ADANNA Season 2 Episode 18


Me: make we waka fast abeg.

Ij: yes oh na Aluta we get this morning abi?

Me: yes and i believe say him don start.

Ij: hia that man no get Joy at all.

Me: no mind am.

Me and Ijeoma come begin they waka fast oh because we all know who Aluta is, a very strict man and he hate late comers, if you want to be his friend then always come to his class early,. No be only that one make me they waka fast i nor want make Adaeze meet us,.

After we don pass that police station wey they Umuojima we turn go our left hand side then pass one corner enter our school main road our school get many road so you fit follow anyone enter but if rain fall all of them go be like river.

Ij: i think say all our lecture na by nine.

Me: yes but Aluta change all him time to eight.

Ij: that man things they always they different.

Me: na so na, thats his way.

Ij: but which time Mr Wale take teach una last week?

Me: i meet say them don start, and i reach there before nine (i said as we approach our main gate).

Ij: na wa oh.

We showed our ID to the gate men abi secuirty as usual and we enter inside compound and of course the man motor they under tree, confirming that he’s already in school, we turn to the laboratory and head straight to the physics lab, make una come see as people full outside while few they inside they receive lecture, i ask one of my friend wetin happen and of course they are all late thats why they are outside and we dont have any other choice than to join them outside.

After like five minutes we don stand for window they beg this yeye man he decided to lock the windows and door, we they see wetin him they do before but this time no way again, na so we begin they complain we nor fear about the lesson and practical na the attendance list they important pass because him nor they take that one play at all, i for tell my friend inside to help me write my name but after practical na that attendance list you go take come outside, i was so frustated not only me though all of us.

I took my bag and go Biology lab another practical is going on there, probably the new ND student, the girls are beautiful i must confess, as i they check the whole laboratory to know which one they available my phone start they ring, i looked at the screen and it was Adaeze, i picked am

“hello Ada”

Ada: can you please come to room 303.

Me: okay i will be there in a minute.

I turn and head to the first building i reached and climb up then i begin look for room 303, i located and entered inside the room only to see Adaeze sitting alone in one corner reading her books. oh sorry reporting.

Me: Adaeze.

Ada: whatsup.

Me: what are you doing here alone?

Ada: practising how to report the way you taught me.

Me: seriously?

Ada: yes, since that idiot man dont want us to enter i decide to come here and do something with my time.

Me: thats nice (i said and joined her on the bench).

Ada: so are you ready to mark it now Mr lecturer?

Me: of course am always ready my student (we both laugh)

Ada: thanks oya let start.

I checked the reporting and i must say she did well. I marked the book and gave her 10/10, she was so happy that she mistakenly hug me and kiss me, i didn’t know how as she wan hug na im our mouth just jam, na by then i hear the voice

“so you guys are playing love here “?

We looked at the door and we saw our rector standing by the doorpost with our dean our own don finish be that.