A New Beginning Episode 19


Their lips collide and they kiss they were but lost in ecstasy that they both fell to the bed and pounce on each other like hungry lions.
Sandra was gasping in euphoria and moaning in ecstasy as Roy drove her to wonderland , soon enough they both laid on the bed totally debilitated from the sexual lascivious.
They were both cuddling each other like husband and wife.
” I can’t believe we just did that ” Sandra spoke breaking the silence.
” we both needed it ” Roy replied with a smile.
” what will happen to Nina now that you had found out that the child is not yours?” Sandra asked staring at Roy .
” I don’t really know but I can’t continue with the marriage, I only married her because I thought the child was mine not knowing I was been fooled , I never loved her ,you are the only one I love ” Roy replied prudently .
” you don’t have to blame her, she was raped it’s wasn’t her fault, she only did what she thought was best for her ” Sandra replied, she was kind of feeling pity for Nina.
” but that doesn’t mean she had to dragged me to her plight, she deprive me of you ” Roy muttered angrily.
” I love you Roy I always have, even when I found out you got someone pregnant I still love you, I will be firing for a divorce, i caught lex having s-x with a girl,” Sandra explained .
” I love you more , I only hope we be together, ” he replied.
” but lex is not willing to grant me the annulment, let’s elope together, I have enough money that would last us forever , let’s move to another state and start a new beginning together” Sandra suddenly offered, Roy was tempted, but he quickly rebuff the idea , it was not the right thing to do he thought to himself.
” we should not , as much I want to spend the rest of my life with you, its wrong for us to elope, ” Roy replied prudently while Sandra heaved a sign of frustration.
” I am tired if staying with lex , I hate him , he behaves like a drug addict and he his a flirt, I don’t understand why my parents wanted me to marry someone like that, ” Sandra wailed, she was regretting ever marrying lex but she had no choice her dad was willing to let Roy rot in prison if she had not concede to his request by marrying lex .
They both left the bed and headed to the bathroom together to take their bath.
lex would not be around for two days he was in south African on a business trip.
About few minutes they came out while Roy got dressed and left. Sandra was the only one at home, she thought about Roy , the only man she had ever love , she only wished lex will agreed that on devoicing her but she knew that’s impossible, she couldn’t fathom why lex even married her , he claimed he loved her and yet he still cheat on her , is that really love ? That was the question which kept lingering unrequited to her .
she went to her room to arrange some stuff when she caught an envelope on the drawer, she curiously took it and opened it ,what she saw made her drew back in disbelief, she couldn’t believe what was written on the piece of paper,” lex is sterile” she muttered with great shock and amidst incredulity, an idea suddenly popped into her head while she smiled ….
To be continued…..
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