A New Beginning Episode 21


Sandra knew lex threat was not something to joke with because she could see the seriousness on his face, she quickly took her phone number and dialed Roy’s number.
“are you okay “she asked immediately Roy picked the call.
” yeah is anything the matter of “Roy asked sensing she was tensed.
” nothing just a checking up on you “she replied evasively . Suddenly Roy heard a nock on his door, he quickly went to to the door still speaking to Sandra on the phone.
Immediately he opened the door he saw 3 guys, one of them quickly pointed a gun at his head, making him to to vibrate in fear, his phone immediately slip from his hands and fell to the floor.
“Roy are you still there “Sandra was saying on the phone before lex pick the phone.
“he is now with the me” lex replied with a smirk and ended the call.
“what’s happening, what did i do” Roy asked with shaky voice, while one of lex boys quickly placed a wet handkerchief on his nose, Roy held his hand, trying to struggle but his grip were losing why his eyes were closing, he suddenly blackout and drop to the floor.
They quickly took him to their car and placed him on the boot before zooming off.
Sandra quickly went to Roy’s house, she did not meet anybody there, but she met the door ajar with his room looking disheveled, and she tried his number but it was switched off.
She quickly went to the station to report an abduction. The DPO was her dad boy, he quickly commence investigation without further procedure. He told Sandra to go home that everything will be okay. She left the station and went to her car, she dialled her parents number immediately, telling them lex had kidnapped Roy, her parents promised to come see her, she ended the call and zoomed off, she was totally worried, she
Only hope lex would not do anything to Roy, she got to her apartment and alighted from the car, immediately she came out from her car, someone held her from behind and placed a handkerchief on her nose just the way they did to Roy, she suddenly lost consciousness, he put her in her car and zoomed off.
About and 1 hour later, Sandra parents walked in, they met the gate open, they couldn’t find Sandra, they saw her phone on the floor, her phone slip from hand when she was struggling with her adductor.
Mr Johnson quickly called Mr Jeffrey.
” what’s the meaning of of This? your son had kidnapped my daughter and his friend “Mr Johnson said in a gruff voice.
” you mean lex kidnapped your daughter “Mr Jeffrey asked sounding surprised.
” just pray nothing happens to her” Mr Johnson warned and ended the call. He quickly dialed the the Dpo number.
“hello Matthew “Mr Johnson spoke immediately the Dpo pick the call.
” we are working on it sir ” the Dpo replied immediately.
” what do you mean by you are working on it, my daughter had just been to kidnapped by the same guys ” Mr Johnson fired at him.
” ahhh” the Dpo exclaimed in shock.
” make sure you find my daughter before the ending of today. Mr Johnson said and ended the call.
Roy and Sandra were both blindfolded in an uncompleted building, they were both sited on a plastic chairs , lex walked In.
“Remove the blindfolds “lex ordered while one of his men went to to remove the rope they used in tiring their eyes.
” what’s the meaning of this ” Sandra asked staring at lex in disdain.
” your execution ” lex said with a wicked grim.
” who will go first “he added Pointing the gun to Sandra head and back to Roy’s head.
” lex please you don’t have to do this “Sandra pleaded, tears could be perceptibly seen in her eyes.
” I have to, you think you can ruin my reputation my leaving me, just say your last prayer ” lex replied pointing the gun directly to Sandra…
” please don’t shoot her, I am the one I made her wanted to leave you, it wasn’t her fault is all my doing ” Roy lied taking the blame on himself.
Lex quickly pointed the gun to his head about pulling the trigger.
” freezes “they heard the voice of the police, lex quickly pull the trigger shooting one of them..