Adventures of a Playboy – My mind shouted “OPE OO” Episode 9


As we were walking to the gate; I asked her where did she thinks she’s going?
Funmilayo: I’m going to my room. I will pass through the kitchen and straight into my room.
Me: then why did you say that “I’m going to Bidemi’s place”
Funmilayo: so that she can be free with you. Two is a company; three is a crowd. At least she will think I’m not in the house.
Me: (happy) Bad girl. Where you get all your sense from? I dey suspect you oo.
Funmilayo: Bros leave that one jo.
Me: Okay… don’t forget our plan B ooo. once I Flashed you, go and get those snacks.
She managed to sneak inside the room without her being noticed. I went back to meet Motunrayo and I pleaded for keeping her worried. We chatted for a while and she asked about the second favour.
Me: there’s still time na
Motunrayo: I know but I want to hear it now.
Me: if you insist…. (kept quiet and kept staring into her eyes)
Motunrayo: I’m all ears now (feeling shy and looking away)
Me: the favour is not really a favour but a request. If you look at it the other way round it’s supposed to be a favour. Some people would say it’s a request……. (just kept babbling until she cuts me off)
Motunrayo: oooooooh what is it na? Favour or Request… just tell me
Me: Okay (takes a deep breath). ….. can you be my girlfriend? ….My confidant… My hope…. My thought…. My joy….. Since the first day I saw you, I really want to know you more. now that I know you…. I still want to know you more. Can you please find a place in your heart for me? I think I’m falling in love with you. (kept quiet).
Motunrayo: (Smiling) we are friends already and I wouldn’t have come around if I don’t have any feelings for you. I like you too but presently I’m in a relationship but the relationship has not been a cordial one. Just give me a little time to think about it.
Me: (looking sad) okay…. but how much time are we talking about here. 5minutes or 10minutes?
Motunrayo: (laughs) no ooo give me 2days then I would have decided before then.
Me: 48hours….. you want to kill me abi? just tell me that I can’t date you then I move on with a broken heart (looking and feeling rejected)
Motunrayo: oooooooh… you are making me look like a bad person now. Okay…. we can be the type of friends that you want.
I shouted like the person that won jackpot (yes).
Me: today is the happiest day of my life. I promise you that you will not regret this friendship (I presumed).
Motunrayo: I hope you keep to your promise. and as for my ex boyfriend: I broke up with him before I called you on Friday.
Me: really… don’t worry, I will make sure that you don’t miss him a bit!
Moved closer to her and I planted a kiss on her lips. She kissed back. We kissed for 2mins and I held her hand and led her to my room.
We continued from where we stopped. I kissed her and pushed her on the bed. Since her top (blouse) is very tight: it was very easy for me to have a feel of her bre*st. I fondled it through her blouse and we both moaned simultaneously with great excitement.
I continued kissing her till I decided to be more adventurous. I could feel that my OGA is now very hard (maybe it’s because of the drug I took). I now started pounding her through her clothes. I squeezed her bumbum and I tried to loose her belt, so that I will have access to her paradise. She held my hand. I thought maybe she is not enjoying what I’m doing.
I intensify my effort but as soon as my hands trespasses to her belt; she held my belt again.
I looked into her eyes (na my eyes I take ask am). Without saying a word.
She replied: I’m on
Me: what? (I didnt understand her)
Motunrayo: my period is on. I’m sorry: maybe next time. I don’t want you to stain your hand that’s why I restrained you.
Me: Okay… your 5days things. No problem. I’m sorry for being too forward. (e be like say dis thing don dey work ooo).
Motunrayo: I really want to go all the way with you but I just can’t because of my odd days. I’m sorry.
Me: no big deal…. (I adjusted her dress very well)
We sat down and chatted for a while and my Oga never still come down. It’s now 2:45pm and I know that she would soon leave. I Flashed my sister for our plan and she brought the snacks after 30min
Funmilayo: I’m back…. I was hoping I will still meet you. I bought some snacks for you.
Motunrayo: that’s very thoughtful of you but you shouldn’t have.
Funmilayo: Okay… but I have.,so help me to accept it with pride.
They started eating and chatting away while I was busy thinking how to bring down the monster between my legs. I was still thinking of my situation when my sister called my name.
Funmilayo: bros:, what is wrong with you? You are not eating with us.
Me: (this girl no know what is going on). Don’t worry… just leave one for me, I will eat it later.
I joined in their chatting until it was 4pm and she decided to take her leave.
My mind skipped and it kept skipping because of my hard on.
How I go see this girl off now? This thing no still go down.
I started thinking of other things that would make it go down a little but it just stood gidigba. I playfully backed them and went to the exit door.
If you girls are set, I’m at the door! They hugged themselves and she promised to come back very soon.
We exited the door. I managed to hold the head of the monster through dipping my hand in my pocket and I guessed it did the trick.
We were at the gate waiting for the next available bike that would take her to GRA bus stop. But no bike came and I was sweating profusely because of my condition.
A bike eventually came and I managed to squeeze N3000 into her hand. She puts her thumb on her ear signaling that she would call me.
Eventually she’s gone but my problem still remains. I dialled my brothers number and explained everything to him. He kept on laughing and said I should go and take my bath with cold water that it will definitely come down.
I rushed back inside the house and I started packing my thing again when I saw my sister. She just kept asking different questions and I gave incoherent answers.
I went to the fridge and got some ice blocks. I took my bath with it and the devil eventually came down only to rise back again after one hour.
It’s now 6pm and I had taken my bathe three times in the space of an hour. I called my brothers number again to inform him about my situation.
Brother Segun: how many tablet did you take?
Me: (no be 2 tablet people dey take) I took three because of my condition.
Brother Segun: (started laughing), na one you suppose take na….. no wonder
Me: Wetin we go con do na? This thing go hard and bust oooo
Brother Segun: you need to look for a way to discharge yourself
Me: How na? (voice now shaking)
Brother Segun: you need to make love to a lady.
Me: this night… that’s not possible na
Brother Segun: that’s the only way.
Me: it’s almost 7pm… mummy will soon come and daddy by 8pm. where would I tell them I went to? Besides I’m still in their bad book for now.
Brother Segun: don’t worry, I will cover for you only if you promised to be back before 9pm.
Me: Okay bros, let me try my luck around.
Went to my brothers room to take one of his pan*s (I don’t wear pa*ts). Then changed my clothes into something more casual.
Off I go into the wilderness of no destination with time constraints of 2hours.
May god help me oo
I stood at the gate and started weighing up my options when Motunrayo’s called entered. I didn’t pick it. She called like 5 times and eventually stopped calling. (dis gal leave me jare).
Continued weighing up my options.
Bidemi is definitely out, if I try this monster on her… I will be charged for murder.
Kikelomo,…. she didn’t even call me all this while… to set her up go hard no be small.
Ruka… I never even toast her besides na 2hours I get and 20mins don go inside.
I remembered Tunde…. I dialled his number and he picked. I explained my situation to him and he promised to hook me up with a lady but I should not act as if I’m desperately in need of s*x.
Tunde don’t have small girls of my age. It’s sugar mummy that Tunde follows up and down. Do I have a choice at this junction. He said I should meet him at Blue Top hotel. I joined him there. We exchanged greetings and he gave me a key to room 212.
Tunde: your guest go join you now.
Me: hope she won’t delay me oooo. I have to leave here under one hour
Tunde: she will soon be here. Go inside and take your shower.
Me: (I wan bleach ni) just took my bath before coming here.
I went to the room thinking how I’m going to lose my virginity&innocence to a woman that I have not seen.
What if she’s ugly or fat…. what I know for sure is that she would be much older than me…
I was still thinking when a beautiful woman in her late thirties enters the room.
My mind shouted “OPE OO”
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