Adventures Of Fola Episode 2


I ran into a hard wall, with the way my head was spinning it was a very hard wall. I looked up and up and up and, what the…..oh my..oh my.. Oh my god!( if anyone could see my face right now, they would see absolute fear and terror), I ran into a freaking monster, no no no, not a monster, a beast! He is at least 6 foot 4. tall, huge, bulky arms and legs,I think this guy is a wrestler or a killer or both.

I don’t know but what I do know is I have to keep on running especially away from this guy. I couldn’t see his face cos it was quite dark ,oh did I mention I fell right on my behind because of the freaking wall in front of me? Yes I did.

Anyway, I tried to get up but I felt this unbearable pain in my ankle..ouch!. I touched my ankle and it didn’t feel right..sigh..what do I do now? I have no home, no one to take care of me, how will survive with this injury, God why me?.

The way the wall is still standing in front of me, staring down at me. But immediately he heard me in pain, he bent down to the ground and tried to help me. He started to stretch his hand to my leg and I immediately flinched away from him, he noticed it and stopped. Looked at my face, saw the fear and immediately moved away from me. Then he spoke, and what a voice, deep, really deep and husky,

” Please don’t be scared, let me help you’ said the wall of a man, I stared at him. he had a really nice voice, hence the stare. No, Fola stop thinking about his voice he could be a killer remember? Run! you need to run!.

I tried getting up again and the pain came back. shoot! This is bad, this is really bad. The wall spoke again.

”Please don’t move you’ll make it worse”. Well since I couldn’t walk and sitting down sounded like a great idea, I left my behind right where it was, on the ground. “I’m Michael”, he stretched his hand again, this time to give me a hand shake. I looked at it, then looked at him, well its just a handshake whats the worse that could happen? I placed my hand gently into his, it was warm, strong and firm.

I let him go then shifted back a little. He stayed where he was, looking at me, straight in the eye no joke he looked right through me. I don’t know what I was feeling anymore but I was no longer scared. I felt this wall guy could help me, protect me or something but I didn’t want to just give my trust to some random guy cos again he could be a killer. I kept my mouth shut and looked back at him.

“I don’t know who you are”, he said. “But I want to help you. Please let me help you”.

“You could be a killer”, I blurted out( oh my god did I just say that?). he smiled, and it was a nice smile.

“Yes you’re right I could be a killer, and it’s good that you’re being smart right now. But you can’t walk cos of the pain in your ankle, you look hungry, cold, and tired. So please let me help you”. He stretched out his hand again, but he did it slowly trying not to scare me than I already was.ok I had no other option, this is the only help I can get. I said a quick prayer in my heart, telling God in heaven to protect me, placed my hand in his and allowed him to help me up.

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He didn’t help me up; he carried me like I weighed nothing. A tiny squeak came out of my mouth and I immediately wrapped my arms around his shoulders to keep myself from falling. He looked at me and smiled, I glared at him, he laughed. I decided to ignore him cos I really needed his help. We started to leave the place and I kept thinking…. What in the world have I done? I don’t know this guy, I don’t know where he is taking me to. Maybe I should tell him to put me down and he could go his merry way to wherever he was going to. I could just limp my way to a shed and stay for the night, well that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, only that I will freeze to death or die of hunger.

While I was thinking about this we were still walking and he was looking at me. “I wonder what you’re thinking about now Fola? Do you want me to put you down? Or do you have someone that can help you?”. he said, I thought of lying but the truth came right out.

“No I don’t have anyone or any place to stay”. He nodded his head saying,

“Then we shall find you a place, some food, clean you up and take care of your ankle”. Oh my that will be awesome, I’ll sleep well tonight, and I’ll be clean too. This is amazing. Of course I didn’t say this out loud, that will just make ‘the wall’ have more pity on me and I hate it( pity I mean). So instead I smiled and said ”thank you”. But then he said something that made my heart sink right into my belly.

”You will be staying in my house tonight”.