A New Beginning Episode 10


Sandra drove the car she halted as they got to an eatery they both alighted from the car.
They sat down while she quickly signaled to the waitress who came as fast possible.
” what would you like to take ” Sandra asked Roy.
” anything ” he replied.
” anything is nothing ” Sandra said
” just bring two plate of fried rice and a red wine ” Sandra told to waitress who left she came back and brought their orders, she dropped it on the table and left.
” so tell me about your past relationship you know I never asked of your past relationship or present if you are in any “Sandra asked gulping a glass of wine. Roy knew he can’t tell her he is in a relationship he had already made up his mind to breakup with Nina.
” I am not in a relationship ” Roy answered.
” hmmmm” she hummed starring at Roy.
“so how about your exes ” she asked further
” i don’t actually have an exes, it’s just one”. Roy replied even though he knew he didn’t have an ex but he had started seeing Nina as one. He only hope she understand when he will break the news to her.
They gist and talked for about an hour before they decided to call it a day. they really had a good time especially for Sandra, she so much love him and she was glad he felt the way too.
The next day Roy went to Nina house with the intention to breakup with her he had practice his speech the way he would tell her in other not to hurt her. He decided to tell her the truth that he only concede to her request in other not to hurt her but now he was going to break up with her which he will be hurting her in the process. He can’t keep laying to her he only hope she understand.
Nina was at home, she is the only one at home her mum traveled while her dad was never around.
Roy nock at her door while she quickly ushered him in she immediately thought of her plan to get Roy to sleep with her Vivien had really done a great job in convincing her to drug Roy telling her if she didn’t do it that she will loose Roy.
She quickly ran to the kitchen where she went to serve him drink, she poured the juice on a glass cup and put the drug she shook it making sure it means with the drink before heading to the parlour with a smile on her face.
She pass the drink to Roy who collected it. Roy gulped the content of the drink to his stomach and face Nina he didn’t knew where to begin.
“so tell me how is work ” Nina asked.
” work is fine “Roy replied.
About 10 minutes Roy eyes were closing his vision became blur Nine suddenly planted a kiss in his lips but he didn’t respond instead he fell on the couch and drafted to a dreamless slumber .
Mr Jeffrey had spoken to Sandra’s dad he told him lex said his daughter was seeing someone else because her behaviour had been outrageous.
Immediately Mr Johnson got home he told his wife who decided to investigate the issue .
Mrs Naomi called the maid. “since she is always in the house she might know if Sandra is seeing someone” she concluded to herself as she called the maid
“madam you sent for me ” the maid asked innocently.
” i want you to tell me the truth, if you lie to me and I find out, you won’t like what I will do to you ” Mr Naomi threatened while the maid became tensed.
” is my daughter seeing anybody” Mrs Naomi asked steering at the maid who was contemplating if she should tell her the truth, she knew if she tell her the truth it might result to them sacking Roy and telling her a lie and she find out she knew she will definitely loose her job she was put in a tight corner she was in a quandary is she should tell her or not.
” what are you thinking, I hope you are not planning to lie to me” mrs Naomi asked jolted her from her thought.
“it was Roy! ” she drop the bombshell.
To be continued