Tear Drop Episode 2


Few minutes after 8pm, Sandra woke up. She immediately noticed that Robert had slept with her, Robert was no where to be found. He had left the premises before Sandra could woke up.
With pains in her abdomen, she slowly walked home.
So much for her in a single day, now the thought of how she was going to give her mum a befitting burial ran through her mind, at this moment she had absolutely nothing, no money, no family, no friends, no loved ones. It was just her and her unborn child.
Days came by, She still hasn’t set her eyes on Robert, her mum was
still in the morgue. She had spent a lot on the morgue expenses, now there was nothing left on her.
A knock came from the door. She rushed to check who it was only to find a brown envelope at her doorstep. She looked around to see if she could trace the one who delivered but to no avail.
She took the envelope inside and curiously opened it. It was copies of her nude photos. Her postures in the photos looked like she posed for the camera. Robert was smart about that. It will be difficult for her to even make a report that Robert had raped her.
The envelope carried another message “Odas Guesthouse-room 202 (10:00pm)”
Sandra didn’t know the extent of where the photos had gotten to. It was obvious that Robert wants to meet her at the guesthouse given.
Sandra also saw this as an opportunity to vindicate herself. She planned to secretly record the conversation she will have with Robert when she gets to guesthouse.
She set off at exactly 9:15pm and got to the guesthouse 5 minutes
before time. She located room 202 and knocked on the door.
Her assumption was right, Robert was the one who answered the door as she expected.
To be continued @ 6:00pm
Mr Pobs