Adventures Of Fola Episode 18


Ada and I stopped 5 feet away from Michael’s office door. I was pissed, and I felt betrayed, we didn’t know what to do. Whether to run and hide, or deny whatever question Michael intended to ask. Becky acted like she was on my side, supporting me in every way. Mtriedeanwhile she was getting all the information from me so she could go and tell Michael. Urgghhh she’s got such a big mouth.

“ Fola, you’re acting like you want to kill someone, calm down”, said Ada, looking at me like she was ready to tie me with a rope if I dared tried to do something to Becky, I kept quiet not answering her. But deep down in my heart I was imagining the different ways I was going to get back at her.

We didn’t hear Becky addressing Michael; in fact we didn’t hear any voice in his office. I cocked my head to the side wondering why? Then I looked at Ada, she also had on a questioning look, she too was wondering why we didn’t hear any of their voices. I held Ada’s hand, and together we took a bold step and walked into Michael’s office. My heart rate had increased, I was scared, not sure of what I was going to see. But surprisingly, what I saw totally shook me.

“Becky, going through Michael’s laptop” What in the ……Is she insane!? We stood there for a second, in the middle of Michael’s office, my heart rate increasing by the second, what is wrong with this lady, is she crazy? I looked at Ada, she had the same astonished look on her face, her eyeballs had bulged out, and her mouth was wide open. I turned my attention back to Becky, then acting as one we walked directly to where she was sitting down, seriously typing away on Michael’s laptop, simultaneously asking, Ada said,

“get out of Mr. smith’s chair”, while I said,

“are you freaking crazy”? . But Becky didn’t hear us , she kept going through his laptop, getting to where Becky was sitting down, we stood beside her and I asked for like the millionth time, since she obviously didn’t hear us before, I said,

“what are you doing?, you’re going to get us all in trouble”.

“Calm down sweetie, no one is getting into trouble, I just need to get info about your mum’s whereabouts, and Michael has it here somewhere”. Her eyes were moving like that of a cat trying to catch a mouse on the computer screen, her fingers typing like the speed of light. I gave Ada a look, she shrugged. I looked back at Becky, her attention was on Michael’s laptop, and she was serious and determined to get what she was looking for. I looked at his laptop too, but I didn’t really understand what I was seeing, there were lots of files in it or documents. Anyway she needed to be really quick about it, or else we will all get into trouble. I was thinking about telling her to be fast when she suddenly yelled………

“Got it!, I was startled at her outburst, I almost tripped on my own two feet staggering back. I composed myself, placing my hand on Michael’s seat, taking a calming breath. This woman is going to kill me one day. Chai!

“You’ve found it? Asked Ada, bending over to look into Michael’s laptop, she squinted her eyes like she couldn’t see a thing. Then she stood upright saying

“I can’t see a thing, the fonts are too tiny.

“Yea, Michael likes it that way. Makes it a bit difficult for anyone that wants to go through his files to have a hard time finding what they want. And if they change the fonts, he’ll know someone got into his system”, Said Becky. Ada looked at me and asked,

“how come you didn’t complain about the fonts”?.

“Well because I know nothing about computers in the first place, so I wouldn’t even know what I was looking at”.

“Oh yea that’s true”, said Ada.

“We need to get you one, laptops are good. You can watch movies in them, anything in fact. It’s amazing”.

“Really”, I said. Amazed at what I had just heard. I could watch movies on a laptop? Wow, awesome.

“Girls focus”, said becky, “you”! , she pointed red slender fingers, towards me, “: stop thinking about laptops”… and you! She pointed at Ada, “Stop distracting Fola, we have to do this quickly and leave this place before Michael gets back”. We were both looking at Becky after her little drama when suddenly the machine on the table close to Michael’s brown couch on the right of his office began to make some strange noises; I thought it was having a convulsion or something.

I moved away from Becky and quickly went to Ada, passing behind Michael’s seat in the process where Becky was sitting down. Becky turned to look at us.

“What is it, Fola are you scared of the printer”?.

“What? No, of course not, that will be stupid, it’s just a machine”. Both ladies started to laugh. You see, ever since I got to the house I haven’t had the time to know things, I’ve only been pampered and taken care of, but that is going to change, all the things I don’t know, I’ll find time to know all about them.

Being on the street for years stopped me from learning, so I’m going to pick up from where I stopped. I’m going to get educated, I’ll discuss that with Michael later anyway, after my mothers wahala .

Becky got up from the chair and cat walked to the machine, seriously her shoes are superhot. I need one of those. She took out the paper that came out, her eyes scanning it , then said “ let’s go” we’ve a bad witch to deal with and an experiment to do before we leave”, she walked her way out of Michael’s room, her heels clicking hips swaying.

“An experiment? I asked out loud, but she ignored me, just kept right on walking. Hmmm an experiment, this is going to be fun, I couldn’t wait to see what Becky had planned for my mother.

Taking my attention away from her, I focused it on Ada and smiled, but my smile was a bad smile, it was a smile that said I was going to love every minute of my mother in pain, whatever pain that will be anyway. And as usual Ada smiled back, totally in support of my mum being in pain, she took my hand in hers and we both walked after Becky. Even if we can’t walk like her, I think we did a pretty good job at it, especially Ada.


Michael’s office somewhere in town I was in the office working on some of my client’s files, like people that were missing and needed to be found, blackmailers that needed to be caught, and so on… when I suddenly got this strange feeling. I felt like my Fola was up to something. She looked quite serious today when she said she was going to kill her mother. But I don’t want her to. I won’t allow her. She has been through a lot already, as a child and as an adult. I want her to have a clean, happy, comfortable life. Where she will be happy and safe at all times, but in order for that to happen, I have to put her heartless mother in jail for life, and make sure she doesn’t come out again.

“A loud knock sounded on my office door”, I dropped my pen and relaxed in my seat. Calling the person in Gibson walked in.

“ Yo, bro, what’s up”?. I asked. He looked a bit worried. He walked over to my office desk and sat across from me.

“Bro I haven’t heard from the girls, not even Ada. He used his right hand to rub his face; he only does that when he is really worried. And now I am worried, because if he isn’t hearing from Ada then he isn’t hearing from Fola too.

“But I thought you gave her strict instructions to call you every 30 minutes”. I had come forward a bit at his earlier news, sitting with my back curved, my elbows resting on my work table.

“I did. I told her to call me every 30 minutes; she did that an hour ago. She hasn’t called since then, and I’ve been calling her line but she isn’t picking up. And you know Fola doesn’t have a phone anymore.

“D–n it”! I got up pushing my seat behind me with my feet; it moved back hitting the wall. Gibson got up as well. He was worried. I was fuming and worried, not a nice combo.

“We need to find out if they are ok”, Said Gibson.

“Yeah I know,” pushing my hand into the pocket of my trouser suit I got out my iphone. Dialing the phone, I called yemi, a young man that just started working in my company a few months ago. His job was to watch over the girls, making sure they don’t do anything stupid.

“Hello? Yea yemi, are you with the girls?. You are? Great, where are you…… What! What neighborhood? S–t!!. I was quiet for a moment listening to what Yemi was saying. She’s also with them isn’t she? My god, that’s not good. Listen to me Yemi, Tell them to get back into the car right now, and I swear yemi if anything happens to those girls, you are dead”. I cut the line, dropping my phone carelessly on my table, using both hands to rub my face I said, muttering to myself with my hands still on my face,

“ these girls are gonna kill me”

“What, what did yemi say, where are the girls, where is Ada?. asked Gibson. Looking more worried than ever, I guess he really loves Ada, and she doesn’t even know it, but she will soon. Right at this moment all I can think about is making sure Fola and the girls are alright. My brain was all joggled up, which made me not to answer Gibson immediately.

My God they went to that woman’s house, that witch, if she sees Fola that will be the end, I might not be able to save her this time, cos right now that woman just wants to use Fola for whatever she wants, I don’t think she wants money from me anymore. And to make things worse, Becky is with them. She is crazier than I am, and she is with them, I sighed. God help us all. I dropped my hands by my sides, then taking a breath I said,

“Guy, they went to tinu’s house. They went to deliver a gift to her and they are not alone”……….i sighed, cos I knew what I was about to say nect will probably make Gibson go gaga….

“Becky is with them”. Gibson didn’t say anything, but I could see his jaw ticking. Indicating how angry he is, the girls are so going to regret what they have done. I’ll make sure of that.

Fola and the girls, We were in a neighborhood, I don’t know where, somewhere in lagos, the street was filled with children playing and having fun. It was a clean neighborhood not bad at all. Right at this moment we have a special gift for my mother. It’s possible for her to recognize Ada since she lives with me. But for Becky I don’t think she will know her. So Becky was the best person to deliver the gift to her.

My mother is terribly allergic to coconut. So we decided to play a trick on her, a bad trick, one that will cause her loads of pain and make her look like a slut, sluts are ugly smelly animals. She might not smell but she will definitely look like a slut, I was having fun already even if the fun hasn’t begun.

I and Ada were sitting in an old lady’s shop not far from my mother’s house. Her shop contained sweets, donuts, eggrolls, drinks, toiletries e.t.c we sat in a way that we will see her house but not be seen by her, genius right. Come to think of it, this was not where I used to live as a child, because where I used to live was where my mother held me captive. That place is a very lonely neighborhood where few people live. But right here, it’s different. There are cars, and shops, and the place is filled with kids and people walking around. It’s the perfect spot for a criminal like my mother to live in.

Anyway, Right now we are watching Becky; as she catwalks to the house, with the package in her hand, or should I say, “gift”. This gift contains a box of chocolates. I remember when I was little that my mum used to eat it a lot. So I decided that this will be the perfect gift for her. We injected coconut water into the chocolates, but did it in a way that the coconut won’t really be tasted once eaten. So once my mum is done eating and the allergies starts she won’t even know what’s causing it. Cause to her she hasn’t eaten coconut. It will be perfect.

“ Fola calm down, you’re using your legs to shake the bench”. Said Ada. She was looking at me. “You’re excited right?, the way you’re shaking your legs confirms it.”. She added.

“Yes Ada, I’m excited. I am getting my mother back for what she has done to us, it’s not much but it’s something. She will be down for some days after this, and won’t be able to see anyone or do anything the whole time. It’s awesome. I love it”. She shook her head smiling at me. I knew she thought I was crazy, but I didn’t care. I loved our plan; one that Becky came up with, it’s an awesome plan.

Becky had gotten to the door and she was knocking on it. She stood there for a few minutes. I was beginning to think no one was home. After some time, she turned around to walk back to us, and my heart fell, is this how it’ll be? I won’t be able to get my mum back? But why na? ………I thought it was all over but it wasn’t, this is because the door suddenly opened and a man opened it, a tall dark slim man. Becky turned back to look at the door, she saw the guy and she wasn’t even scared. If I was her, I would have run away screaming. She walked back to the door. He said something, she replied back. He gave a chin lift towards the package she was holding. She smiled and looked at the package saying something to him. He then stretched out his right hand out to her to collect the package. She gave him, he said something to her maybe a “thank you”, and she said something back probably a “you’re welcome”.

She turned around and took a different route not walking to where we were. Smart girl, Becky went around finally coming to us from behind. She joined us on the bench .and took a calming breath closing her eyes. She opened them and looked at us saying

“that was wicked” with a smile on her face, “I can’t wait to see what will happen to her”, She rubbed her palms together excitedly, and her eyes had an evil glint in it. I think I have a new best friend. We sat there for a few minutes sweating our butts off, the sun was really hot. We needed to cool down, we got a solution to it by seeing an ice cream truck passing by, and kids were already trying to stop it. So we decided to have some for ourselves.

Thanking the old lady for allowing us to sit in her shop, We walked over to the ice cream truck. She just waved at us saying no problem in pidgin, she couldn’t speak English.

A few minutes later we were holding our ice cream in our hands, each of us with different flavors. Ada had a chocolate flavor, Becky had strawberry, and I had vanilla. I looked across the street where yemi had parked. He was standing out of the car leaning on it facing us. He wasn’t smiling, oops, guess he had found out what we were up to.

You see, we didn’t tell him what we were up to, we practically lied to him. Becky just said she needed to see someone. And Ada and I said we wanted to go with her, cos we needed to get some girly things for ourselves. He said Becky could get it for us, but we refused, and with the way both I and Ada stood in front of him, ready to take him down if need be, he had no choice than to let us go. Anyway we had accomplished what we came here to do. We’ll apologize to yemi later on.

“Hey” said a deep voice We all turned around as one, looking at the person that spoke, ice cream in our hands. “Which of you delivered the package that contained chocolates in it to flat 2”.he said I was licking mine, Becky was licking hers but Ada had her own extended to her mouth, her mouth a bit opened probably in shock, this is because the guy was super scary. But I wasn’t scared; maybe I was oblivious to him cos the ice cream was taking all my senses away.

“Oh my God, it’s one of Tinu’s goons, has the effect started already?. That was said by Ada. I and Becky looked at each other when she said it. We needed to do something. And fast. But wait how does she know this particular goon, he wasn’t the one that opened the door, and I haven’t seen him before, he wasn’t part of the guys that held me captive.

“ Ada, how do you know he is one of her goons,”?

“Oh, his picture was on Michael’s office desk, a paper was placed on it that said tinu’s goon written in capital letter, with some other pictures”.

“ ohhh, ok, that’s how you know him”. She nodded her head, still looking at the goon, she hadn’t tasted her ice cream yet. I felt the goon look at me, so I turned my attention to him, his face frowning,

“Hey, are you not her daughter Fola”? I acted as if I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“whose daughter”?.

“madam Benson, She is my madam, and you are her daughter”, said the goon

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“Oh s–t!, that was said by Becky”, I didn’t reply I just stood there with the ice cream half way to my mouth. He knew who I was, time to escape. I looked at my ice cream, did an inner whimper cos I was really going to miss licking my ice cream. I looked at the guy, and then taking him by surprise I dumped the ice cream in his face. It went straight for his eyes; it made a loud plop like sound. Ada gasped, Becky whispered awesome.

“what the hell”….. said the goon. Then Ada did the same, dumping her chocolate ice cream in his face, this made the guy to stagger backwards, he didn’t see any of this coming. I started laughing, the kids around were laughing too.

“Well…….. since we are all dumping our ice creams on him, I guess I should do the same too”, said Becky. And so she did, but hers was right on top of his head, she had to stretch a bit to get there. The kids around laughed harder, they even started to call him a name. It was “ ice cream man”. I couldn’t help myself, I was laughing so hard, I had to hold my belly, my body shaking, eyes closed, I could hear Ada laughing too, so was Becky.

I looked at the guy; he was taking out a handkerchief to clean his face, oh that’s not good. Turning my attention to my girls I yelled,

“RUN!”. They looked at me and without asking why, turned around with me and ran. We were running to the car, each of us side by side, but Becky was taking the lead, even in her heels, she was a fast runner.

Yemi had seen the whole thing; he was turning around to get into the car when he saw us running to it. He got in and started the car, Becky got to the car first, opening the back door, she dived in, leaving the door open for Ada, Ada and I got to the car at the same time. yemi was yelling for us to get in, Ada quickly got in and closed the door, I was doing the same at the front seat. But the goon had gotten to our car, and he was trying to open the passenger door, where I was sitting.

I didn’t lock my side of the door, so it opened. I had to drag it back to close it but the goon was quite strong, so the door didn’t close, it was still opened, we were both struggling with the door and I knew if the car didn’t move, the goon will open the door and drag me out, so I turned to yemi and yelled” DRIVE!”. Yemi pressed his foot on the accelerator, the car made a screeching noise as yemi drove out of the neighborhood, hitting a garbage can on the way. The whole car was quiet for a few seconds, only our heavy breathing could be heard. And then Ada spoke, she said,

“Oh my, that was close” I turned around in my seat to look at my girls, they were both breathing fast, shocked at what we had just done.

“Are you ok”? I asked them. They all nodded at me. Then they started to laugh. I joined them, laughing too, it was hard not to. I heard yemi say

“you girls are crazy”.

For some bizarre reason this made us laugh harder. I had gotten my revenge on my mother; I was feeling really happy with myself. I just hope Michael doesn’t hear about this. If not I’m a dead meat.

5 minutes later We were on our way home. I felt both scared and excited. Scared because of what Michael will think once he finds out what we’ve done and excited because my mother’s allergies had definitely kicked in seeing as one of her goons came to ask for who delivered the gift, she’ll look so ugly, I gave a little chuckle. yemi glanced at me then looked back at the road,

“ why are you laughing Fola,” he asked,

“Well because my mum will be looking so ugly right now”, my chuckle turned into a laugh, I heard my girls laughing behind too.

“You know Mr Smith will be pissed, at you girls and at me” Shrugging I said

“he’ll get over it, but I’m sorry I got you into this mess”

“Yea sorry yemi”, said Ada

“It’s ok, no probs, at least you got what you wanted right”? He glanced at me again, then looked back at the road,

“Yea I did, Mission accomplished”, But my heart was beating really fast. This is because I was scared of Michael’s reaction. I know he already knows what we have done; he always gets to know about everything. But there is nothing I can do right now, except to prepare myself for his so called lectures of how I am supposed to be careful, and how I don’t care about my life, but anyway once he’s done, I’ll just go to my room and sleep.

Oh!…wait; I don’t have a room anymore. It’s been destroyed by the bullets. I totally forgot that everything in my room practically has holes in them. I no longer have a window and the hinge of my bedroom door is broken making the door to hang lopsidedly, the walls also have holes in them and so does my mirror table.

The room also has pieces of glass and wood all over the floor and on the bed, I noticed all these at the time when I went upstairs to my room to change my clothes after our movie. So there’s no way I’ll be able to sleep in my room tonight. I’ll probably just stay in Ada’s room; I’m sure she won’t mind. I was too far gone thinking about my room, I didn’t realize we had arrived home.

We were already driving into Michael’s compound and I could see some of his company cars lined up in front of the house with his men standing at his sides. Every one of them looked really pissed. I am in so much trouble. Yemi parked the car. We both got out. I stood in front of my car door, waiting for my girls to come out. But only Becky came out. She walked around the car coming to me, when she got to me she said,

“Babe, won’t you go inside the house? What are you waiting for”? I looked at her like she was insane,

“Becky can’t you see Michael and his friends staring at us? If looks could kill I’m sure we all would have been dead by now”.

“Well looks don’t kill cos we are still standing and breathing, so stop being scared, and go over to Michael, tell him you are fine, no one got hurt, and there is nothing to worry about”. Rolling my eyes I said,

“Easy for you to say, you’ve never been scolded by an angry Michael”. Becky ignored what I said, dipping her hand into her handbag she brought out her nail file, then she began to file her nails. She’s always filing her nails, how long are those nails anyway?. I was staring at her while she was doing her nails when I noticed that Ada had not yet come out of the car. I walked over to the back seat of the car, opening the door; I dipped my head in and asked

“aren’t you coming out”? She shook her head, staring straight ahead, looking at someone. I followed her eyes and realized it was Gibson she was looking at, and he didn’t look too happy. Suddenly he started to walk over to our car in long strong strides, Michael did the same too.

Oh my, this is not good. Ada gave a girly squeal getting out of the car like a squirrel, running and yelling, Saying

“I’m sorry, but I had to do it, I had to protect Fola!”. She was running towards the gate, yelling sorry repeatedly, Gibson was running after her, shouting at her to come back. But Ada was hearing none of it, she ran out of the gate, Gibson right behind her. It was so funny I and Becky couldn’t stop laughing.

Suddenly I felt someone tap me on my shoulder, I turned around still laughing to find out who it was, it was none other than Michael, the love of my life. And my Michael wasn’t smiling, nope he was fuming, and I knew this because his jaws were ticking. Michael said to me with a stern deep voice

“inside now”. Without saying a word, I walked quietly and obediently into the house, prepared to take whatever scolding he was going to give me. I heard him say to Becky

“you, I’ll handle later”

“Yes boss”, replied Becky chewing her gum, I can imagine how she said that, saluting and saying “yes boss” that’s so like Becky.

I got to the door opened it and walked in. When I turned around to close it, I saw Michael walking up to me. I stood there with the door opened until he got close, then he said

“Go straight to my office and wait for me there”. I wanted to say I was sorry but I couldn’t seem to move my lips. So I turned around, with my head down, I walked to Michael’s office, ready for my doom. Yep I am in deep deep trouble.

To be continued