A New Beginning Episode 12


Roy got prepared, he went to work, he open the gate and walked in, he met 3 police men, “what are the doing here” he asked himself.
Suddenly he heard Mr Johnson scream “that’s him over there, that’s the bagger that tried to take advantage of my daughter.”
he didn’t need a soothsayer to tell him Mr Johnson was referring to him, he swiftly turned and behold Mr Johnson, Mrs Naomi and Sandra tears could be perceptibly seen on Sandra eyes she was begging her dad but Mr Johnson paid deaf ear to her pleads.
” young man you are under arrest” one of the police said to Roy.
He couldn’t help but thought of the crime he had committed, what will they be charging him for, having an affair with his boss daughter?.
They bundle him to their Van and zoomed off.
“Dad you don’t have to do that ” Sandra scream at her father.
” your father is doing the right thing, is for your own good “her mother chipped in while she gave her a lethal look.
She knew her mother was the one that planted the idea in her father head, she alone was capable thinking such barbaric act.
“your mother is right dear, is for your own good and Roy betrayed my trust, he must pay dearly for it, your wedding with lex is just two weeks from now, you should start thinking about the wedding not that rascal. “her said in a husky voice.
” there is no way I will marry lex I don’t love him and I never will.
why can’t I marry the man of my choice, “Sandra wailed.
” see young lady your marriage with lex is not optional but a priority, unless you never want to see Roy again ” her dad threatened, While she stared at her dad in awe.
” what do you mean by that “Sandra asked in disbelief.
” I can make you not see Roy again if you chose to disobey me, if you truly love Roy as you claim, I will advised you marry lex is for your good ” her father answered and left
” think about what your dad said” her mum advised and patted her on her back.
Sandra was taking aback as she thought of what her dad said that she would not see Roy again if she refused to marry lex. “does he mean he will kill him or is there anyway to get rid of someone without murdering him? . She questioned herself. she was in quandary if she should marry lex or go for Roy damming her father’s threat.
Roy was pushed down to the cell he fall to the floor,.
“officer!!! ” he scream calling the police officer that pushed him to the floor.
” see them no dey shout for here ” someone said from behind, he swiftly turned and behold a group of guys that sat on the floor the face of the guys sent cold shiver down his spine.
” sorry “he apologized while they all bursted into laughter.
” who you dey tell sorry, common kneel down there make you beg capon “one of the guys spoke his voice was as thick as weed, he face was rough full of scars.
” They say make you kneel down you dey claim jagaban abi?” the guy asked, he stood up from were he sat and went to Roy he gave him a resounding slap but not just any slap but the slap of a cultists, Roy staggered back and subsequently collapsed on the floor.. While they all bursted into hysterical laughter.
“now beg the capon ” the guy spoke in a command tone.
Roy quickly knelt down and faced the guy who he assumed is the capon.
” bros abeg no vexe” Roy pleaded and faced the scaring looking guy. He saw someone that was fanning him..
“emeka ” the capon called..
” sir!!! ” the guy that was fanning the capon replied tiredly.
” give that guy the hand fan, you don try, we don get new member “the capon said while emeka heaved a sigh of relief.
” thank you ” emeka said and handed Roy the hand fan. He knew if he reject it will surely result to the beaten of his life, he had no choice than to collect it.
This is where love had landed him….