Adventures Of Fola Episode 17


All I could hear was my heavy breathing. We were on the floor, by the side of the bed. Stephen body shielding us from the broken pieces of glass flying everywhere and anywhere in the bedroom, caused by the bullets from the guns the idiots were using on us. It was difficult for me to hear, the noise from the guns was so loud, and it felt like my eardrums would explode. And apart from that I could feel Nancy whimpering beneath me, she was scared. I could also feel her body shaking I was using my body to shield her from the glass and pieces of wood flying everywhere, my right arm was holding her under me forgetting about my own safety.

Nancy was holding my shirt in a tight grip with her left hand. My head was pounding; I felt like throwing up every food I just had for breakfast. I was supposed to get pain killers from Michael to stop the headache I was having, but I didn’t. I got carried away at having a chat with Nancy. But right now that wasn’t important, because right now, Stephen, Nancy, and I are in a tight situation a very sticky one.

We’re been fired upon! And if we get out alive, my mum is going to have a piece of me, because I know she is the one that sent her goons after me. I am going to so deal with her, she hates me right? Well she will hate me more after I’m done with her. This has gone too far. Destroying my bedroom, destroying this beautiful home, using a young girl as a sex slave, or trying to cos she didn’t succeed. Making Michael and his friends to be so worried, protecting me like I’m the president’s daughter. No this has gone too far. How crazy is she anyway? Mshww rubbish.

The shooting continued to go on; it felt like it would never stop. I could hear Michael yelling from somewhere in the house, don’t know where. The side table which had a lamp stand in front of us by the side of my bed fell to the ground casing pieces of glass to scatter all over the floor. Some of it hit me on my arm, especially my forearm. But I was more focused on making sure Nancy was ok. I held her tighter to me.

Suddenly the shooting stopped. Everywhere was quiet. Too quiet. Stephen got up from us, still on his hands and knees, he crawled to the end of the bed and looked towards the window. Then he started to crawl to the window.

Oh my God what the hell is he doing?. Is he trying to kill himself? In a harsh whisper I called,

“Stephen, Stephen”, get back here, Are you mad? They might still be there. Are you trying to get killed”? But he just ignored me and kept crawling to the window. When he got there he moved to the wall, and stood there. His back to it, then using his left hand, he pulled the curtains down, making that side of the room a bit dark. Then he moved to the other side of the window, doing the same. The whole room immediately became dark. Then he hurriedly rushed to us, he crouched down in front of me, holding my face he asked,

“Are you ok? Did you get hurt”? His eyes were assessing me, trying to see if I was hurt.

“Stephen I’m fine. We both are. Are you”? He nodded his head replying,

“Yeah I am”. Nancy moved behind me, Stephen moved a bit to the side without moving the whole of his body to look at Nancy. Then he asked

“are you ok?. She nodded her head. Telling him yes, he then asked a strange question, I really don’t know why he did, but he did anyway. He said. “How old are you? Nancy cocked her head to side. I guess she was trying to ask him why he wanted to know her age.

“I just want to know. Cos the way you act isn’t really the way little girls act. So how old are you”? Lifting her fingers she showed the number 10. Hm I guess I was right, she is 10. But then she added another set of fingers making it 3. I was astonished. My mouth was hanging open. I looked at Stephen still with an opened mouth, he was grinning at her. Why in the world is he grinning? This girl looks really tiny for her age. 13?

“Nancy, you’re 13? With a solemn look she nodded her head. “But I thought you were 10”. She smiled, but denied it. I can’t believe this, I’ve been treating her like she’s a little girl, and how in the world did I not know? I looked at Stephen again. He was staring at Nancy. Nancy’s attention was on me. But when she felt Stephen’s stare, she looked at him. I didn’t have the time to know what the look was about because my bedroom door was pushed wide open, it hit the wall and shook a bit, I was afraid it was going to break. Then Michael came running in, with some of his men. I recognized some but not all.

I remember the one that came into the room I was locked in with Nancy after Michael had broken down the door to get in. I also remember the guys that drove with us in the same SUV, the same night I was rescued. But the rest, I don’t remember.

Michael looked scared and worried. He was looking around my room for something, I don’t know what. His eyes scanning the whole expanse of my room, then those same beautiful eyes landed on me, and I saw relief, he let out a deep breath then rushed to me. Crouching down he held my face in both palms and with so much emotion said,

“My God Fola, are you ok?, you’re not hurt right? Ehn, are you?.” He was assessing my face, his hands going to my shoulders holding them tightly. His hands were shaking like he couldn’t control himself from the emotions he was going through. I threw myself at him, hugging him tight. He held me tight right back. We didn’t say anything; we just enjoyed each other’s embrace. I was more determined to kill my mother, because she had made Michael so worried. I don’t want him to be worried about anything. I hate it when he’s worried. So she is definitely going to die.

I let go of Michael, but he didn’t let go of me. He took my hands back in his, looking at me. I had to tell him what I intended doing to my mother. So he will be prepared.

“Michael, I hope your love will remain true, no matter what I do. Cos what I am about to do will probably make you think I’m a fool”. I know that sounded cheesy but hey. He looked confused. From my side eye I saw Nancy’s body shaking. I rolled my eyes, the girl was laughing. I also heard Stephen chuckle. These guys don’t know this is a serious matter. Once I kill my mum, I’ll be going to jail for life, Michael will hate me, and he’ll think I’m a fool. But I don’t care if he does, as long as this nightmare ends and the people I care about are safe.

“ Fola, what are you talking about.”?. I took a deep breath then said it out straight,

“I am going to kill my mother”. He was quiet, I was quiet, the whole set of human beings in my room was quiet which included Michael’s friends and the rest of us. Michael blinked once, and then blinked twice. Then very slowly he said,

“come again”? I rolled my eyes and got more comfortable on the floor, sitting Indian style, it looks like this talk isn’t going to be as easy as it seems.

“Michael, I said I am going to kill my mother, you know, The wicked witch of the west”? He sighed,

“ Fola you’re not going to kill anyone, talk more of your mother. If anyone will be doing the killing it’ll be me”. What!. Did he just say that, did he just say he will kill my mum? no way, I won’t let him do that, he has done enough for me already. He has to let me do it. She’s my mum, the judge will understand once I tell him about how she treated me. I got closer to him; I could feel his breath fanning my face, his breath smelt awesome, like mint. Wait….Urghhh! I’m getting distracted again. Back to the topic at hand,

“Michael you are not killing my mum”

“Yes I am”. His eyes were hard when he said it. I was beginning to get pissed, gritting my teeth I said,

“No you’re not”

“Babe, I am, so drop it”. He held my hand, got up from the floor pulling me along with him. Kissed my forehead then walked over to Nancy. Oh my God I just gave Michael the idea to kill my mother. What in the world have I done?

He spoke to Nancy for a bit, she smiled and nodded at him, then she left the room. I heard one of Michael’s men speak,

“this room is a disaster, and it will need a lot of work to get back in shape”. While I was confused about how Michael had totally taken control about me killing my mother, my mother was somewhere outside happy about what she had done but I’m telling you, mark my words, she is going to pay dearly for it.

Michael had walked out of my room, leaving his friends and Stephen with me, I walked right after him. Our discussion was not over. He is not going to kill my mother, I will.

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I was walking really fast behind Michael and talking at the same time trying to catch up with his long strides. But it was difficult, seeing as he is like 6 feet tall, and I am way smaller than that. I was yelling at him to stop, I’ve been trying to make him change his mind about killing my mother, I even offered for the both of us not to kill her. I was that serious.

He reached the edge of the stairs but I stopped, this is because my head had started again. Urghh, I’m supposed get painkillers. I need to take some. Michael was going down the flight of stairs when he suddenly stopped, he turned around to look at me. He didn’t like what he saw so he started to walk back to me.

“Fola, what’s wrong”? I was rubbing both sides of my temple, trying to reduce the number of marching bands in my head. “ Fola”?.

I really couldn’t talk, I think talking will make it worse, it already has anyway. I turned around to go back to my room, I needed to lie down. I felt a hand hold me around my waist. The hand turned me around. I looked up, oh yea “Michael”, he was calling me just now. I really don’t have the energy to talk right now; I thought he was heading downstairs.

“Michael what is it? I want to lie down, my head is banging, I forgot to take some painkillers”. My voice sounded weary and the pain was getting worse, I closed my eyes then I placed my head on his chest and stayed that way. We were quiet, everywhere was quiet, I loved it, the quietness I mean, and his chest too, it was firm and comfortable. I could actually sleep here, and not dream of waking up.

Suddenly we heard a feminine sultry voice, it sounded nice, but right now I didn’t need any kind of noise, my head was about to explode. Yohoooo!. Came the singsong sultry voice,

“Heard about the riot that happened here, oh! No, sorry not riot I mean gunfight that took place. Did you kill anyone? Do I need to call the cleaning service to mop blood, and stomach residue?” Did she just say that? Urghh disgusting, I don’t need to imagine that right now, and who is that anyway?

“Becky tone your voice down, Fola has a terrible headache”, Said Michael. He was rubbing my back with one hand; the other was around my waist. My head was still on Michael’s chest while all this was going on, Becky the receptionist with the big crazy afro. I wonder what she wants.

“Oh, sweetie pie, sugar plump. You have a headache”? She was close to us now, standing beside Michael and my answer was a pathetic moan, I had no energy for words. I couldn’t even nod my head. So she took me from Michael’s arms saying,

“Ok then let’s take care of that headache, Michael we need painkillers, and where is her room”? She was leading me back towards where we were coming from. I heard Michael reply,

“I’ll get the painkiller, but she can’t stay in her room, it’s been destroyed by the bullets. Take her to mine.” What, His room? I’m going to his room?……… Well any room will be good as long as I can lie down and rest

“ lead us to your room Michael, let’s get this girl back to her normal self she’s got a fire in her that I really love, she can definitely handle you” Said Becky.

Oh my, I know this is going to be a long day. Becky being here will just make this day really interesting. She’s crazy; I’m a little crazy and stubborn. Let’s see how it’ll end.

We got to Michael’s room, which was opposite from mine, who knew? I was squinting my eyes, Becky was still holding me, and my left arm was on my forehead pressing it in, I don’t know I felt that will help with the headache. Michael opened the door and walked in, we followed suit. He moved aside to let Becky lead me in then he closed the door behind us. Quickly walking ahead of us, he went to his bed which was really huge, like six people could probably fit in it. Then he pulled the bed covers down. Becky helped me get into bed, she looked at my right hand and saw a little blood, she turned to look at Michael and said,

“She’s got some blood on her forearm, have any idea how that happened”? Michael came closer to the bed, closer to me, Becky made way for him to come closer, he held my right arm and twisted it a bit to look at my forearm,

“ it’s just a scratch things were flying about during the shootout, we’ll just clean it up, but after she’s taken the painkiller”. Becky gave a nod, and then she covered me up properly, the blanket reaching me up to my chin. Then I heard her whisper to Michael,

“you better get the painkillers now and a glass of water, she in a lot of pain. I heard Michael rush out of the room, the door closing behind him. Becky sat down beside me. She held my right hand and said,

“it’s ok sweetie pie, you’ll feel better in couple of minutes, you just need rest and a dose of painkillers, that’s all”. I was trying my best to relax, I kept moaning and groaning, the pain was not stopping. It was horrible.

A few moments later I was being held by my neck by Michael, I didn’t even hear him get in. I opened my eyes a bit to look at him, he had a glass of water in his left hand.

“Babe, I’ve got panadol here, I think you’re having this headache because of the way you fainted last night. You hit your head really hard”. I sat up straight, I would take anything to stop this pain, and no one has to ask me. I collected the glass of water from him with my right hand then opened my left palm to get the drug; he held the drug in its card above my palm, and then opened it one by one, so they would drop in my palm.

Immediately I got the two tablets, I popped them into my mouth then took a drink of my water, finishing the whole cup. I Lay back down on the bed and thought to myself this is where I am going to sleep for the rest of my life.

Michael’s bed is amazing. I thought I said that in my head but I guess I didn’t cos I heard Michael’s deep chuckle. Well it has been said, so whatever. Then I felt his lips on my forehead and heard him whisper

“I love you”.

“I love you too”, I replied back. Then I fell into a dreamless sleep. It was awesome.

A few hours later, I woke up, but I had no idea where I was. This wasn’t my room. Where was I ? And how did I get here? Sitting upright I looked around and noticed the room was masculine, I mean its appearance was different from mine; the curtains were black and white. The walls were dark grey, the bed covers was a deep maroon and the duvet used to cover me was a mixtire or white and black.

There was a long white couch by the window, it had a small glass table in front of it. A few feet away from the door leading to the bathroom was a set of drawers, its color was a shining black not sure what it was made from probably wood.the bathroom door was a bit opened, couldn’t see inside properly but it looked big like mine. The room was really nice, it had a comfortable setting, and it had a cool feeling. Oh my gosh,

“he”….the “he” is Michael. I’m in Michael’s room. Now I remember, the shooting, the headache, Becky helping me get into Michael’s bed, me taking the painkillers then falling asleep. Wow, Michael’s room. I smiled a goofy smile, feeling giddy and happy, I was excited to be in his room. This is awesome.

My tummy gave a loud growl, I had no idea what time it was but my tummy didn’t care, it needed food and it needed it now. So I got out from the bed and stood up. Gave myself a really good stretch which made me feel good, my back even cracked a bit, then walked out of the room, closing the door behind me. I checked the hallway to see if anyone was around, but I didn’t see anyone. So I walked to the stairs, I’m sure they’ll all be downstairs or somewhere around the house. I was walking down the stairs when I started to hear girls laughing and having fun. I could also hear voices coming from the tv.

Getting to the middle of the stairs, I saw a lady with a huge afro, having red stripes on it, with a gold earring that was big and round. Guess that would be Becky, she hasn’t left yet. She was sitting in the living room with Ada, both were watching a movie and it seemed to have a lot of fights in it. I got to where they were, Ada noticed me first, she had a big smile on her face and it looked like she was really enjoying the movie.

“Oh! Fola you’re awake, how’s the head, does it still hurt”? I shook my head meaning no, Becky turned her head to look at me, she was sitting beside Ada, she also had a big smile on her face, but it looks like she was crying.

“ Fola, hey, come join us, this movies is off the hook, and so hilarious, you’ll love it trust me”. Becky stretched out her hand to take mine in hers I wasn’t close to her so I had to walk the few steps I was from her towards the couch and place my hand in hers . Immediately, my hand got enfolded in hers , she pulled me down hard to sit beside her, Ada moving to her left to create more space for me, so I was placed in their middle. She dumped a small red bowl of popcorn in my hand making the popcorn to jump around a bit then pointing at the screen she said.

“Watch you’ll love it”. Well I was hungry, and the movie looked quite interesting, so I got comfortable, popped popcorn into my mouth and decided to enjoy the movie. An hour later. I was laughing hysterically, my laughter sounded like that of a hyena. I couldn’t stop myself, the movie was hilarious. Ada and Becky were both laughing along with me. Becky had tears running down her checks, that’s how good and funny the movie was.

We were currently watching a scene where the actor (an assassin but a good guy also who acts a bit crazy) helps his villain a black guy, to sit down, they were both in the top boss’s house who is also a villain to the good guy, and the good guy was helping the black guy to sit down because the black guy almost detonated himself with a grenade which was stupid. He couldn’t talk, he was shaking all over. It was stupidly funny but also awesome.

Becky kept calling the guy a fool. Whoh! Awesome movie. After the movie Becky got up, collected my empty red bowl of popcorn with Ada’s own too from our hands and walked out towards the kitchen. She was looking good, in her black stripper heels, a loosed yellow shoulder top, and black jeans that was quite fitted, with silver bangles on her left hand. She looked hot. She came back from the kitchen and sat down beside me and said

“ heard you’re going to kill your mama, need help”?.

All I could do was stare, then I slowly smiled at her, she just asked to help me kill my mum. This was the best news ever. She smiled back at me, I was having a moment, having an image of how I’ll kill my mum successfully, I’m sure Becky was having the same too, cos she had the look on her face. Our moment was cut short by Ada’s demand.

“ no you’re not”! Said Ada. Mshww, bummer she looked astonished I wonder why. “ Fola you can’t kill your mother, are you insane? She gave birth to you. She’s your blood, your only family”. I gave Ada a look,

“tell me Ada will a mother throw her 13 year old daughter out of the house for refusing to sleep with a man old enough to be her father? She tried to speak but I held out a hand to stop her. She shut her mouth back up. Then I continued, “will she kidnap her 8 years later, from the guy, the only human being on earth that decided to save that said daughter for money, and if that didn’t work use her as a sex slave, tell me Ada, will a mother do that”?. The whole living room was quiet. Only the noise from the tv could be heard. Ada gave me a sympathetic smile, took my hands in hers and said

“ Fola no one is perfect. Your mother wasn’t a mother but she gave birth to you. She is human Fola, if God can forgive….” I got up from the couch like my butt was on fire, my right hand stretched out in front of me shaking back and forth along with my head, saying repeatedly,

“ no no no no no, don’t bring God into this Ada, I know all about God okay. I went to church during my days on the streets it was the only way I could survive and know that I am something. But this is different. That woman called Tinu is a witch, a monster. The more she stays on this earth, the more little girls like Nancy will be in danger”

“She’s not a little girl Fola, she’s 13. Stephen is older than her with 3 years”. I looked at Ada with a frown on my face, Stephen is older than Nancy with 3 years. So, so….

“Stephen is 16? She nodded her head.

“He’s 16? She nodded her head again, I heard Becky mutter

“ where’s my handbag”, then she got up to look for it. I was surprised to know Stephen was 16, is that why he was grinning at Fola? Does he like her?

“But I really thought he was 18”?. I said to Ada, she shook her head negatively at me. I turned to Becky she had a gum in her mouth, and she was making popping sounds with it, holding the handbag she was looking for, then she sat down on the couch with us.

“Becky did you know Stephen was 16”?. At this moment she was going through her handbag looking for something, she lifted her eyes to me when I asked about Stephen to reply

“yes sugar plum, I’ve known that kid since he was 14, that’s when I started working for Michael”. Then she went back into her handbag, looking for whatever she was looking for. Wow that’s new. I sat back down on the couch and took a breath, then asked Becky,

“ so how old is Michael”?. She looked at me,

“You don’t know Michael’s age”?. I shook my head.

“But you’ve been staying here for a few weeks now, probably a month, and you don’t know his age?”. I could hear Ada browsing through the tv stations, guess she thinks I’ve forgotten about my plan on killing my mother, well she’s wrong, cos my plan is still going to take place.

“I didn’t bother asking, I wasn’t sure I was going to be here for long, He acts very mature so my guess is he’s in his 30’s?” I was wrong, Becky said his age, and to say I was surprised is an understatement cos I was more than surprised.

“Well sweetie, Michael is in he’s 20’s I think. She looked like she was thinking about it, then she shrugged and continued to talk, “he went into the army at the age of 20 and spent 5 years there. Then he came back here to Lagos and started his security company which has been two years now and it’s doing really well. He has the best security agency in the state everyone wants his help”. Wow, so his roughly 25 or 26 years old, and he acts so matured, I thought to myself. I was quiet for a few minutes; Becky had found what she was looking for in her handbag, her nail file, so she started to file her nails. Well that was out of the way, I had a mission to complete, so I got up and excused myself.

I went up to my room, changed into a comfortable black jeans, with a black shirt and white sneakers. Then I started to head downstairs, I had no phone, my phone got misplaced during my kidnap. Getting to the living room, I could hear Ada and Becky chatting, I’ve noticed that since I got here Ada is the only one that is different from the other maids in the house, she is more free and comfortable in the house, other maids are not allowed to watch tv but she is, other maids are not allowed to eat in the living room but she is.

She’s like totally free, I like it , I like that she is free, I like that we are close, I like that she is my friend, and I think she and Becky are close too. I like that too. I got to the living room and walking straight for the front door giving them a wave I said to them,

“ see you girls later, I’m going to kill my mother. I’ll let you know once I ‘m done”. Getting to the door, I heard Becky say,

“ wait for me, I’m coming too”. I stopped and turned to look at her smiling, I was glad that she didn’t change her mind in helping me. But then I saw Ada frowning,

“ Ada are you going to come or are you going to stay at home, wondering if I’ll do the deed”? She got up and said,

“ Fola, this is a very bad idea, you can’t kill your mother, think about this please”?. With a determined look I said to her,

“there is nothing you will say that can change my mind. I am going to kill my mother”. Becky tapped my shoulder; I turned to give her my attention.

“ sweetie I think you should not kill your mum”…I was about to say something when she held up her hand straight at me to stop me from talking, so I kept quiet and continued to listen, even if I was fuming inside.

“Listen, you can’t kill your mum, you shouldn’t kill your mum, you’re not a killer, but that doesn’t mean we won’t do something”. She raised an eyebrow at me. Hmmmm, now she’s getting somewhere. I turned and smiled at Ada. Ada had a calculating glint in her eyes, she came closer to us and asked,

“what do you have in mind Becky”?. Oh gosh has Ada changed her mind? I was excited to know whether she had so I asked,

“you’re going to help”? She nodded her head and said,

“as long as it does not involve death”. I nodded my head excitedly, telling her yes. I was so glad she was going to be a part of my plan. Then I fixed my attention back on Becky, she asked me a simple question. She said,

“is your mother allergic to anything”?. I nodded my head. Then she asked,

“what is she allergic to”?. I didn’t know why she wanted to know if my mum was allergic to anything but I just went along with it so I replied,

“coconut”. Immediately, she started to match away from us. She was heading for Michael’s office; I was scared she was going to tell Michael that I was determined to do something to my mum. So I ran after her, yelling for her to stop. Ada was right behind me, running along with me. We were both shouting for Becky to stop. But she didn’t, she just kept on matching, with her heels and jeans, I wonder how she walks in them. She got to Michael’s office, walked in and left the door ajar, we were too late.

To be continued