Adventures of a Playboy – Suggar Mummy (Episode 10)


My mind shouted “OPE OO”…. I greeted her and she responded.
Mysterious Woman: what is your name?
Me: Femi… (I don’t have time ooo… let’s do it sharp sharp)
Mysterious Woman: Do you know why you are here?
Me: Yes ma…
Mysterious Woman: don’t call me ma… call me Sarah.
Me: Yes ma… Sowie Sarah..(Smiling)
Sarah: good…. let’s get down to business…
I removed my top and jean… now remaining my underwear with that silly p*nt. My OGA is still as hard as before.
I moved closer to her and started caressing her body. She sounds like she’s enjoying it. I removed her blouse and B*a then put my mouth over her nipp**. I fondled it then removed her skirt, leaving her with only her pa*ts on. I shifted it to one side and started rubbing the surface of her pu**y with my fingers.
She started jumping up&down the bed and I could feel that she’s already wet. I then inserted my index finger into her paradise. She shouted “Femi you are killing me”. I kept using my finger inside her while my mouth is stuck on her ni**le.
She removed her Br**st from my mouth and she kissed me. We continued kissing while my fingers works the magic beneath her.
She stopped and said: Please make love to me. I immediately off my pa*t and positioned myself to enter her when I remembered that I have no condom with me.
She opened her bag and she bought out a pack of it. She helped me to put one on my OGA wey never tire since morning.
Then she layed on her back while I inserted it inside and started thrusting in and out of her paradise. She moaned and she came twice but I’m still not too close to coming.
I repositioned her; facing the bed while I entered her from the rear. She kept calling my name and begging me to stop. I continued for like 10minutes then I erupted like a volcano (awwwww haaaaa). We both laid motionless for 5mins exhausted.
I felt very tired but relieved because my OGA has finally come down.
It’s now 8:40pm. I rushed wearing my clothes. Told her that I’m going.
Sarah: can’t you sleep over.
Me: no Sarah… I have to go
Sleep ke: you wan send me comot for my papa house.
We continued our conversation.
Me: I didn’t plan sleeping outside today. (time don dey go ooo)
Sarah: Okay
She counted some money from her bag and gave it to me with a complimentary card; requesting I call her tonight. I didnt even count the money or looked at the card, I just rushed out of the room.
It’s now 8:55pm. I got a bike and immediately dialled my brothers number and he picked.
Brother Segun: how far?
Me: I’m okay now… how I go take enter?
Brother Segun: hope you no drink today ooo?
Me: haba bros… I no dey drink before na.. I explained everything to you na
Brother Segun: I’m sorry… daddy is not yet back. I told my mum that I sent you on an errand to my friends place to give me some money.
Me: thanks bros…. I don dey gate already… please come open gate.
He came to open the gate and we both entered. I went to take my bath immediately (if today na bathing day; I sure say I really observe am).
After freshening up; I rushed to my mum’s room to greet her. I bade her goodnight.
Mummy: so you won’t kiss me goodnight abi?
(hanhan; people no dey trust me for this house again. On top say I drink for one day). I went to her and pecked her on her cheek. Good night to the best mum in the world (we both laughed).
I went to Funmilayo’s room and she was very happy to see me.
Me: baddest girl ever liveth. I really enjoyed your drama today ooo. I think you should go and join Wale Adenuga. You are the bomb.
Funmilayo: bros mi; Ese. Ooo. Hmnnnn. But I gbadun your settings ooo. I wished my boyfriend could do that for me someday.
Me: (now serious) you are not ripe having a boyfriend; you are still 14 for God’s sake.
Funmilayo: I know; so keep your voice down.
We chitchat about the whole issue and I gave her the N1000 I promised her. She hugged me and thanked me. I reminded her about Ruka.
Funmilayo: (hissed) what do you want with that one sef? Not as if she is even fine sef.
Me: (confused) na now you know that she’s not fine and I thought that she’s your friend.
Funmilayo: what do you want with her when you have Motunrayo? I really like her but Ruka; a Muslim. …… (cuts her off)
Me: I have heard you; hush. I’m going to bed. (voice raised).
Funmilayo: (now looking sad)… I’m sorry…. good night then
Me: I’m sorry for raising my voice at you. You still remain my only Iyawo. Motunrayo or Ruka just dey vie for your place (placing my hand on her shoulder while she looks down).
Funmilayo: (now Smiling) okay ooo
I tickled her till she begged me to stop. Then I pecked her goodnight.
I went to Badoo’s room only to find him sleeping. I wished to tell him about my adventure today. I went to my bed a very happy man.
It’s now 10:07pm. Thinking about the whole event. ‘o boy u don mad oo’. I was very happy with myself. Then I remembered Motunrayo: I sent her a message.
“I’m sorry for not answering your calls; I was sleeping then. I tried so hard to call back but the network keeps telling me that you don’t have sufficient balance to make this call; despite the fact that I have more than N500 on my phone. I even had to buy more airtime on the line but it kept misbehaving. I presumed you are back home now. Will call you tomorrow. Femi Loves You.
I know that she will definitely call back and she didn’t disappoint me. My phone rang.
Motunrayo: hello…
Me: hello; I thought you would have been sleeping by now.
Motunrayo: no ooooo… I don’t sleep that early besides I have a lot to think and ponder about.
Me: Okay… let me guess… you think I’m one of those guys that only wants sex.
Motunrayo: not really but what happened today was what’s baffling me.
Me: then what was that…
Motunrayo: that I would go to a guys house for the first time and we almost had fun. I….. (kept quiet)
Me: I’m sorry. What are you trying to say?
Motunrayo: (voice very low) I feel cheap and I know that you will feel the same way about me (almost in tears).
Me: don’t talk like that… I regretted my actions since you left. I’m really sorry about my action.
Motunrayo: it just felt strange and I felt being used when I kept calling you and you refused to pick.
Me: I’m sorry about that. I will make it up to you: I promise.
Motunrayo: I’m okay now.. I just hope you won’t break my heart.
Me: or I should be the one asking you not to break two people’s heart.
Motunrayo: hmnnnnn (confused) do you have two heart.
Me: no oo.. it’s mine and my sisters. I think she likes you and she kept asking me when am I inviting you over again. Please don’t break our hearts too.
Motunrayo: (giggles) I like her too… she’s very pretty and fun to be it. She’s a free spirited person.
Me: Okay oooo…. I think I should allow you rest. besides I’m not comfortable with you calling on this occasion.
Motunrayo: Okay…. I think I’m in love with you. I love you.
Me: (Smiling) I love you. Good night dear.
We ended the call and I was preparing myself to sleep when I remembered Sarah, complimentary card and the money.
I dashed to the place I put the trouser and brought out the money and the complimentary card. Counted the money.
Wow! It’s N20000. I checked the card. Her name is truly Sarah and she is into furniture sales, that is what the card implies. I wanted to call her but I just have to call Tunde first. Dials his number and he picked.
Tunde: Bobo mi bawo ni
Me: I’m fine and you?
Tunde: cool…. we are still at the hotel. faaji dey here oooo.
Me: hmnnnnn. I trust you na.. no dull moment oooo
Tunde: abi oooo…. Wetin happen?
Me: I just wanted to thank you for everything today. I really appreciate.
Tunde: what are friends for
Me: thanks jare… the woman gave me 20k oooo. just counted it now.
Tunde: well… she try sha. I will organise bigger ladies for you.
Me: Okay oooo…. so how much is my share inside the money?
Tunde: you funny sha… inside the small money. no insult me abeg, the money is yours.
Me: (very delighted) thank you very much.. she said that I should call her this night, should I call her?
Tunde: na your package be that… just hold am tight but better package still dey wey I go arrange for you.
Me: thanks ore! I’m very happy now.
Tunde: later ore… let me go back inside to meet my other friends I had to move out to pick your call. Good night ore!
Me: good night.
We ended the call and I dialled one of the numbers on the card.
She picks on the first beep.
Sarah: Hello
Me: Hello Sarah… it’s me Femi…. good evening!
Sarah: oh… Femi… (feeling excited) I thought you would not call again because of the way you rushed out of the room today.
Me: no oooo.. I was rushing home because the appointment was impromptu and I didn’t tell them that I would be coming home late.
Sarah: Okay… it’s even good that you called. … so what do you think of me?
Me: you are a very beautiful lady and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw you.
Sarah: * * chuckles ** really.
Me: Yes…. your sexy*eyeball would even make Patience Jonathan hold down her husband. I have not even talked about the face… fresh skin… lovely deodorant and above all the fun we had; which was marvellous.
Sarah: hmnnnnn… you sure know how to have effect on women. I think I like you.
Me: I like you too madam (business mood tone).
Sarah: I have been talking to my friend about this evening and she is bent on meeting you.
Me: (meet me ke)… okay no problem. Where and when?
Sarah: she is presently in Abuja, she ought to be back during the weekend. Let say next week.
Me: no worries dear.
Sarah: but we need to see before the weekend, if that’s okay by you.
Me: sure… (this week ke)
We continued chatting and she told me that tonight s*x was her best ever. She requested I send my bank account number to her so that she can pay a token into it. I promised sending it first thing tomorrow morning (I don’t have one… but I will open tomorrow).
We ended the call and I started thinking of my next move. It has to be Ruka or Motunrayo.
I have never being this happy but a part of me is very sad (Bidemi). I’m really missing her. Not her kisses but her friendship. I then made up my mind to go to their house tomorrow.
I slept off… and the night was too short for me: maybe it’s because of the extra work duty I did.