Adey Text – Season II – Episode Four (4) – “Icy on the Cake”


Before i could catch my last breath, a flash light was shown on us from outside by a Police patrol team.

What the hell are they doing here, at this particular time? I asked myself. There is no way i was getting away from this. I couldn’t even lie about it because it was so obvious.

The policemen were actually two, the one who was driving the patrol car and the one who stood beside the car with the torchlight on us. He shouted on us, to get down immediately from the vehicle.

As embarrassed as we both were, we got down from the car. I bet you, i was really shivering than Pokua who was even looking more unconcerned.

The last people I would even want to run into right now was the cops, taking into consideration that i just scammed Pokua’s father.

I had to man up and solve the situation as soon as possible. Being scared was never going to help.
I got to know that, the police actually wanted something else from us, looking at the way the police was interrogating me, i knew he was after money.

I went back into the car, brought out a brown envelope containing money and gave it him. It was as easy as that.

They went back into their patrol car and went off. Pokua had already gotten herself all dressed and clean as if nothing happened.

She sat in the front seat waiting for me to come and so i did. Just as i joined her, she wanted to speak but i ignored her. I don’t know why i did but i just did that.

The sex was good and that was my first time, but i still remembered what my aim was. For now, as much as the sex meant everything to me, it was just an icing on a cake.

Without saying any word to her, I drove her back to the mall, before then, i had placed an amount of money in her purse without her knowing. It wasn’t like i was paying her off, it was for transportation or better still, for her up keep.

The car was filled with an awkward silence. I didn’t say goodbye or anything, i just dropped her off at the mall and went back to where i rented the car. App available on Google PlayStore “Tales of Elton”. Or check out

The show off was over. I’ve accomplished my task by making Pokua see that I’m a responsible person and not just any rascal she knew me to be.

It was time for a new chapter. I still remained focus on what I planned in making my life better.

I had changed my number again, just to prevent Pokua from hearing from me. I wanted to focus. I just didn’t want anything to do with her anymore.

Now that i had the money, getting the right investment to do, was a bit of a problem. I decided to play the safe part by buying shares and investing this bitcoin trend.

After doing all that, though my grades were that bad, i still wanted to continue my education. At least that will occupy me until my investment yields.

I applied to one of the private universities as a matured student and just as i hoped for, i was able to get admission to pursue diploma in Business Administration.

My admission was quite late, so i was about a month behind when i began lectures. My fist day at school was quite a hasty one. I was really late, because I couldn’t even locate my lecture hall.

When I finally did, fortunately for me, the lecturer was not in. The class was very large so it was so hard for them to even notice a new student.

I was able to blend in quickly. Suddenly, the noise in the class came to a halt as they heard the lecturer was coming in, and just when he entered the class i freaked out. It was no other person than Pokua’s father, the very man I scammed.

To be Continued