn’t believe he was here. He was actually here with me; I was shaking all over, excitement mixed with fear. Removing the little girl’s hands from around me I ran the reaming distance to Michael. Jumping on him with my legs wrapped around his waist holding him tightly. I never wanted to let go.

Michael held me, trying to soothe me by rubbing my back with his hand, saying soothing words to calm me down. I held him tighter. If I could enter into his skin, I would. It was that bad. It was the best feeling in the world, seeing him here with me. holding him.

But then I remembered my mother, did he see her? if he did , did he arrest her or is he holding her somewhere so she doesn’t escape and the police can come and do their thing. I mean where is she? Getting myself more comfortable on Michael’s body I released him a bit to look at him. I couldn’t see his face cos they were painted black but I could see his eyes, the most beautiful eyes a guy could ever have.

I was getting lost in it when suddenly I felt a tap on my back. I turned a bit to the side and looked down at the little girl, she was staring at Michael. And she was looking really scared. Well I don’t blame her, seeing as Michael is like 6’3 and he’ll look like a giant to her, plus his face was painted black, I myself would think he was someone from a horror movie, like the movie I watched last week, he was called the boogeyman, some scary guy he was. Well that’s by the way.  I turned back to look at Michael and whispered,

‘’There is a little girl behind me, she can’t talk, but I think my mother was trying to use her for something’’. Also whispering, Michael replied,

‘’ ok, we can help her, maybe take care of her’’. Smiling I said,

‘’cool, that will be awesome’’. He nooded his head, meaning yes. Then he whispered asking, ‘’why are we whispering’’?. I had no Idea why so I answered,

‘’ I have no idea’’. This made Michael to chuckle, he tapped my thighs letting me know he needed me to get down. I took the hint, came down from his body and moved a bit to stand beside him. Michael looked at me then looked at the girl, he then took two steps towards her, she took a step back looking at him. he was a bit close to her so he smiled then got down on one knee to look at her more closely and also to be at her level. But this only made her more scared. I’m thinking it was because of the black paint on his face. Doesn’t he know he looks really scary and she’s just a little girl. Smacking him upside the head, I said

’’ Michael the girl is scared of the paint on your face; you look like a demon from hell’’.

‘’ouch!, Fola, why did you do that?’’. He was rubbing the back of his head, glaring at me. I couldn’t help it, I laughed out loud, he looks cute when he glares. I was laughing and telling Michael sorry at the same time, when I noticed the little girl staring at the both of us, her eyes going back and forth. I knew she needed an explanation as to what was happening and why I was so comfortable with Michael. She would want to know who Michael is. So I moved the few steps to her, got to her height level, placed a hand to her left shoulder and said.

‘’ this man that looks like a demon from hell is my friend , he is a really nice person, very sweet’’…..saying this made Michael to clear his throat, I turned my head to glare at him, he composed himself but I could see his lips twitch. Facing the little girl again, I continued to talk to her. ‘’ he is a nice person, you don’t have to be scared’’. She moved her head to the side a bit to look at Michael, then she looked back at me. She pointed at Michael , then touched her face, she was trying to ask about his face.

‘’ sweetie you don’t have to worry about that. It’s just paint, he’ll get it off real soon’’. She nodded her head saying yes. Then she left me and walked to Michael looking at him. She had to bend her neck a little to the back cos Michael is quite tall. Michael was also staring down at her with a frown on his face, I’m sure he was wondering what she was going to do next. She surprised us all, when she took a hold of Michael’s left arm and held his hand. Then she turned to face me. well I guess she’s no longer scared of him, that’s good.

Soon enough ,We heard heavy footsteps, a few seconds later, another guy dressed like Michael came jogging in. he looked like Michael but a bit shorter than him, maybe with an inch. His face was also painted black and his skin was chocolate in color, I mean he wasn’t dark and he wasn’t light. He was putting on black cargo pants with a tight black t shirt that hugged him really well if I must say. He had bulky arms and legs, and also a wide chest with broad shoulders and a short hair cut. His eyes didn’t look like normal eyes. They looked like the color of whisky, maybe he is not pure African or pure Nigerian. I couldn’t really see his face because of the paint but I can bet that he is really cute, cos he has a straight nose and really nice lips.

He had a gun in his hand, and he also had a gun tucked in both thighs. He also had a gun hostler that went across each of his shoulders and it had a gun in it too. He looked like a soldier going to war. I was looking at his eyes when he spoke. But he didn’t speak to me, he spoke to Michael, his voice felt like warm cream but it had a roughness in it, kind ‘a husky but deep.

‘’ yo. You done here? Can we go?, you’ve found her now right?, so we can go”.

Michael nodded his head, turning his attention to me, he said,

’’ hold the girl’s hand babe, and stay right behind me, we are leaving’’.

‘’oh my, he called me babe’’. He actually called me babe. That’s a first. I was giddy inside, I could practically do cat wheels. But that will be stupid. So I got myself together and acted like his words had no effect on me. Holding the little girls hand, I stood right behind Michael. I felt it was proper to hold him in some way; I needed to make sure I wouldn’t be left behind. So holding him will help. I hooking my fingers in the waist of his trousers, I held on to him. He turned his head to give me a curious look, I just shrugged. I had no answer for him.

Michael gave his friend a nod to signify that we were ready to leave and that he should lead the way. His friend turned around. Then carefully walked back towards the door , he moved confidently but slowly with his gun set to shoot at anyone or anything that tries to attack us. Coming out of the room through the door, I noticed that we were actually in my childhood home. My mum had brought me back to my childhood home, a place where lots of bad memories was laid.

Four more men dressed in cargo pants and tight t shirts, with their faces painted black stood in the living room/kitchen. My attention wasn’t on the men but on what I was looking at, it was where I was at the moment. I could see the kitchen that is connected to the living room and seeing the living room made me remember the first time I saw my mum having sex with one of her many customers. I stood there remembering, forgetting everything and everyone around. My heart was beating fast and I was feeling disgusted and angry at the same time,

I remembered the look in my mum’s eyes, so empty, with no feelings whatsoever. I remember how she embraced her downfall, her irresponsible act, how she looked so ignoble. I remember the look in her eyes that said,

‘’whatever happens should happen I don’t care’’. The look that said’’ I give up’’. That day was the day I knew I had no mother. Cos no mother will do that to her only child.

Still going through memory lane, I heard someone call my name. I wasn’t sure who it was cos I was not paying attention. I heard my name for the second time but still didn’t know who it was, I also wasn’t interested in whoever it was. I was in my own world at that moment. Someone tapped me on my right shoulder, and I turned around to look at the person. It was Michael. He had a worried look on his face, he turned me around to face him then he came real close to me bending his head so he could talk without his friend hearing, he asked,

‘’ Fola are you ok’’?, the look in his eyes told me he really did care for me. He looked like he really wanted to help.

‘’yes, Michael, I’m ok. I’m just having memories.’’ Sliding his hand into my waist he pulled me to him so we were full frontal, our bodies real close to each other, with his head bent down to looked at me and asked,

‘’ Memories about your childhood home’’?……. I didn’t know he knew about my childhood home. I mean how did he? …..oh! He’s an investigator, of course he’ll know. Deciding not to deny it cos I’ll just look like a fool, I replied him, saying yes. Then I said no more, he could figure out what the memories were.

I placed my forehead on his right shoulder and took a deep calming breath. Michael held me close, doing his best to give me all the comfort that I needed. I was lost in his embrace that I totally forgot about the little girl, and whoever was in the small living room with us.

Someone cleared his throat, breaking the spell I found myself in while in Michael’s arms. I turned around to look at the person, Michael’s hand was still holding me around my waist , it was like he didn’t want to let me go. Like he wanted to be close to me in some way, in all ways. Since I had no qualms about it, I focused my attention on the guy that cleared his throat.

‘’Hi Fola, good to finally meet you, but would have preferred it at a better circumstance’’. He smiled. I smiled back. He had a really nice smile.

‘’I would have preferred it too’’ I said, He continued to address me,

‘’ I know you guys have missed each other , but we need to go. This place is not safe, and Tinu escaped. We need to make a plan on how to get her, cos as long as she’s free, Fola is not safe’’. I bent my head backwards to look at Michael, and a deadly glare marred his face starring at nothing, his thoughts miles away. He looked like he was ready to kill someone at any moment’’ then he focused his eyes on me and said,

‘’ your mother won’t harm you, no one will harm you Fola, I’ll have to be dead for that to happen. The little girl then held my hand and I looked at her and smiled, reassuring her that everything was going to be ok.

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My mother was going to get caught, and she had better wish it was the police and not Michael and his team. Cos God only knows what they will do to her.

Getting to the main entrance of the house, one of Michaels men was leading the way, the rest of Michael’s team behind us. Michael, the little girl and I in the middle. He held his right hand up making a fist, which meant we were to stop walking. Then he went outside the door. After a few seconds he came back in.

‘’ outside is clear, but it’s a mess’’. He gave Michael a look, I had no idea what It meant. He was talking in macho language. Michael looked at me and said.’’ Fola, what is outside now ain’t pretty. We killed most of the bad guys here, and they are all arranged outside in a pile, we have a way of taking care of the bodies, the police won’t find out. The ones that escaped are the ones that went with your mother’’. So we’ll have to blindfold you and the little girl, so you don’t have to see the bodies’’.

Well I understood his point, him not wanting us to see the bodies it’ll be scary to see and it’ll be ingrained in my brain for a very long time if I do see it, giving me nightmares, what I didn’t understand was why Michael’s guy had to go out to check if it was safe when they had already killed most of the bad guys. So since I am one to ask questions, I asked and I asked the guy that went to check outside.

‘’ why did you go outside to check if its safe when you’ve already killed all the bad guys’’? His focus was on Michael before, but when I spoke his eyes turned to me. They were the most beautiful black eyes I had ever seen. He looked so mysterious and intense. And even with the black paint on his face I could still tell that he was quite handsome.

‘’Because Fola, with the men that escaped with your mother I’m afraid they might bring some re-enforcement with them to take us out’’ then he looked at Michael. ‘’ I suggest we move now. We either blindfold them or carry them. Either one is ok.’’ He didn’t daley in this matter; he had no time to waste. He was a straight to the point kind of guy. These types could be very annoying.

Suddenly I was lifted up in the air, I let out a girly scream that sounded really bad in my ears, to stop myself from falling over I held the waist of the person that was carrying me. My tummy was resting on the persons shoulder; I was being carried like a sack of potatoes. I heard the guys chuckle, but this wasn’t funny, not one bit.

‘’hey! Put me down, common, if you want to carry me, carry me properly now. And what about the little girl, where is she? Who is carrying her’’?.

‘’Don’t worry Fola, she’s in good hands’’. That was Michael speaking. From the look of it I could tell it was Michael that was carrying me cos I know his voice and I know his cologne so well. While we walked out I heard him chuckle too, I was so going to get him back. I didn’t know how but I was.

I tried turning my head to look around me, but Michael would stop me. Either by spanking my butt, or my thighs. It was still a bit dark outside; the moon was bright but not that bright. I was placed into a car after a few minutes of Michael carrying me, two of his men were sitting in front. Michael sitting beside me. He closed the door to the car we were in. I looked around for the little girl but Michael stopped my wondering eyes by holding my face and looking at me straight in the eye. The car was very quiet. I was looking at him too and what I saw was relief, love and happiness. He started to caress my checks in a soft loving way and still staring at me he whispered,

‘’ I missed you so much Fola, I thought I would never see you again’’. My lips started to tremble, I was about to cry, cos I thought I would never see him again too. He has no idea how I feel about him. He thinks I don’t care, he thinks I don’t love him. But I do. With the whole of my heart. He is everything to me. He saved me, and made me a better person. He thought me how to trust again, he thought me how to love again. There is no way I can live without him. No way.

‘’ I missed you too Michael, I was so scared. I thought I would never be able to tell you how I really feel about you’’. Michael frowned , confused about what I just told him,

’’ what you feel about me? Fola, what do you feel’’? Placing my right palm on his neck I held him close to me, looking into his beautiful eyes, our noses almost touching, we were breathing the same air, when I finally let out what has been eating at me for weeks, I told him how I really felt. I said,

‘’ I love you Michael, you’re everything to me. You’re all that I need’’. Immediately the words left my mouth, he kissed me. I was having my first kiss, and it was awesome I closed my eyes, enjoying every moment of it. His lips we soft and they fit mine perfectly. I allowed him to lead cos I had no idea what I was doing, but I think I was getting a hang of it, cos he came a lot more closer to me to deepen the kiss. He was gentle and sweet. It was special.

After a few seconds, He stopped kissing me. Opening my eyes I looked into his eyes, we were both breathing heavily when we stopped. I couldn’t believe he actually kissed me, I felt like I could conquer the world. It was the best kiss ever. Michael gave me one of his lopsided grins, the one that makes me all giddy and excited. Then he said,

‘’Let’s go home’’. Yes home, my home, I and Michaels home. Where I belong. He sat properly and held me to him , relaxing in the back seat of the car. Then he told the guy on the driver’s seat to take us to his house. Each of the cars moved together in a convoy. I have no idea what car we were driving cos I couldn’t see it with the way Michael carried me, and it was a bit dark to know what was what. But that’s by the way, Michael rescued me. He saved me from the hands of my heartless mother. And right now I am in his arms where I will always be. I thought I was safe, but I had no idea, unknown to me the enemy ‘’my mother’’ was watching us, not too far from where we were, hiding in the bushes so no one would see her, her and her henchmen. She would stop at nothing to get what she wants from me. Money!!!

To be continued