ADANNA Season 2 Episode 17


I woke up on Monday morning around seven A.M, my neighbours don already they use their speaker they disturb me na so the speaker they shake me for bed, hmmm maybe its time i go and buy my own loader oh no be only them sabi music, and the worst thing be say na mumu music them they play.

I got up and prayed to God for guidance and stood up to brush my teeth, after brushing i put my soup for fire while i go baf, before eight i don prepare everything finish, i took my properties and head straight to school, i looked at my phone and saw three miss calls, maybe na when i they baf the person called me, i open the phone and look at the screen and i saw Adaeze, na why she they call me this early morning na or maybe she want to remind me to bring the report book for her, i never even report the book self, na to teach her and they report her at the same time oh.

I called her line and they say busy, i try three times before i fit get her.

Ada: hello good morning.

Me: morning dear how was your night.

Ada: it was okay and yours?

Me: okay too, i saw your missed calls this morning.

Ada: oh yeah i wanted to remind you about the report book.

Me: no problem i didnt forget it and am even on my way now and the book is here with me, I hope you did the assignment I gave you?

Ada: okay thanks alot and yes i did it, i will join you in school in twenty minutes time.

Me: we have Aluta oh and he’s very wicked.

Ada: wicked?

Me: yes if you are late to his class him fit no let you in oh.

Ada: thats his own, am coming to school just for the reporting.

Me: hmmmm unserious student dont worry i will make you serious.

Ada: and how are you going to do that?

Me: just watch and see.

Ada: hmmm okay catch you later.

Me: okay please be quick oh.

Ada: i will try my best.

Me: okay bye.

Ada: bye.

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She cut the call and i begin wonder which kind yeye student she be self, if i follow her na carry over things oh, its either i change her or she change me and as she come be girl now i nor sure say i go fit change her oh but i go try sha, no harm in trying afterall i fit they eat free food all the time, oh yeah the thought of food put hunger on my stomach even though i don eat for house i feel like eating again.

I continued they waka go school i met one of my classmate for school wey them they call Ijeoma, she na mama i wonder wetin she they find for school wey her mate don born three chidren, i guess she go be 38 years now we they call her mama for class that time for ND, she just return now and na her resumption be this she saw me and waited for me, the girl get yash sha like yatch, but my eyes no they there at all because she big pass me well well, if i go that side na only sit down she go sit down for my body and i go faint or maybe die self, she get body wella when i say body i mean meat,.

Me: my wife you don come back?

IJ: my sugar boy how you they?

Me: i they as you leave me you bring anything for me?

IJ: of course i bring my breast come s–k na.

Me: hahahahahahahahahaha.

IJ: how you they joor.

Me: am fine oh.

IJ: you dey go school?

Me: yes.

IJ: oya make we gather they go na.

We walk to school together in peace, i look back and saw Adaeze coming then i fasten my footstep and behave like say i didnt see her.