Adey Text – Final Episode – “Coming Clean”


Such an embarrassing moment, luck was not on my side this time around.

Stuck in a dark place, where you can virtually see the tiny beam of light coming through the only window the prison cell had. This is the second day of my arrest. Though I was allowed to make calls to any family member so I could inform them of my predicament, I couldn’t do that.

I didn’t know how this will sound to my parents, especially to my mother, and even now that my father is gradually quitting his drinking habits, this news may probably give him a reason to go back to his old ways. I was not ready to do that. It was left to me and I guess a mere good fate.

The sweat on my body kept dripping down as if I had just come out of the shower. This place was just like hell. Hrad to breathe, quite stinky. I blamed myself for this, my old life had brought me here. I had no hopes of getting out, It was left up to me and my God.

Just when I was getting my life back on track, thus getting into school, investing the rest of the money, whiles waiting for its yields. I guess no one can run away from his bad deeds. I was just glad that he was not aware I had anything to do with his daughter. Maybe it’s for the best, if not I guess my situation would have been worse.

I heard the locks to my cell opening, I was then called out to come out and so I did. I had a visitor. Upon getting out, I noticed that it was Pokua’s father. I freaked out when I saw him. Trust me, the look on his face got me more scared. He then told the police man on duty to excuse us so that he will be able to talk to me privately.

Just when the police man left us, I went on my knees to plead. Not to plead for mercy to be released but for forgiveness. I was so into it that I started saying everything, I mean everything.

It was based on my request to see him that made him come here. I had planned it all. Somehow, I was glad that I’m paying the price for my bad behavior. At least, as soon as I’m released, I wouldn’t have any conscience to deal with. He kept quiet just when I began talking. It all started coming out, I couldn’t stop it.

“I’m very sorry sir, I deserve all what I’m going through, but there is something more you should know” I said. That got his attention. I didn’t know what I was thinking; I just wanted him to know that I’m now a different person, who is trying to shape his life. I just wanted to come out clean.

“I didn’t rob you of your money alone, I robbed you of your daughter’s happiness and I know how hurt she may be as at now” I said.

“You know my daughter?” He asked.

“Yeah, we went to the same school. With respect sir, I’m not proud of the person I was” I said.

At this end, he knew that I was just beating about the bush and so he asked. App Available on GooglePlay “Tales Of Elton” Download for free (

“And what do you mean you robbed me of my daughter’s happiness” He said, his deep baritone voice scaring the hell out of me.

“Sir, I know you will be upset about this, I was once intimate with your daughter.” I said.

Then he looked straight into my eyes, with anger and began to interrogate me.

“How long did this happen ” he asked.

“Sir, just about two months now” I said.

He didn’t say a word, the next thing he did was to land a heavy slap on my face. Immediately, the police man on duty came to my rescue, and sent me back to the cell where I was.

That was when tears began dropping from eyes. I didn’t know if it was as a result of the slap or I was just hurt because of what I did. All the same, I was crying anyway.

I hardly slept throughout the night, and early the next morning, I was again told I had a visitor. I wasn’t really expecting anyone this time around but to my surprise, I came out to see Pokua herself and her father. Aside all that was going on, her beauty was more pleasant to the eyes.

“Is he the one” His father asked.

“Yes Daddy” Pokua answered.

Then immediately, Pokua’s father, instructed for my release. It was like a dream. He dropped all the charges against me then said to me “I can’t have the father of my grandchild locked up in jail, It’s a shame on my family” He said.

That was when I got to know that Pokua was pregnant for me. Apparently, her father was happy about the fact the he was going to get a grandchild. For him, all what mattered was that Pokua was in love with me. Was this a blessing in disguise or what? Just after my release, he made me an offer.

“I have dropped all the charges against you. You are a young guy, and I understand what pushed you into doing what you did. But I have agreed upon my daughters request to be more like a father to you, take care of you until you are able to stand on your feet as a man, if only you agree to marry my daughter, if not, you will find yourself back in the cells.” He said.

Trust me there was no way I should reject that juicy offer at the expense of going to jail, however, I asked for time to think about it. I went home right afterwards to my worried parents who were wondering where I was.

I wanted to come out clean to them as well and so I told everything, from my scamming to when I was arrested to the offer I currently have. Unlike my father, my mother was very disappointed in me. I had to apologize and talk her through that I was a changed person.

Well, as to what I was saying to the offer, my mother left it totally in my hands. My conscience was now clear. I had nothing to hide from anyone. I was a complete new person.

The next day, I had already made my decision. I went to Pokua’s house. A very big mansion with a lot of cars parked on the compound. I was warmly received and welcomed.
It was now time for me to tell them my decision. Pokua was seated right in front me with his father, eager to hear what I had to say.

“I’m thankful to you sir, for first of forgiving me for whatever I did to you and your daughter. Notwithstanding this, you were still able to drop the charges against me and for this I will forever remain grateful. I once loved your daughter, right from school and I am ready to take responsibilities of the unborn child as the father. Marriage is a big step for both of us, but even that, there should be the ultimate thing that will bind us two and that is love and that is what is drifting me apart. The love I had for Pokua is no more. I deserve to be thrown back in jail because it’s a crime I committed, but I can’t marry her and put the rest of her life in shambles.” I said.

I could tell how hurt Pokua was, she quickly left the room in tears. Well I guess that was the end to my freedom. Pokua’s father looked at me closely and said.

“I must say, I’m very impressed about your courage. I wouldn’t want my daughter to marry someone who doesn’t love her. This was a test to see if you have really changed. And I’m glad to say that you have really passed it. As for my daughter, she will be hurt but don’t worry; I will handle her as a father. By the way, I’m not taking back my words. You are the father of my grandchild for that matter I will still take care of you and all your family needs. You are free to go” He said.

“What a turn of event” I said to myself. I walked out of the house as a free man. A new life awaits me and I promised myself to be that person that everyone would look at one day. I am not going to live my life as “Density” any more. I was given a name, as so I live by it and be called by it, My name is Bediako Asare.

The End.