“Adey Text” – Season II – Episode One (1) – “The Date”


From what it seemed, it looked like i had just robbed Pokua’s father.

However, i was lucky, she didn’t notice me, i quickly turned my back towards her and begun to walk away.

It was her dad, i could tell from the way she called him. Narrowly, luck was on my side, i was able to walk away with my cash.

Well, I wasn’t really bothered about the relationship my client had with Pokua, once she didn’t see me, i was good to go. That was the first and last time I’m seeing him though, but for Pokua, i may not see again because i planned on ditching her on our planned date.

A new life for me just began, with GHS6000 in my hand. I never drifted away from quitting this fraud thing. I still had better plans of becoming a better person and that meant that i had to invest in the money i just got.

How to invest in it was my problem now, i had no idea what to do. I got myself a new phone, smart phone of-course. Logged into Facebook and blocked all my fake account, including the fake account i used on Pokua.

I kept on chatting with her on Whatsapp, she on the other hand kept asking me for my pictures but i kept her in suspense. App available on Google PlayStore “Tales of Elton”. Or check out www.thetalesofelton.com

Soon, the day of reckon came. It was weekend and i was to meet Pokua at the mall as we agreed.

Well, she was even more desperate than myself. I was not going to meet her as the fake guy she knew but as Density himself. I had the perfect plan.

You can imagine how handsome i looked that day, i was in a casual wear with a nice Rolex watch. My haircut was fresh and on point. My perfume, nice and sweet scented. I was just looking perfect.
My confidence level was just that high, this time around, no one could intimidate me.

With my swag on, i got to the mall and within 5 minutes later, Pokua called me. I picked up and made sure she told me where she was seated. I told her to order anything she wanted while she waited for me to arrive.

Right afterwards i took the sim out of the phone, and threw it out into the nearest trash can. From where i was seated i saw her ordering herself some cocktail. In some few minutes, i saw a waiter bringing her medium sized pizza.

After all her attitude, she was a glutton. Then again i saw her reaching for her phone. I knew she was trying to contact me but was not going through.


It was close to an hour, and from where i was seated i could tell from how uneasy she was feeling.

Pokua had stop eating and was just looking around hoping to see her so called graduate.

I was just sitting there enjoying everything as her mood kept getting worser. The waiter came with the bill, I didn’t see her giving him any money though, but i could guess she told the waiter to hold on for awhile.

Its been over two hours since she sat there waiting for my fake character. This is where i came in, i stood up from where I was seated and walked towards her.

Just when i got there and mentioned her name, she was amazed, she looked at me right from the soles of my shoe to my nice haircut.

“Density, is that really you” she asked.

“Yeah, what are you doing here all alone, you seem to be enjoying yourself” i asked.

“Oh never mind, what are you doing here” she asked me.

“Well, i came to hang around, I’m going back home” I answered.

Then again the waiter came and stood beside Pokua’s table. She knew what that meant. I was even surprised that it seemed Pokua had no money her.

To be continued