ADANNA Season 3 Episode 11


She hugged me and held me tight even though she was surprise.

Mercy: how are you? how come? Abeg come inside first.

Me: am fine okay.

I followed her inside her compound next to her room that was looking nice and well kept, she was throwing questions upon questions like. How are you? Why didnt you tell me? How did you know my house? Why is your body rough? Where is your bag? Is everything alright? When did you arrive? How can you travel by night?

She was asking so many numerous questions, i just quietly pull my shirt and relax on the bed thinking about my mission “kill mercy” the word kept on repeating in my head like a computer that was put on auto repeat, “kill mercy, kill mercy, kill mercy” continuously like that in seconds.

As i relaxed on the bed she came to me and lay with me.

Mercy: Ozila what is wrong?

Me: Mercy nothing is wrong i just came to visit na.

Mercy: without any call or test?

Me: i just wanted to surprise you.

Mercy: by 6 am in the morning when did you enter road? (she relaxed with me petting my head and with my mood I guess she figure it out that something is definitely wrong somewhere)

Me: i came to Benin yesterday i was with my sister in Upper sakponba and my loads are there.

Mercy: you enter Benin yesterday and you didn’t call? why did you come? That question reactivated the word “kill mercy”.

Me: i came to see my baby (i said and pet her on her cheeks.

Mercy: ozila something is wrong i can feel it but you dont want to talk or dont you trust me again?

Me: of course i trust my baby why wont i? See i was missing you badly so i decided to pay you a surprise visit.

Mercy: this is unexpected, if something is not wrong God would have reveal it to me that you are coming, Ozila you are hiding something from me what is it?

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Me: trust me dear nothing is wrong, wont you offer me something to eat am hungry.(trying to change topic)

Mercy: i havent prepare anything today but i will when i return from school for now i will make bread and tea for you.

Me: what about you?

Mercy: nope am fasting i cant eat, am on a three days dry fasting (i said it, that she must fast).

Me: thats cool hope you are praying for me oh.

Mercy: trust me, you are the reason why i am fasting.

Me: me, what reason exactly?

Mercy: i dont know but i feel something bad is coming but a dark cloud is stopping me from seeing it.

Me: something bad is coming for me?

Mercy: thats why am praying for you and me, we need to be stronger in God at a time like this.

Me: hmmmmm no wahala.

I dont know why but am feeling guilty, not that i have even kill her but am already feeling guilty.

Mercy: let me put water on fire for you to make tea while i take my bath.

Me: okay.

She on the electric stove and put water and then she remove her clothes and wal6k to the bathroom, the bathroom is inside the room, just a complete apartment. As she entered inside i got up and took a knife from the kitchen and then i walk to her in the bathroom, time to strike i guess

to be continued