“Adey Text” – Episode Eight (8) – “419”


All this while, my phone kept buzzling with calls from Pokua.

As much as I didn’t want to pick up, the continious buzzling of the phone kept irritating me so I eventually picked.

The first thing that came out of her mouth when i picked up the call was

“Hy, where have you been all this while, i have been calling” she said

“Around” I answered.

I was that harsh, it’s like everything about her was beginning to irritate me but then again I remembered i had a cause to achieve.

“Sorry, I’m really down. But anyway sup with weekend” i asked

Just like that, we began talking for several minutes about our meeting or probably, should i say, date.

I must admit, i almost kept falling for her sweet responsive talk but nothing could make me change her attitude towards me.

“hey you remember the guy i told you about, my all time crush, i run into him today” she said

“Really, should i be jealous” i asked


“Oh come on, he is really not my type though. Apparently his father is even a drunk and from the look of things, he is even jobless even after school” she continued.

I could literally feel my heart sinking down into my tummy. I was beginning to know who Pokua really was. It was obvious that she was materialistic but her pride and how she looked down on people was a no go area for me.

I may be jobless but I won’t settle for such a girl ever in my life. Out of being hurt by her words, i hang up the call and switched it off. I couldn’t take it any longer.

The day went by, and eventually evening came. Everything was back to usual however i sat on my bed wondering what profitable thing i could do when this ghs 6000 gets into my hand.

As anxious as i was, i went back to the cafe, not to chat with Pokua but this time around chat with the client. App available on Google PlayStore “Tales of Elton”. Or check out www.thetalesofelton.com

I learnt my lesson, so this time around i was at the cafe on time, I couldn’t afford to be late especially when GhS 6000 was involved.

Fortunately, i came to find my clients email. I noticed the mail was sent to me about 15 minutes ago.

Apparently, the good news was that my client was still interested in the deal but his terms were to meet me the following day so he could pay the cash to me physically.

That sounded risky but i knew my way around. That wasn’t the first time i had had such an event, so i was ready to meet him up with the fake documents showing that the car was in indeed at the airport.

We then decided through the mail to meet at a central place early the next morning. That night, i had to wash my coperate dress and iron it even before the following morning.

Time flew so fast and i had already gotten to the venue we agreed to meet. It was at a central car park. Initially, i was frightened with the presence of the police around. This was my last deal, and I really didn’t want it to go bad.

My client was 20 minutes late, he came with this luxurious car and even from his dressing you could tell he was really rich. We were able to make each other out and then began with our business.

After he had throughly gone through the documents, he was convinced more than myself,fortunately. He didn’t waste anymore time, right in front of me, he brought out the cash and handed it over to me just like that. I was rather expecting cash though

Our deal was done but just when I decided to leave, Pokua showed up calling my client from a distance with a phone in her hand. From what it seemed, it looked like i had just robbed Pokua’s father.


End of Season One