A New Beginning Episode 22 Final


lex pulled the trigger shooting Roy, he was about pointing the gun at Sandra before the police shot him while two of his boys quickly raised up there hands as they saw the police had already surrounded them.
Both Roy and lex were bleeding on the floor..
“officer!! “Sandra screamed at the police pointing at Roy who was in his pool of his blood, he was bleeding in his shoulder.
The Dpo quickly called an ambulance.
Two hour earlier…
guy commot for bathroom I won piss oo” uche said holding his trousers as sweat drenched his face.
“me just dey enter bathroom, go piss for Bush. “John screamed from the bathroom..
” Nah wa for you, na now you dey bath since morning “uche replied heading to the bush because he knew he can’t wait for him because John bath like a lady not just any woman but a lady who is searching for a husband…
uche went to the bush to urinate, he saw a guy carrying a girl on his shoulder, he was moving to the uncompleted building, he quickly followed them , he went to the building and peep , he saw 2 other guys holding a gun, he quickly ran back, he dial his brother number who was a sergeant in the police force, while he brother told the Dpo about uche’s revelation.
Roy and lex were taken to the hospital while the Dpo informed Mr Johnson that they have successfully rescued his daughter.
Sandra quickly informed Mr Williams that Roy had been shot and was taking to the hospital.
About an hour later Mr Williams came to the hospital with a woman, they were not allow to see Roy so they sat at the lobby.
Mr Jeffrey walked in because he son was also admitted to the same hospital, the Dpo shot him as he was about shooting Sandra, the bullet hit him in his back while Roy’s own was his left shoulder..
“how is my son doctor ” Mr Jeffrey asked the doctor .
” which of them Is your son “the doctor replied ..
” lex “he replied..
” the fair one “the doctor asked while he nodded in affirmation.
” I sorry sir but we lost him, the bullet was so deep, and it cuts his intestine “the doctor explained, Mr Jeffrey fell to the floor, tears could be perceptibly seen in his eyes, he was wailing.. He quickly stood up in other not to bring unwanted attention, he saw Sandra sited with a man and a woman, the woman looks familiar to him , he stared at her in astonishment as realisation hit him.. “Ngozi!!!!” Mr Jeffrey called out, the woman swiftly turned and gazed at Mr Jeffrey, she drew back amidst incredulity, while Sandra and Mr Williams gave them a puzzled look.
Sandra Dad and mum quickly walked in, they could see the surprised on everyone faces .
“where is my son “Mr Jeffrey asked staring at Ngozi while they all they at him in awe excluding Ngozi.
” which son is that “Mr Williams asked facing miss Ngozi.
” The one I told you about “she replied while Mr Williams drew back in disbelief.
” what is going on here, whose son are you guys talking about “Sandra voiced out.
” The one in the hospital, the one called Roy “Mrs Ngozi dropped the bombshell..
” the one lex shot? “Mr Jeffrey asked wanted to be sure while Mrs Ngozi nodded affirmatively.
” how is that possible I thought lex is your only son “Mr Johnson asked facing Mr Jeffrey..
” A long time ago, and I met Ngozi, she was a high class runs girl, I had s-x with her by then I was dating Anna my late wife, we were about fixing the date for our wedding, Ngozi told me she was pregnant for me but I thought she was lying that she wanted to cage me with her pregnancy, after nine months I got married to Anna while Ngozi deliver her child I quickly went to for a DNA test which confirmed I was the father of the child, I told my dad about it but he told me to eliminate her and the baby unless I will loose Anna, I didn’t agree to his barbaric plan so he went on to do the job, he send boys to eliminate Ngozi, I thought she was dead after I didn’t see her again, I went to confront my father and he told me he had cleaned up my mess. That’s all I remember about Ngozi “Mr Jeffrey explained prudently making everybody to gazed at him in astonishment.
” his boys came for me, I was lucky enough to have survived, I slept in the carnal with my baby, my child got sick so I hid him close to the carnal to get some drugs, when I was coming back I met Williams and his wife holding the child, the day was very early, I noticed they were coming from night vigil because they were holding a bible and the time was 5am, I had known Mr Williams to be a good man, at first I wanted to collect the child from him but that will slow me down, I had to keep running In other to escape your father, a friend of mine help me move to south Africa, I stayed in south Africa for 24 years without seeing my son, I just came back last week to look for him “she explained comprehensively. They were all shock especially for Sandra who stared at the woman in awe. She was happy that Roy was the son of Mr Jeffrey , he wasn’t from a poor home after all, she was sure her dad will happily gave them his blessing after all he wanted her to marry the son of Mr Jeffrey.
” I can’t belief the boy I had condemned is your son,” Mr Johnson said breaking the silence.
The doctor suddenly walked up to them, “he is awake” he told them but don’t bang in just visit him one at a time and please it’s shouldn’t not be more than twenty minutes each ” the doctor said,, while they were all full of smiles that Roy is finally awake..
Sandra, Mr Williams and Mrs Ngozi went to visit him, explaining things to him, why his mother left him for 24 years, Roy was angry why she waited for 24 years before coming to see him, he later forgive her after she made him see reasons…
Mr Johnson and his wife also came to apologise to him for their harsh treatment and gave him their blessing if we will be marrying their daughter.
Mr Jeffrey finally came and apologies for what lex did to him, he assured him he will never lack anything, he also told him he will be transferring lex company to him…
2 months later Sandra and Roy got married and lived a happy life.