“Adey Text” – Episode Five (5) – “Hidden Crush”


I couldn’t keep up with the lie, usually, i used to scam my victims about my involvement in dealing cars, i had completely forgotten what lie i told Pokua, and now it seems she had already caught me.

I guess it’s true what they say, “one lie leads to another”. I was behind the monitor not knowing how to answer her, but eventually i came up with something.

Density: Yeah that’s right. I forgot to tell you that, i have to meet them before going to the NGO meeting…

Pokua: mmm….

Even from her response i knew she smelt something fishy. Quickly, i had to change the topic so i don’t mess up any further.

Density: “Come to think of it, how do i get to meet you?

Pokua: “Was just about asking that , i think it’s about time we meet”

You don’t need to tell me, i know how stupid it was  for me to have brought that up completely forgetting that i had faked my identity.

At this point in time, i Just didn’t care, i was so sure that i will surely come up with something if we had to meet.

Density: “How about this weekend?

Pokua: “Perfect, i will be available”

Density: “????, venue?”

Pokua: “ The mall will do”

Just as she said that I started calculating my expenses. If we are to meet at the mall, it’s either she orders pizza, a plate of rice or that sliced potatoes…what’s the name, french fries? Whatever?  Which ever way, if she is to order any of them, i should be paying between GhS 25.00 to Ghs 40.00 with drinks.

For water, “shopright” is always the best option, i can easily get her big voltic bottle for as low GHS1.99. And if I’m to get an uber for her to go home, that will cost me about GHS 25.00

Approximately, i needed about GHS 100 by weekend. Where was I even going to get the money within the shortest time.

Now, I’m running out of options, all my scams are beginning to be suspicious of my act due to the huge money i have extorted from them. But less i forget, there was the naive man who seems to be interested in one of my fake deals. I thought of using him as a scapegoat. If i should succeed, GHs 100 will just be a peanut.

Just as i was getting along with Pokua, I quickly sent the man an email with a cool deal. All i need to do was to go on the net, download some pictures of a car at the port and send it to him. It was as simple as that, i had already forged some documents showing that the car was at the port.

If everything should go as planned, I will be hitting about GHS 6000 just at this initial stage.

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While waiting for the Man’s email, i was still hitting on Pokua. Interestingly, the conversation was getting really personal as she begun talking about her past relationship.

Apparently her relationship life  had not been going so well, she has dated 3 guys already but everything didn’t seem to go as planned.

Density: I’m sorry for this, maybe you expect too much..

Pokua: Not at all, but I’ve had eyes for this particular notorious guy back in school. There is nothing special about him, but I really admired him amidst his flaws just that I had the  weirdest way of showing it.

Density: i guess he is very lucky then?

Pokua: lucky? He didn’t even know and the awkward thing is that he sent me a friend request few days ago and i just blocked him.

I freaked out when she said that, I wasn’t even myself anymore. Without knowing I spilled the beans.

Density: Density?

Pokua: Yeah, how did you……