A Man’s Destiny Season 2 Episode 8


Richard and his friends got out of the hospital. He was already better then. The Doctor just left them, telling them the dos and don’ts concerning the injury.
“Many Doctors like to allow patient stay in the hospital for about a week after the surgery for monitoring but I see you’ve responded to treatment and your internal organs weren’t affected. There was no internal bleeding, that is why I am releasing you to leave. Besides, you have a lot of people beside you and they are caring. The more you stay here, the more the money to be paid and I know your status.” The Doctor told them.
Christiana had been buried already. Tears of pain, sorrowful minds and wail that all would miss one another filled the air, during the burial.
Richard’s friend did all they could to make sure all was coordinated well and done that afternoon so they would forget soon and Richard would be able to rest at home. Doctors Kate and Esther were also present during the course, it was like she should come back to life.
“I really thank you.” Richard said to Pemisire.
“All is well.” She smiled.
“Let me have your mobile number.” He said.
Pemisire dictated and hopped into the car with them. “You should at least follow me home.” Richard said, managing to laugh though he was still picturing how his sister was buried.
“No problem.”
“The Director said we should see him now.” Uche said as he dropped his phone.
“That means you guys will be at home, we will be back soon.” Jay said and sped off.
Pemisire  admired Richard’s living room as she stepped in the room had butter yellow walls, white crown moulding, red sofa and two red gingham checked chairs with decorations which include vases, decoys, moose and bear figures, a hand carved bear, wooden moose, planter, pine cones, a potpourri bowl, coasters, glass table tops in the living room.
“This place is great!”
Richard smiled. “Please, sit.” He said, lying down on the sofa.
“Now, you’ve been enjoying here too.” She smiled.
“What do you want to eat?” He asked her.
“Eat? I can’t laugh.” She laughed.
Richard chuckled. “Just tell me, I’ll prepare anything.” He grinned.
Pemisire smiled. She had a flashback of how she was crying with Richard when they were at Christiana’s grave. “Hmmn… have you called your mother?”
“Pemisire, don’t!” He rebuffed.
“No, you have to do that.” She said.
“I’m not going to forgive that woman, I won’t!” He hissed.
“Richard.” She said and picked up her phone. “It’s this useless phone, I don’t have it’s time.” She said as she picked up Helen’s call.
“I’ll soon be at home, hope everything is still intact?” She asked.
“Alright, later.” She said and ended the call.