Baby And Me Episode 10


I was angry and confused, I just couldn’t understand why Chase would bring these people to my house without even asking me and worst of all, why the **** he brought Leila!

Chase “who is the Korean beauty? The chaebol JinHo told me about?”

Me “what are you doing here Chase?” I tried to ask calmly, supressing my anger “and why did you bring her?” I said looking at Leila

Jase “look man, I just really wanted to see you and I thought you said, you’d give Leila another chance”

Me “another chance to do what?”

Jay “so you can raise Reign together, thats why I told her the truth and we brought her here”

Me “you should have spoken to me about it first! You cant just rock up here…how the hell am I supposed to explain your presence to people?! Come on guys, are you kidding me?!”

Chase “Jude! Why are you so angry? I only helped you reconnect with the people you love”

Me “no Chase, you interfered and ****ed with my life okay?! Telling Jason I am still alive and why I had to lie about dying then bringing him and Leila here…those are things I wanted to do in my own time. What you have done is a serious **** move”

Chase “wow! So ungrateful this guy!”

Jay “Jude…..are you saying that you’re not happy to see us?”

Me “thats not what this is about and he knows it! What will I tell people when suddenly I have all these people in my house! How will any of this commemorate with the story I spun with these people I have associated myself with here? I am already dealing with some s*** at the moment and now I have to deal with this?”

Leila “Jude, I just really wanted to see her…”

Me “dont even talk to me! I dont even have the energy to deal with you right now” I exhaled a exasperated sigh “Chase, lets talk please” he jumped up from the sofa

Chase “alright!” We went back to the pool area where I was talking to Yoona before

Me “what the **** is wrong with you?”

Chase “I just thought….”

Me “no! You didnt think at all! How can you…out of all people do something like this? You know how I’m living here and now you want to bring them into this? And Leila? That is just ****ed up man!”

Chase “I mentioned to Jason I was coming here to see you and for business with Ahn JinHo, he said he had some free miles then next thing he pops up with Leila. I’m sorry man”

Me “you can be very stupid sometimes!”

Chase “honestly man, who is that girl? Is she the chaebol’s daughter?”

Me “yes, her father is Seo II Joong” his mouth fell open

Chase “really? Damn that man is filthy rich! Wasnt she on the list of youngest Billionares?” I rolled my eyes

Me “I dont know”

Chase “dude you just made bank! That kid is loaded, how did you meet her anyway?”

Me “Chase! Focus!!”

Chase “right right…uh okay…look we will find a solution to all this”

Me “you’re driving me completely crazy” he laughed

Chase “lets go back inside, we need some rest…we’re jetlagged as ****”

Me “fine” we walkes back inside and Jason was switching channels on the tv

Jay “is everything Korean on this tv?”

Me “you guys must be tired, I’ll show you to your rooms, come” I walked up stairs and they followed me with their bags. Yoona came out of her room and she wore tight skinny jeans that hugged her body in the best way, a white shirt that she tucked in, her long her flowed effortlessly down to her shoulders, she looked beautiful

Yoona “everything sorted?” She was asking in Korean

Me “yeah, we’ll talk later” I replied in Korean too, she gave me Brec who was smelling fresh and clean, Yoona kept some of her stuff up in her room because on some nights they would sleep together

Yoona *Korean* “I’ll be going”

Me *Korean* “Enjoy your day” I kissed her on the cheek then she catwalked her way down the stairs

Jay “you speak Korean now?”

Me “a little”

Chase “can she not speak English?” I walked a small distance away from Yoona’s room and opened the door

Me “you know your room Chase”

Chase “aaahhh its still exactly the way I left it!” He walked in and I showed Jay to his then lastly Leila

Leila “can I hold her?”

Me “who?”

Leila “the baby” I chuckled

Me “the baby huh? You mean the same baby you left at my doorstep then told me to get rid off if I didnt want her? Sure Leila…” I walked over to her and tried to give her Reign but my daughter blatantly refused, clutching on to my shirt for dear life

Me “see? Just like you didnt want her, she doesnt want you either” then I turned to leave. I walked back downstair to the kitchen and put Reign down “you must be hungry” I made her some cereal then fed her still in deep thoughts on how I was going to handle my situation

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I drove to work using one of Jude’s cars, I had a bittersweet feeling brewing in my body. I felt good about what happened between us last night, we finally got somewhere and I wanted us to take it even further but then his American friends were in the country even the mother of his child, what if they took him away? What if I had to lose him and baby Reign? I finally felt like I had purpose in my life and that was loving Jude and Reign so what would become of me if they were no longer there for me to love, care for and give me purpose?

I arrived at work still in these thoughts, as soon as I entered the hospital, I was met at the door by one of the interns I worked with, I had a new patient on top of all the other patients I already had to check on. We went straight to the patient’s room and it was a little boy

Me “what happened?”

In ho “uh…he just regained consciousness, he was hit by a base ball while playing in the park”

Me “bleeding?”

In Ho “I think its internal”

Me “then why are we still here? Take him for an MRI scan!”

In Ho “yes Dr Seo!” They wheeled out the boy who was slipping in and out of consciousness

Me “page me when you get the results. I have to check on miss Kae In”

In Ho “yes Dr Seo!” I chuckled, he was such a cute and eager young guy and I loved working with him. I quickly went to check on my other patients and that kept me so pre occupied, I didnt even have time to think about Blair Taylor, Reign’s birth mother and his friends. The hospital kept me busy and I liked that, I liked working and putting my knowledge into practise, neurology was exciting….you can learn everything you can about the brain but since we can never fully learn everything about it, it surprises you everyday, the way it functions and heals itself sometimes. Truly exciting times

During my lunch break, I couldnt even sit down for a sandwich because I had to prep for surgery, the little 9 year old boy I had seen earlier, he was bleeding into his brain and rapidly so we had to prepare for emergency surgery to drain the blood and repair the damage. It was a simple surgery but you can never be too confident about these things, a lot can go wrong on the operating table

Me “Kang In ho?”

In Ho “yes Dr Seo?”

Me “get ready to scrub in” his face broke into a bright smile

In Ho “yes Dr Seo” I smiled back, he was such a lovely person and some of the other nurses. The fellows though….they didnt really like me every time I entered the room, the laughter and chatter would die! Lucky for me I shared an office with someone who minded her own business, Mi Ho did not socialize at all, she came to work and worked! Well I was no different either # sigh

The surgery went successfully and the young boy was going to make a full recovery. I went straight to my office, I just wanted to sit down for a couple of minutes before getting called out again. I slumped on the sofa and closed my eyes

Jude “tired?” I opened my eyes and saw him hovering over me, I sat up

Me “hey what are you doing here?”

Jude “I brought you lunch” he handed me the paper bag that smelled like ddubokki

Me “oohh you’re the best!” He bent down and kissed me, I opened the food and took out the chopsticks, I looked around but I couldnt see Reign “Brec?”

Jude “aahh we couldnt get past the reception desk, everyone wanted a piece of her”

Me “aahhh she gets attention where ever she goes that one”

Jude “our little star”

Me “mm” I started eating and the flavours just melted in my mouth, damn I was hungry

Jude “everything okay?”

Me “your friends”

Jude “aahh! I left them at the house, they were still resting”

Me “what happens now? We just…you know….and I want to see where this thing takes us but now with your friends here and Reign’s birth mom….” he took my food and put it aside then took my hands into his

Jude “baby, we have been waiting months for a chance like this and I wont let anyone mess up what we have just started, I also want to see where it takes us and Yoona, you dont have to worry about Leila, you are Reign’s mother, she loves you…that will never change”

Me “but it doesnt change the fact that she is her mom and I’m not”

Jude “Leila left!” He snapped “she left her when she was only a few days old, at my doorstep with nothing! She then had the audacity to tell me that I should get rid of her should I find that she wasnt mine! Leila is not even a factor right now okay? Dont worry about her” I smiled faintly “I’ll fix everything”

Me “okay” he kissed me

Jude “I’ll go find our daughter, she will be happy to see you”

Me “me too” he stood up and left the room, while I finished eating.

To be continue next weekend


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