“Adey Text” – Episode Six (6) – “True Lies”


Density: Density?

Pokua: Yeah, how did you……

What was i even thinking, was it out of happiness or what? But hey, i was smarter than she thinks, i was very fast in covering it up right that moment.

Density: know what? I actually meant to say that it may be your destiny to be together.

Pokua: my bad, I didn’t get that. Why am i talking about him. Lets talk about us, can i call you?

Everything, seems to be going on with us, now she is asking when to met, where to meet and even if she can call me, not forgetting the most fascinating of all, that she had a crush on me all this while.

I thought she hated me all along. Maybe i should find a way of bringing the real me back into her life.

Just when i agreed that she should call me, i got the mail from my client. Apparently he was so much happy about my fake deal and agreed to pay the money into my account the following day.

I just couldn’t believe it, i never thought it was going this easy. Everything was just happening that fast and you can imagine the kind of joy i had.

This is the situation am going to get about GHS6000 just the following day.

Even with all this, something kept escaping me, Pokua is definitely going to recognize me when she sees me.

This wasn’t how i had planned things, if i should tell am Destiny now, she was surely going to avoid me or perhaps this could be the chance i show her that am a better person now.

I was even believing in my own lie and that made me choose the latter option. She is will see me as Density yet i will keep up with my fake career.

Its been over 20 minutes since Pokua said she was going to call yet the only notification i had on my phone was a low battery signal. App available on Google PlayStore “Tales of Elton”. Or check out www.thetalesofelton.com

I had to get home quickly so i can power up my phone. Well, I thought of getting myself an IPhone 6 the following day after my client sends the money into my account. As a matter of fact, that was my first priority.

The phone i used to worship was now irritating me because i was aiming higher. I hastily walked home, however upon reaching home i found my mother crying.

Aside all my selfish ambitions, i hated to see tears coming from my mother. I freaked out when i saw her in tears and what even worsen everything was the fact that she had a bleeding nose.

She didn’t want to tell what had happened to her but eventually she couldn’t hide it upon my persistence.

Apparently, my Dad who is noted for taking excessive alcohol all time came home to get money from my mother. Knowing very well what he was going to use the money for, my mother refused and that got him upset to the extend of beating up my mother.

I hated my father for this, and most at times he will be seen sleeping on the street so drunk. I got so furious that i went out to look for him.

I had even forgotten to take the phone when i was leaving home, i was so sure that I will go back to meet Pokua’s missed call.

I roamed almost everywhere in search of my father. After awhile, i saw seated beneath a tree in his own disgusting vomit. Thats my father right there, there was no way i could watch him ruin himself that way.

Even as i drew closer, a lady came out of knowing and began to clean the vomit off my father’s face.
Upon getting there, the lady noticed my presence and quickly turned to face me only for me to see that it was Pokua.


To be Continued