“Adey Text” – Season II – Episode Two (2) – “The Kiss”


She knew what that meant. I was even surprised that it seemed Pokua had no money her.

That was the plan all along, i took my wallet out which loaded with cash and paid off the waiter.

“oh Density, you don’t need to that, it’s seems my date stood me up” she said. From her tone you could tell there was no ego in her.

I then took out GHS 50.00 notes out and gave it to her without even counting.

“I’m sorry, I must be on my way. Use this for transportation” i said and walked away.

Well that was it, i proved a point. Pokua’s ego and pride was no where to be found. As much as i was losing interest in her, i felt bad for her. In any case, she deserved it.

I went quickly into my hired car and put on the ignition getting ready to go. I never knew she was following me, she stopped me right there. I then had to open the the door for her to sit.


That was the first time i saw Pokua looking really down.

“I can’t believe, this guy would do such a thing to me. Can you please drive somewhere, somewhere far. Please Density” She said

Well, i had no option, i was a perfect gentleman. I took her round the town. There was not much talking, she was still looking sad and depressed.

With everything that had happened, there was no need to torture her anymore. After all she in my “my car” now. I then thought of turning things around.

“Density, look I’m sorry for what happened. I was just rude and pompous. I do that anytime I’m nervous, I’m really sorry” she said.

She looked very sincere and honest, but then i brushed her off until she started speaking of my father.

“How is your Dad doing” she asked.

“Much better” i said. As much as i was in so much control, i was also feeling nervous. Yeah she did something that i hated but there was this satisfaction as she was seating beside me.

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I drove her to a spot along the beach just for us to enjoy the breeze at least until she calmed down.

We found ourselves talking about old times and how notorious i was.

“You know, you seemed like a changed person, I actually couldn’t get close to you back in school cos everyone was around you, and for the fact that i knew you were crushing on me” she said it right into my face.

So she knew all this while? it was quite embarrassing.

“How did you know, Pokua” I asked.

“Seriously, Who doesn’t know this. Don’t worry, we were kids by then and I’m sure we didn’t even know what feelings meant” she said.

I almost told her i was still having strong desire for her but she kept talking.

“You know something, i even ended up telling this guy i was suppose to meet about you” she said.


Well, i would have doubted but that was me she told. I wanted her to go further and see if she will be able to mention her crushing on me but unfortunately she didn’t.

I didn’t know what came over me, i had forgotten i was no more into her.

“Feelings don’t really change just like that” i said

“Meaning? She asked.

“Fine, we might have been kids by then but what i felt for you may not have changed” I said.

“Come on Density, how many years now, let’s not deceive each other, if you still have feelings for me, like you would have been sweet talking me or even feeling jealous about the guy who ditched me or kissing me here right now but….” she said.

I stopped her by rooting my lips onto hers, i knew she was surprised but she didn’t hesitate. She kissed me back.

To be Continued