Adey Text – Season II – Episode Five (5) – “Bad Move”


It was no other person than Pokua’s father, the very man I scammed. Seeing him was enough to get me confused through out the entire lecture.

I wasn’t so sure he spotted me but i knew i was only leaving under a time bomb. It was only a matter of time for him to make me out. And it’s not like i can escape the class though.

I kept hiding behind the back the whole time. I didn’t even concentrate, i was more concerned with how to hide behind the rest of the students sitting in front of me.

It was never going to be a good thing once he makes me out. I will definitely end up in jail. I wasn’t also ready to change my plans of getting educated at this stage, however i began having a complete change of mind about this whole thing.

Whiles i was busy trying to figure out what to do, my eyes kept catching on this girl who apparently kept looking at me occasionally from a distance.

Was she even admiring me or what? I kept asking myself. She wasn’t bad though, just a regular kind of girl. She had this glasses on, making her look like a nerd.

Well, I didn’t really pay attention to her, i had urgent things to get rid off. Finally, the moment i was waiting for came.

The class was finally over. As much as i was happy, he left the class in a haste. Shortly afterwards i saw the lady who kept spying on me rushed out too.

I thought of talking to her, you know, like getting to know each other and all that, but i needed to be sure that the cost was clear in other words I wanted to be sure that Pokua’s father was not anywhere close.

Well, from what it seems everything was clear for me to make a move. From where i stood, i saw her in a distance busily talking on her phone.

I walked up to her and out of respect i think, she hanged up and got ready to talk to me. It was as if she knew i was going to approach her after the lecture.

“Erm, hi” i said

She didn’t look cheerful or welcoming as i thought she would be. This is a girl who has been staring at me for a whole 3 credit hours. One would have thought things would be easier.

She looked distracted even when i stood right in front of her. All she did was to keep looking around as if she was expecting someone.

Before i could notice it, there came policemen out of nowhere lead by Pokua’s father. I was handcuffed right that moment and was taken away in broad day light.

Such an embarrassing moment, luck was not on my side this time around.

Watch out for the Final Episode.