Even Your Boo Get A Boo season 1 episode 8 18+


We drew our heads forward, our lips locked and we started kissing each other, i slid my hands around her waist and started fondling her breast, i was about locating her K—y wen she pushed me backwards. *lai lai i no go gree oh, she must finish wetin she start* i stood calm, came towards her again, held her cheek with my hands and we continued kissing.
I had begun to enjoy the feeling when she held my hand and said “follow me” to where, i asked just come, she said i agreed and she led me to a room, she opened the door and we entered inside. I looked around and saw that the room was neatly arranged. where is this place, i asked you love asking questions, she said she closed the door and locked it.
She looked at me, smiled and asked “have u ever had s-x during a party” ignoring her question, i grabbed her by the waist and squeezed her b—-t, she let out a soft moan. She undid my trousers and brought out dickson and started sucking the tip. This feeling alone set my body on fire.
”konji na barstard” i said to myself. She started undressing herself and her boobie which was pointed and firm caught my attention and i just kept on staring at it. She stood unclad and came on top of me and positioned my dickson above her K—y.
Daniel: clara abeg wait.
clara: what is it again.
daniel: i need protection.
clara: just pull out when u are about to pour.
Daniel: clara i no fit oh, what if i carry infection.
Clara: u are crazy *she playfully hits me on my chest* do u think am having any infection. I should even be the one asking u dat question. She stands up from the bed and walked toward where she kept her purse, she opened it and emptied all the contents on the floor. I looked and stared at the contents with amazement. *oboi na up to 20 roll of condoms dey there, this girl fit dey do public service oh*
Here, have it, she said, i collected a roll from her and wore it. She came on top of me again and placed dickson into her K—y and started riding on me. *omo dis girl tight die* she was still going up and down and i was sure she was enjoying it.
After some minutes we switched position and i continued from her behind. She was just releasing soft moans, few minutes later, i reached my c—-x and i then emptied my hot pour into the condom. We cleaned up our selves and laid on the bed. I took my phone and checked the time, it was already late.
Clara: we will be spending the night here together.
Daniel: that will be better, i don’t think i can go back today, so what about jay.
Clara: he has sent me a text message already that he will be spending the night with his friends.
Daniel: okay. We gisted for up to an hour before we became dizzy, we cuddled each other and slept off. I woke up the next morning, checked the time and saw that it was past 8’oclock. I checked for clara on the bed but she was not there, it seems she left me earlier.
I stood up to take my clothes and dress up, but they were not there, i checked everywhere but still couldn’t find it. I looked at myself again and saw dat i was only wearing a boxer short. *shey na boxer wan follow me go house ni* I sat down back on the bed, having no idea of what next to do.
Different thoughts started running through my mind.
To be continued.