The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 28


I woke up the following morning thinking about the call from Marcus last night; I checked my phone to review my call history, then I realized it wasn’t a dream but real. I talked with Mirabel about it, she felt uncomfortable about it. I told her not to fret that he can’t do anything that’d make me bow.
We went to School and came back in the evening because a Lecturer shifted his period to and made the day a stressful one. Later in the evening, I had a video chat with Ike (Mirabel’s cousin). The following conversation ensued after exchanging pleasantries.
Ike: So… are you earning on your own as a business student?
Me: Nope
Ike: Have you thought about the kind of business you want to engage in from now?
Me: Not yet, I’ll think about it more after school
Ike: Are you kidding? After school? So you’ll keep depending on your parents till you graduate?
Me: Seems so, I mean they’re capable
Ike: I’m not talking parental capability mahn! I stopped receiving a cent from my billionaire parents even before I got into college. I earned my first million dollars at age 19. Wake up mahn! You start your career and future now not after you start growing matured beards or something.
Me: Ok I’ll think about it
Ike: Do you have anything in mind?
Me: Hhmmm… not really
Ike: What about your passion or visions of life?
Me: I have them but they’re not something I can start with here in the University
Ike: Which are?
Me: Building a business empire in summary
Ike: That’d require a lot of capital to begin with as well
Me: Yea
Ike: And how do you intend to raise the capital to finance it after you graduate?
Me: **Speechless**
Ike: See what I’m saying? You need to be productive and career-focused from now then you begin your establishment after school
Me: Whoa… how come I never thought about this? Thanks a lot mahn; I’ll start thinking about it from today
Ike: Too late already
Me: What?
Ike: To me, you’re already late. Now look at this; you’re already in your second year and you have two years to graduate right?
Me: Yea
Ike: Ok now look it, before you think about what to do, before you start doing whatever it is you want to do and before you start earning handsomely? Two years won’t be enough believe me
Me: So what do you think I should do?
Ike: Good! I’ve decided on handing over the ownership of one of my top-earning websites to you to begin with**Smiling**
Me: Really?
Ike: Yea
Me: Whoa… that’s awesome, thanks a lot
Ike: The market price of the site is worth $2.7 million
**Both my eyes and my mouth opened up wide in shock**
Ike: **Continued** you earn a monthly income of about $24,000 even more as much as you manage it well
Me: For real?!
Ike: Yea and I’ll partner with you for the next six months with no benefit so I can be able to put you through on how you can run the site effectively.
Me: Thanks so much bro, I really appreciate this; I really can’t thank you enough
Ike: Come on mahn, I’ve empowered so many youths I don’t even know; besides being my sister’s boyfriend, you’re also my friend Ok? So just chill and start preparing for your future
Me: This is great; I shall forever be grateful for this favor
Ike: It’s okay…you will have to text me your email address so I’ll send everything you’ll need to know about the site and how to run it and I’ll also arrange how you’ll be getting your money.
Me: Ok bro, I’ll do that right away
I texted him my email address without wasting time; then I started thinking about it with excitement and astonishment. If I should save such kind of income in three years, I know what I’ll get.
My future is sure! Vames Empire On The Way!! I screamed out loud. I couldn’t even eat that night. I bought suya and ate it with hollandia yoghurt.
I woke up the following morning and the first thing that came into my mind was my new source of income. I couldn’t even focus on my morning reading because of it and we have test that day.
Later in school, I told Mirabel about Ike’s offer; she was happy for me. She called her cousin that moment to appreciate him. After the test, we had another lecture before rounding up for the day. I was so eager to go home; even when I was in the lecture hall, business ideas kept roaming through my head.
I had to drop by an eatery to buy something to eat because Nancy remained in school; she has lecture. On reaching the house, I had to drop down and open the gate as no one was around. I drove in, alighted from the car to go and close the gate only for me to turn around and saw someone with a big scar on his fore-head.
Intruder: Hi, I’m Marcus **Gbow!!**
He accompanied the introduction with a punch straight to my nose; I shifted backward but another intruder behind me pushed me forward to receive a kick from Marcus, but I pushed his (Marcus) leg away. I quickly turned around with a punch hit to the face of the guy behind me – he shifted backwards as well. Two other guys came along to get me down. On seeing them, I adjusted a little to balance myself while they rushed me with punches from all angles till I fell to the ground.
While on the ground, I tightened my fist then rose up and hit one of them straight to the jaw (Uppercut) he went down; I hit another one on the chest before Marcus gave me a super-kick from behind then the force from kick prompted me to head the guy in front of me on his nose before we both fell down. I quickly got up and ran towards Marcus with rage. We engaged in a fist fight. He was very muscular and strong but I didn’t care about it that moment because I fight with anger and I won’t stop until my opponent goes down or something else happens. The other guys dragged me back from him but I shook them off with all my strength and went back to face their leader. I came extremely hard on him this time with a push that got him down; then I pounced on him punching his face as if I was crazy that I totally forgot about the other guys he came with until a heavy plank wood landed on my head and send me off to the other side of the ground. I held my head in pain for many minutes.
Marcus: I warned you! You got lucky that I even gave you a chance; but still you didn’t adhere to my warnings motherf*cka! This is what you get for being a coward!! What you gon’ do now? Common get up and face me! Why can’t you?! You think you’re a tough guy huh? huh?!! Answer me mother*cker! **Kicking me**
Marcus: Guys?
Guys: Yes boss!
Marcus: You know what to do with him **Walking away**
On hearing that, I prayed a fast prayer to God in my mind for mercy and I also declared that I will not die but live and accomplish my life-mission on earth! I started gaining strength while praying before the three guys came closer to me. The first guy that touched me got it back from me as I kicked hard against his penis while I was still on the ground before I quickly stood with my pen and stabbed the second one on his shoulder as he was about to bend down. The third one came hard on me but didn’t get me as I blinded his eyes with a strong slap and punched his stomach continuously till he fell down. Then I ran towards Marcus who was standing before the opened-gate watching the action. On getting closer to him, I suddenly stopped when he brought out a gun and pointed it straight to my skull.
Marcus: Step back!
**I moved a step backward**
Marcus: Now get into the f*cking house! Where you’ll die slow motherf*cker… hahahahaha
**I hesitated thinking of a way of getting his gun**
Marcus: Get in motherf*cker!!
Me: Then what will you do? Kill me? For what? For a girl you have no chance with? Go ahead and kill me!
Marcus: Of course I will kill you. She has loved me more than she ever loved you!
Me: That’s a lie and you know it! Your relationship with her didn’t even last for a month
Marcus: Doesn’t matter, she still loves me; you’re the problem for us not coming back together. So with you outta the way…? She’ll crawl back to me!
Me: That’s never going to happen!
Marcus: Maybe not, buh I don’t mind trying or is there harm in trial?
Me: Killing me won’t bring Mirabel back to you; she knows how monstrous you’ve turned into
Marcus: You know… I discovered that, it was only you she had date after me right? So getting her back won’t be much of a problem
Me: She will never get back to yo…
Marcus: **Cuts in** Shut tha f–k up! Now turn around!!
Marcus: Turn around you mother*cker!!
Voice: Drop your weapon!
He got distracted when he faced where the voice came from. I didn’t bother to know whose voice it was; I grabbed the opportunity by attacking him with a spear (Those who watch wrestling like WWE will understand what Spear Attack means) the gun fell off his hand then I rushed to get it and pointed it at him while he was still on the ground groaning. Then I saw Police men coming to the scene.
Police: You drop the gun! **talking to me*
Mirabel: He is the victim here officer!
I dropped the gun; one of the Police men collected it from the ground and handcuffed Marcus. I showed them the other three guys behind my car and they arrested the four of them.
The Police told me to visit the station tomorrow to write my statement of which I promised to show up. Then they zoomed off. Mirabel was already hugging me.
Mirabel: Are you Ok?
Me: Yea…I’m still alive **Smiling**
Mirabel: Stop joking **Hits my chest** It’s a good thing that we didn’t come too late
Vincent: But bro, how come those guys are also wounded? What happened here?
Dax: I’m shocked myself, how did you do it Vickey?
Mirabel: You guys should let him get medical attention first before questioning him na. But baby how did you managed to…you know…what really happened?
Me: You guys don’t expect me to stay and watch some guys kill me without fighting back right? It will be nicer if you guys can get me a first aid box or something. I need to call Nancy to know if she’s Ok
Vincent: I will do that!
**I turned to look at him somehow suspicious**
Vincent: I meant the First aid stuff **Sounded suspiciously**
Me: Hhmmmm…
I dialed Nancy’s line when going inside; she said she’s fine, that she’s on her way.
Me: I appreciate you guys for the help; thank you guys
Vincent: You’re welcome bro
Dax: We got your back
Me: But how did you guys know that I was in danger? I was surprised
Mirabel: Well…it was from school I sighted Marcus from afar when he sent one guy to call me of which I ignored. I kept an eye on him to see his reaction. When you announced your departure and left, I saw him also stood up with his gangs and left too after some seconds of your departure. I dialed your number multiple times to inform you maybe they were after you but you didn’t pick up.
Me: Yea…I put it on silent during the lectures and forgot to remove it from silent
Mirabel: Okay…I got worried; then I informed Dax and Vincent about it before we drove to the police station in the town, we got some police men and hurried here.
Me: Thanks a lot; you saved me from that psychotic obsessed fellow.
Vincent: So…your own side of the story bro; what happened here? How did you manage to…to to…injure them too?
Nancy interrupted with a knock on the gate; Vincent offered to open the gate. She asked what happened to me as soon as she saw me. I told them everything that happened, the scenes, the action and all except the last conversation between me and Marcus.
Mirabel’s mother – the first lady called me later in the evening to greet me about what happened; Mirabel told her. I saved her number after the call and started calling her from time to time. Mirabel call my mother almost every day as well.