ADANNA Season 2 Episode 16


I nor know wetin they push me oh i just they follow the little baby like say na charm she take they drag me or maybe its a charm who know because i cant be following somebody i dont know.

We entered inside the river and the river begin to swallow us small small, the way i they follow her be like say she wan go baptize me or maybe yes she wan baptise me true true, as the river don they swallow us reach our neck i was really afraid but i cant talk, stop, nor go back, the water don swallow the little girl wey she say she be my daughter and i nor even know her name oh, as we they go and the water wan swallow me then i draw the curtain.

i woke up and saw that all my body is wet like hell, whether na the water wey i enter come make my body wet like this or na sweat wey i they sweat i nor know oh, i woke up and at down for bed and i started to think about the dream the little girl say she be my daughter but how come? Adanna never told me that she was pregnant and i never saw any signs say she get belle, na which kinda yawa be this one now eh, hmmm na God go save me oh, i took my phone and call Mercy, her number is still switch off.

I threw the phone away angrily and relaxed on the bed looking at the ceiling, then i saw something they move for my ceiling, i quickly run go on light and behold a mighty bat inside my room, oboy na which kind wahala be this na?

I carried my long broom begin use they hit the bat, the bat they fly around the room while me they struggling to kill am, me and the bat they dance alingo for inside the room before e enter one small hole for my wall wey them pass put electric wire for my room, the bat enter there and disappeared, i searched and searched and searched i nor see the bat, i even open door go outside go find am but i nor still see am, i wonder how giant bat go take pass through that small hole wey they there.

Since i nor see am i closed my door and entered inside house, i kept my broom and lied for bed i nor wan off light again oh Mercy tell me say she get feeling say bad thing wan happen, then this bad dream and this mysterious bat, hmmm something is about to hapen and i cant figure it out, i just hope and pray i will still be alive when e start because at this rate i dont think they will even attack me before i die.

The little child said that she want me to help her bring back her mother thats something i can never do, i will rather die than bring back Adanna, i rebuke and ban her in the name of Jesus, i wont do it not now not ever unless she wan come use my dead body bring her back, bringing Adanna back wont only mean the end of me but also the end of everybody i love and am not ready to lose any of my friends nor family, she better remain where she is because the person that defeated her is still hale and healthy, she defeated her before and she can still defeat her now, i was really troubled now and i need to sleep oh.

I took my phone and looked at the time, it’s say one o clock in the midnight.

The next day everything happen smoothly Mr Wale change the submission date to Monday so all of us they happy at least no reporting this week or so I thought, I met Adaeze in school and taught her how to report, I even gave her assignment self make she summit on Monday, weekend reach me and my neighbour took car to Mercy’s house and pack her things, she left to Benin that day and I must say I cried that day she leave.