Adventures Of Fola Episode 1


Cold, so Cold. I hate the cold. No! I despise it. Been living on the streets for 8 years now, and all I’ve ever known is cold. I find it difficult to get a good job, and because I don’t have a good job or any job at all, I literally don’t eat at all. Sometimes I don’t eat for 3 days straight it’s that bad. And now it’s evening, its dark, its cold, and I’m hungry.

My name is Fola, and I’m sure you’re wondering how I ended up like this, well it’s a very wonderful story (eye roll) just relax and listen. My mum was what people call a prostitute. Her mum was also a prostitute, well she came from a line of women that were prostitutes, but I refused to become one.

My dad? I have no idea who he is, seeing as she slept with a thousand men. She tried to convince me about how good her prostitution job was, that it’s really easy to do “her words” not mine, but I said no.. I really don’t know why I said no, but I thank God that I did.

On my 13th birthday she got me a gift. This gift was in form of a man, an old man; he was like in his 50’s… I was totally confused, I had no idea why a 50 year old man would be my birthday gift she said I am now a woman, so I should start paying for the house bills, in any way that I can. she said she has given me my first job which is her gift to me, I didn’t understand ,I mean I was just thirteen, how was I a woman?.

I couldn’t do it, I said no. so she threw me out. I have been living on the Streets ever since. Honestly my mum didn’t like the fact that I came into this world, she felt like I was bad luck, and of no use to her. But I kept it together, because deep down i knew that it will all be better. I would find a good house for myself and leave my mum to her precious job. Which brings us to NOW?

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You see I’m cold, I’m hungry, and I’m standing in front of the owner of a restaurant here in Lagos begging for food. And the owner is just giving me this wicked ugly smile because I refused to sleep with him, can’t sleep with him, I won’t, and because of this i won’t be eating today.. But Lord knows I’m starving. i don’t know what to do.

“Listen to me, emm…, what’s your name?” said the ugly restaurant guy’’.

“Fola, sir” i replied.

“Ok. Fola ,good. Now listen. If you don’t do what I ask you to do, you will not eat from my restaurant. See I am trying to help you, but you also have to help me too” said the restaurant guy. I held my cardigan tighter around my body to keep the cold away.

“Sir I really can’t do it. Please just give me a slice of bread I will really be grateful sir please”. i said pleadingly He looked at me with disgust.

” mshww rubbish smelling girl, you want me to give you something and you won’t give me anything in return? lai lai… not going to happen. See if you won’t give me what i want leave my restaurant before I slap that dirty face of yours….ugly thing. , get out from here! Now!”. he picked up a huge stick to chase me away. And so I had to run. I was so scared that I didn’t pay attention to where I was running to until I ran into him…..

To be continued