Adventures Of Fola Episode 3


Uhhhh .your house? I looked up at him trying to make sure what I heard was exactly what he said. I mean what I will be going to his house to do. A man for that matter, I cant defend myself, I’m just a girl, I can’t go to his house.

‘’Yep.My house’’. said Michael Ok then, I heard right, this is not good, this is not good at all

‘’Cant you just drop me off at a hospital, isn’t that better’’?

” Sorry I can’t,I said I wanted to help and I will help by taking care of you myself.” With every step we took the pain in my leg got worse. He saw me squeeze my face and I know he was worried because of the frown that marred his face. I’ll get you home in no time “he said”. Then his pace increased. I gave out one pathetic sigh that didn’t faze him at all,there’s no shaking this guy. wait, he said home like its Our home. Why did he say it like that. Hm weird.


15 minutes later: We arrived at his house and let me tell you his house is massive.. its huge to the core. Wow, this “wall” is rich, he’s really rich. I’m getting help from a rich man. I began to smile and each time I thought of how lucky I was, my smile would increase. hehe his rich. Michael looked at me,

“you’re smiling, why?” My mind was on how I would soak myself in a hot bath tub and stay there for the rest of my life without the water ever getting cold, I didn’t hear him ask me the question. He called my name “Fola?” I didn’t hear him, I kept smiling He called my name again “Fola?” Still didn’t hear him, then…FOLA!

“What the….. I glared at him. What?” Which was Said with a little snap in it even if I didn’t mean to. But I mean he just scared the little courage I had away from me.

“Been calling your name, what, are suddenly deaf? Still glaring at him I asked”

“Is that why you had to shout my name”? I’m sure your whole neighbors heard you; they’ll be wondering why the” wall” is shouting a girl’s name so late at night”. Michael looked at me like I looked like bugs bunny in looney tunes with the bunny ears and nose and everything. It’s not late it’s just 8pm, and “the wall?”. Still glaring at him i said,

“yes the wall, That’s your special name.

“Little one, my name is Michael not the wall” At this very moment I swear my hands were itching to scratch his face off… he just called me little one, sure I’m a bit small for a 21 year old girl but that doesn’t mean I’m little? This is unacceptable.

“Yo! Don’t call me little one”.. His lips twitched at the side,

“then don’t call me ‘the wall’. I rolled my eyes then I rolled it back at him,

“I call you the wall because you are as hard as a wall. Remember I fell and injured myself because I ran into you, hence the wall.” He flat out smiled,

“would you have preferred running into a car? That would have been better right? More glaring from me, but as usual it had no effect on him he just kept smiling.

All this while that we were conversing, we were standing in front of his house by the gate and I suddenly remembered that I was really cold, so I held him tighter and tried to get as close as I could, he was really warm, and I needed warmth.

He noticed it, me shaking because of the cold, held me with one arm, no joke, one arm. Used the other arm to knock on his gate and still held me with that same one arm. My oh my, this guy is strong, probably should change his name to superman. Yes that will be his new name ”superman”. And seeing as he still thinks his name is the wall, I had better let him know he has a new name now, so I got right to it, telling him his new name.

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Your name is no longer the ”wall”. That came out as a whisper and a bit shaken seeing as I was shivering from the cold. He looked at me and asked

“what did you say”? I repeated what I said. “I said your name is no longer ”wall”, its superman”.

“That’s the second name you’ve given me today”. Said superman. I gave him a wide smile with all my teeth showing and everything,

” I know”. We heard footsteps coming from his gate, knowing it was one of his people; we both waited patiently for the gate to be opened, during this moment of silence I decided to busy myself by checking him out, what? I was bored.

Anyway I looked at him, well, more like stared at him not really sure if he noticed me but I think he did because his lips started doing that twitching thing again, I ignored it and kept right on looking, he had a chiseled face, straight nose, a bit dark on the skin with full eyebrows, while I on the other hand, I’m petite ,short hair, scanty eyebrows but I’m also dark on the skin just like him.

The gate started to rattle meaning someone was about to open it, so I looked expectantly at the gate, waiting for it to open and it did. A younger version of superman was revealed and he was cute too, same bushy eyebrows straight nose but he was light on the skin, like me. He looked about 18 years old. Hmmm nice.

Superman took us in not caring about the look of confusing on the younger version of himself, he took us to the house and let me tell you his compound is quite huge, with cars everywhere, beautiful flowers and a big tree at the side, I was awed. We got to the door of his house and it immediately opened, a slender grim looking old man with beards all over his face opened the door. He had a straight face, didn’t smile at all even when he greeted superman, and he called him sir.

I looked at superman, turned my eyes back at the grim looking old man, looked back at superman then the old man, then back at superman. Finally I asked,’’are you rich?’’. Superman bent his neck to look at me and answered,

‘’what do you think’’. I muttered to myself, you’re rich. i’m a really stupid girl, the house and everything already tells me he’s rich. why did i ask that question. shoot!

We entered the house and immediately my mouth fell wide open. This is the coolest, neatest house I ever seen. The corridor had a chandelier hanging from the wall, artistic images hanging on the side walls, marbled floors and they were black and white he is not only rich, he is super rich. Which means he is dangerous, because he didn’t just get rich like that, he must have done something to become very rich, maybe he is in the mob or an armed robber or a blackmailer oh my god!, maybe he’s an assassin, assassins are rich. Oh my god! I need to get out of this house.

I bent my body a little bit to look behind him, at the door, and I noticed the door had some kind of security thing so if I was to escape the whole house will know. And I don’t think I’ll be able to run fast because of my bad leg, I’m toast…

To be continued