POOLEY GIRL (18+) episode 18


By Evans Aboagye Tawiah
That evening, Hon. Clifford called me and
informed me that Bazuka hotel had called him and informed him about the murder of one Mr. Ray in their hotel and about my involvement in the murder.
According to Hon. Clifford, he said that it
was reported that I stabbed Ray five times in the abdomen and ran away and that the police was searching for me everywhere.
“Darling they are lying,” I replied when Hon.Clifford had finished. “You know I can’t do such thing.”
“Honestly, I was surprised when the manager called me and informed me about the crime,” Hon clifford continued. “I said I would hear from you first before I reach my conclusion.”
“Sir please I didn’t do it,” I begged. “It was all a set up. The man was already dead before I got to the hotel.”
“But what did you go to the hotel to do that night?” The MP asked.
“I went to deliver a package from Edex
company,” I lied. “You know I now work with Edex group of companies and by the time I got to Ray’s room, he was already dead. The whole thing is just a set up,” I explained.
“Anyway don’t worry I will see what I can do about it,” the MP reassured and dropped the call.
Of course I knew the capability of Hon.Clifford and what he could do so I wasn’t bothered at all. My mum’s call came in soon after I dropped Hon. Clifford’s call.
“I’ve been having series of nightmares
recently,” my mum informed me. “I had a
dream last night in which you were a
prostitute and slept with different men till one of them used you for ritual. Then I woke up and discovered that it was all a dream.”
“Ah mama you over-worry yourself over
nothing,” I replied sounding casual. “Nothing will happen to me. I’m fine.”
“Ok o if you say so,” my mum replied and
dropped the call.
The next day, Hon. Clifford called me again to inform me that everything had been taken care of but that I should be careful and stay out of trouble. I thanked him immensely before ending the call.
I had a job that night that promised three thousand cedis and I wasn’t going to miss it for any reason. The job had gone smoothly till I woke up the next morning to discover that the client I slept with was no other person but the head pastor of my church in school…
“Pastor Joshua?” I gasped.
“Blood of God,” he echoed in surprise.
“Sister Linda, is this you?”
“Yes its me o,” I replied smiling to myself. I wanted him to know that I recognised him very well. “Hope your wife is fine?”
“Yes my wife is fine,” he replied hesitating out of guilt.
“Greet her for me,” I said smiling.
“I will increase your money for you but just keep your lips sealed please,” he pleaded. “No other ear should hear of this please?” He  begged.
“Ok no problem,” I replied and went to have my bath.
I took my bath fast and collected my payment from pastor Joshua before heading back to my hostel. It marvelled me that some pastors and born-agains patronised pooley girls.
The fact that ashawo girls had no strings attached made it a safer and heckle-free option for them as the stress and responsibility involved in maintaining a girlfriend or mistress was way too much and could result in scandals if not taken good care of. Imagine pastor Joshua who always preached against pre-marital and extra-marital sex, now the chief culprit.
I shrugged my shoulders in disgust.
I had enrolled for some driving lessons and had learnt how to drive, so driving to and fro wasn’t difficult. I got to my hostel around 12 in the afternoon and first took tea and bread as I was very
hungry before I lay on my bed to rest.
I was feeling very weak and my temperature was slightly high. I soon drifted off to sleep and woke up around
4 in the evening.
I was drenched with sweat and my
temperature was high. I had headache too. With the little energy I had, I went to a pharmaceutical shop nearby and bought some drugs to control the fever. The fever stopped but I developed persistent
itch in my private area. The itch was so
discomforting that I had to rush back to the pharmaceutical shop to explain my
predicament to them and seek treatment.
The man gave me some anti-fungal creams to rub in my private area and also some antibiotics to take orally. He also advised that I use condom regularly and properly, each time I had sex.
That moment, the reality of the magnitude of the risks I had exposed myself to struck me. My fear wasn’t pregnancy but almighty STD (sexually
transmitted diseases). I was on oral
contraceptive pill so I wasn’t afraid of
pregnancy. Contracting STD was my major concern. But then it wasn’t all my fault.
The men I slept with were very wealthy and had more than enough money to pay for my naked pussy and refusing to give it to them the way they want, could ruin my business so there wasn’t much I could do. I had to live with the risk and make as much money as possible.
The drugs the pharmacist gave me proved
effective and soon had the itch under control. It also took care of the fever and headache and I felt better. But I still had to complete the dosage of the drugs to prevent recurrence.
I kept my business on hold till I fully
recovered before I switched my phones on again and waited for calls to start pouring in but surprisingly, no call came.
The little time I stayed away from business had affected my availability and I felt bad. I decided to log unto facebook to check what was happening online.
My inbox was filled with messages as usual but I just glanced through and logged out. All these online stuffs always turned out to be scam so I wasn’t moved by the messages. Rather, I waited patiently and hoped that the calls would start pouring in.
When I waited and waited without any call
coming through, I decided to call Hon.
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