ADANNA Season 3 Episode 10


This is not the time to answer questions this is the time to kill. I took my bag from the ground and started walking towards Benin, havent gone far when i saw a car owner looking for money for fuel obviously, i offer 200 naira to ring road because Benin is not far again, he took me directly to ring road and i came down after paying him, what i still wonder is that why cant Adanna just take me here with just a blink of an eye instead of making me suffer like this or is it part of my punishment too?

I enter Benin early morning when the town is still sleeping though some of them has started hussling already like okada riders and bus drivers, i stopped a bike and told him to take me to school of health, i entered the bike and off we go, i still dont know where she lives or how to meet her, i have my phone but i refuse to call, the mission was to kill her and nothing else and thats exactly what am going to do.

I came down and started walking down to sapele road, but i turn left and enter one street i dont know the name, am not following any direction and i dont know where am going but my instinct kept on reminding me that am not the owner of myself so i shouldnt complain at all. Inside the street i walk for metres before i stop and saw by my right hand a church name “Lords Chosen” again, i believe it her church and she must be closeby because she love to be close to where she worship so that she can go all night at will.

I saw some members in front of the church even though it early, i walk to one of them and greet them, then i ask. “where is Mercy?”

girl1: who are you and which Mercy?

Me: am her friend from Aba, am looking for Mercy U*****.

Girl2: you are her friend from Aba, sorry we dont know you and we cant reveal her location maybe you can call her and tell her to come to church.

Me: okay thank you for your time.

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I greeted them and continue going inside the street, i dont want to call her because she must not know that am coming or else she will start praying which can make me fail my mission and my lady wont be happy. I walked for minutes and then i saw a gate with a cross sign on the front gate, i walk there and knock, i knock three times before someone came out to open the door.

“who are you” he asked.

Me: am Mercy brother please i want to see her.

“why didnt you call her on your phone?”

Me: my phone is down.

“okay wait here am coming”.

He went inside and i have to wait for another ten minutes before the door open again, then she came out, when she saw me her eyes open wide and then she pounce on me.

to be continued