“Adey Text” – Episode Seven (7) – “Turning Point”


Upon getting there, the lady noticed my presence and quickly turned to face me only for me to see that it was Pokua.

For a moment, we just stood watching each other. I could tell she recognized me right from that moment. Nothing really had changed about me except for the mustache i had.

Pokua on the other hand looked exceptionally beautiful even more than her pictures on Facebook. She had grown more sexy, her breast looking very firm too.

It was so obvious i was not prepared to see her, standing here looking unpresentable.

“Density, is that really you?” She asked

“Ye…yeah ..ye” I said feeling very nervous

“Very surprising, about some few minutes ago i was talking to my boyfriend about you” she said.

Oh, so even Pokua can lie, i knew she was talking about my fake personality. It amazed me for her to call him her boyfriend. How funny?

I wondered why she even made up that lie, I don’t know if she was trying to get at me or something.

Well, the most surprising thing was that she was acting more friendly than I expected.

“Erm what are you doing here” i asked her.

“Oh i came by to see a business client, i just met this man here in this poor state and offered to help” she said and then took Ghs 100 from her purse and placed it in my father’s pocket like he was a beggar.


I couldn’t watch her do that, no matter what the situation was, that was my father, my flesh and blood. App available on Google PlayStore “Tales of Elton”. Or check out www.thetalesofelton.com

“I really don’t think that’s necessary, I’m here to get him home, he is not a beggar” i said. Then i took my father by the hand.

“ Do you know him? Pokua asked

I couldn’t answer that and before i knew it she went about ranting and making me feel inferior.

“Well i thought i could help, you know if God has been able to bless a young girl like me with riches, i should extend it to the poor” she said

What an attitude? Just like a switch, all that i felt for her began to fade away. From the looks of it, Pokua had really changed, she had now become pompous.

I began regretting all that i had been through just to get her attention, she wasn’t even worth it.

“Pokua, this is my father, and we are not poor. Thanks for the help” I said and began to walk away with my father.

Just then she called me to hold on while she reached into her purse again. This time around she came out with her complimentary card.


“Density, why don’t you give me a call or something, who knows, that might be a chance to get back on your feet” she said.

At this point, she was irritating me the more, i had never seen this attitude in her ever since i got to know her. That was not the kind of lady i wanted to end up with.

“Thank you once again, keep the card, I don’t think i need it” I said and walked out on her with my father.


I could sense that she was watching me from behind while I walked away. There was no way i was going to stoop so low in the presence of my peers.

What she did pushed me to do more. Maybe, this scamming thing won’t help? I thought.

I needed to start all over again, become a better person. From then I promised myself that the next time Pokua saw me, she was going to be looking at a better person than i was on that day.

Now, i thought of using the money i will get from my client to build up myself. As much as i wanted to stop all this scamming, i needed that money to start up something big.

I had completely changed my mind about taking Pokua on a date that weekend, I planned on playing along and ditching her when that day came.

Honestly, this day was the turning point of my life. I just couldn’t bare how Pokua looked down on me and my father like that.

Eventually, i got home with my dad, and made sure i put him to bed. I then helped my mother nurse the injury she had through my father’s beatings

She even noticed i was acting very responsible now but she couldn’t ask me anything.

All this while, my phone kept buzzing with calls from Pokua.