A New Beginning Episode 11


“Roy!!! ” Mrs Naomi asked in disbelief while the maid nodded gloomily.
Mrs Naomi angrily went to Sandra’s.
” are you dating Roy? ” she asked as she approached Sandra who was shocked of her question.
She stared at her mother, she knew before she will asked her such questions she must have been informed but who could have tell her. She thought to herself as she stared at her mother.
” yes! ” Sandra replied confidently damming the consequences.
” appraaa!!!!!!!!!! ” Mrs Naomi gave her daughter a resounding slap while she held her cheek in disbelief.
” you slap me ” Sandra asked holding her cheek.
” and I will do it again, just know your relationship with him is over ” Mrs Naomi said and left her daughter who was wailing.
She knew for sure that Roy will be relinquish from his duty, that is the least for her problem because she knew if lex should find out he will definitely harm Roy and the last the thing wish is seeing Roy get hurt all because of her.
Mrs Naomi walked up to her husband who sat on the bed, he just finished dressing up.
” honey! How is work today ” Mrs Naomi asked and sit on the bed close to her husband.
” fine, what of Sandra I haven’t seen her “Mr Johnson asked.
” I think she is avoiding us “Mrs Naomi replied.
” and why is that ” Mr Johnson asked in surprised.
” I fine out that Roy is the guy she is dating, and I told her to end anything she is having with him “Mrs Naomi explained to her husband who was dumbfounded.
” Roy! ” Mr Johnson asked sounding perplexed.
Yeah the security guard” she answered.
” when Mr Jeffrey called me and told me lex is accusing my daughter of having an affair with someone, I never actually believed him I thought lex is just being paranoid, I never for once thought she could even have an affair with someone not to talk of having an affair with the security guard, so she preferred a security guard more than a business tycoon ” Mr Johnson asked angrily.
” calm down” Mrs Naomi said and patted him on his back.
” where is Roy ” Mr Johnson suddenly asked after minutes of silence.
” today is his off day, he will come around tomorrow ” she answered.
” how did you even find out “he queried his wife.
” the maid told me and Sandra did not even denied it ” she replied nonchalantly.
” let Roy come, he will regret ever walking to the lions den, and I will want you to collect Sandra in other for her but to inform Roy and tell Peter not to let her step out from the gate ” Mrs Johnson told his wife who nodded in agreement .
Sandra could be seen trying Roy number but it wasn’t going through, she wanted to inform him not to come to work tomorrow because she knew her mum must have informed her dad and she knew what her dad could do to him . She tried and tried but all to no avail.
Her mum suddenly walked In and collected her phone that was laid on the bed.
“why are you taking my phone ” she asked.
” you won’t be needing it” her mum replied evasively and left, why Sandra kept thinking of what she is up to.
Roy woke up to find Nina beside him, he was surprised to see her naked.
” what happened “Roy asked sounding perplexed and waking Nina from sleep.
” we got a little distracted” Nina answered.
” how did we get distracted cus i can’t remember a thing ” Roy replied vehemently.
” are you kidding me, you are the one that even persuade me in the act ” she answered while Roy stared at her in astonishment.
He suddenly stared at his phone which was lay besides him. He saw 13 missed call all from Sandra. He quickly took his clothes and wore it without even speaking to Nina, what he came to do had been drafted from his mind, his thoughts were clouded with Sandra.
“why is she calling me “he asked himself immediately he got home he tried her number but it was switched off, he tired for many times but still switch off, he had no other option then to wait for tomorrow when he will be going to work.