A New Beginning Episode 20


Roy went home, he could not find Nina, he had searched everywhere for her but she was nowhere to be found, her luggage was no longer in the house, he saw a note on the table and it reads.
“Dear Roy I am deeply sorry for the pain I had caused you, I never wanted to loose that’s why I had to put the blame on you that you are the father of my child, I know I deprived you from the woman you love, please find a place in your heart to forgive me. I will be moving to my mother’s house, I had explained everything to her and she decided I come stay with her ,and please don’t bother looking for me because i will be traveling abroad to stay with my aunt. I pray you find a woman you will love and Cherish, I will never stop loving you.”.. Nina okafor.
Roy was touch by the latter , he couldn’t believe Nina would leave his house willingly, he suddenly felt guilty for telling her he is no longer interested in the marriage.
He took his phone and tried her number but it was not reachable.
Sandra went to her parents house, she had concluded on herself to tell her parents about lex being infertile, maybe that will make them see reason why she wanted to divorce him.
She was welcomed with open hands, both her dad and mom were at home, they all sat on the couch in the living room.
“What do we own this unexpected visit” her dad said with a smile.
“How is your husband doing” her mum asked .
” he is okay ” she replied.
“I hope you guys are getting along” Mr Jonson smiled to her daughter.
” Not really” Sandra murmured, while her dad stared at her .
“Lex is cheating on me , I caught him” Sandra said wanting to see her parents reaction but they were indifferent about it.
” by the way he is sterile, we can’t have a baby, you can’t have a ground son ” she said emphasising the ground son while her parents stared at her in disbelief.
” what do you mean he sterile?” her dad quarried.
” I saw his test paper on his drawer,” Sandra replied handling the paper to her dad who scrutinized it to confirm for himself while his wife collected the paper gazed at it amidst incredulity.
“I will be firing for a divorce, I am no longer interested in the marriage” she muttered
” i will talk to his dad about it ” her dad said after minutes of silence.
“There is nothing to talk about, I am no longer marrying lex, I never loved him, you guys forced me into this marriage and look at the outcome” Sandra whined.
” our daughter is right, there is no way she will continue her marriage with lex, I want to carry my ground son” her mum said supporting her daughter for the first time.
Sandra was surprised of her mum outburst.
Her dad heaved a sign of frustration.
” Do you have any man in your life” her dad suddenly asked.
” yes and it’s Roy” she muttered.
“Is it the same Roy ” her dad asked in disbelief while she nodded in affirmation.
“I have to talk to lex dad before proceeding with the divorce, and I advised you look for a suitable man not that poverty guy who had no future” Mr Johnson concluded and storms out .
Sandra left her parents house, she was glade her parents had agreed to processed with the divorce, and she was angry her dad would not allow her marry Roy.
The next day lex came back from his business trip, he walked in furiously, his dad had already told him about Sandra wanting to divorce him, he met Sandra sited on the couch glued to the TV.
“What did you tell your parents” lex barked immediately he walked in.
” I told them you are incapable of producing an offspring and you are also a cheat” Sandra mocked, While lex gave her a resounding slap that she fell to the couch.
“You are a fool lex, marrying you was my biggest mistake which I will amend soon” Sandra barked holding her cheek.
“You can’t leave me for Roy just know that ” lex threatened while Sandra stared at him in surprised.
” don’t give me that look, you think i will leave this house without having an eye on you, one my boys is watching your every move and I know Roy slept in this house” lex explained with a smirk, Sandra was flabbergasted.
“Don’t you ever do anything to him” Sandra warned , while lex bursted into laughter..
” let’s see how it goes” he muttered and went to his room to take his bath
To be continued